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I’m coming to you with a full heart that’s a little heavy and also that’s bursting with excitement for what’s next. This week we released the final episode of The Kate & Mike Show. It’s been 4 beautiful years, and we’re bringing this particular
We’re in the season of endings in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn is a time of bringing things to a close. The leaves fall off the trees. The year winds down. We let go. We release. Most of us haven’t really been taught how to deal with endings
I’ve been sitting at my computer screen looking at the blinking cursor, then typing, then deleting, then typing again, then deleting. As Mike and I bring our podcast, The Kate & Mike Show, to a close (and also our business relationship as it ha
Our first episode with Zach Bush, MD, "The Solution to the Pandemic You Won't Find in the Mainstream," has been downloaded 4x more than any previous episode we've ever done. We also received some important feedback that we'd missed the mark in
I write this with a little tear in my eye but also a swell in my heart knowing that we’re in the final countdown of The Kate & Mike Show. Thank you if you reached out to tell us you’re going to miss the show. We’re going to miss it, too...and w
At the very beginning of the pandemic, I somehow came across a podcast episode that introduced me to a person who’s become my favorite thinker/teacher at this time (and up there in my top favorite thinkers/teachers of all time). I have never be
While a huge part of the Do Less Methodology is about learning to let go and let others do things, there’s one thing that I don’t recommend outsourcing. Ever since I started talking about the power of our monthly energetic ebbs and flows and ho
The last week of July I was supposed to be in NYC with the Origin Mastermind on our second live retreat of the year. For reasons that I think are obvious, we begrudgingly decided to have a virtual retreat instead. At first, I was feeling really
I’m keeping it short today. Mike and I have some bittersweet news to share, and we recorded a new episode of The Kate & Mike Show to tell you. Here’s the episode. Whatever moment of endings and/or new beginnings you find yourself in, we’re with
Last night I sat on my couch, cheeks still wet from tears, soaked in the bittersweet moment of feeling sad that I was closing the cover of a book I’d just finished and that I was deeply moved by. I both wanted there to be more to read and also
If you’re new here, there’s something you need to know about me and this space: I’m obsessed with the body and I talk about it a lot. I love to learn about how our bodies work and how they relate literally and metaphorically to everything, spec
We’ve just crossed the threshold into the second half of the year. Every time I look at this wall we have in our basement of 12 really big monthly planners with a beautiful plan we made for 2020 back before we knew what 2020 was going to be, I
So much of the information we take in as humans is based on this idea that when we do or get x, y, or z, we’ll finally feel better and then we won’t have to feel discomfort anymore. We’ve been told that the whole point of being human is to find
There’s a pattern so many of us have been indoctrinated into that’s depleting our bodies, our relationships, our planet, our innovation, and even our productivity. What makes it so insidious is that we’re celebrated for it, and many of us spend
There are people called to do the work of pulling people out of the river when they’re drowning. We need these people, and I’m so grateful for them. There are also people called to do the work of going upstream to figure out why they’re falling
For the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting on social media primarily about anti-racism and the collective opportunity we have right now to step into racial healing and liberation. I rarely check my own Instagram stats, but I decided to take
One of the walls of our basement is covered with 12 poster-sized dry-erase calendars showing a truly stunning 2020 business plan. When I look at it, I chuckle. Because so far, 2020 has been the year that cannot be planned (nor planned for). Non
When I checked in with myself and listened to our community and the pulse of the world right now, what felt right this week was not to publish a new podcast episode, but to point your attention to one of our favorites from the past that feature
The world is heavy right now with the increased awareness of violence and injustice against black people that's been going on for over 400 years here in the United States. To the black people in our community, you are in my heart and prayers bu
When the final numbers came in at the end of April, both Mike and I were in awe. Despite working half the amount, having no childcare, not being able to follow through on any of our growth plans, some of our customers having financial difficult
On Mother’s Day my husband Mike saw several posts from guys about their wives/partners which said something to the effect of: “I don’t know how she does it all.” While the posts were meant to be in appreciation of these women and the way they s
When you think about something that you want, do you immediately think of all of the different things you’re going to need to do in order to get it? Even if you’re a student of metaphysics and you practice ways of attracting what you want energ
The longest chapter I wrote in the first draft of Do Less was the chapter on Asking for Help. It was originally 25,000 words (one third of the contracted total word count) and it ended up becoming both the Receiving Help and Asking for Help cha
When we were in the first year of doing The Kate & Mike Show, I made a list of “Podcast Unicorns” who I dreamed of having on the show. TBH, I never reached out to ask this week’s guest onto the show, but I held her name close to my heart on my
Life hands us all kinds of hard things. And when we’re going through a hard thing, we have a choice: Run, numb, or stay. Depending on the day, where I am in my cycle, and which way the wind is blowing, I choose differently. Given the intensity
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