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The Kathleen Riessen Show

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The Kathleen Riessen Show  We've all had bad clients - the kind that make you wonder why you got out of bed and even bothered to support them today. Would it surprise you to know that most bad clients are not bad people? With the tools shared i
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Managers are being asked to coach their employees not only on technical skills, but also on life skills. Why is this happening? The role of a guidance counselor in the school system has changed dramatically for many r
The Kathleen Riessen Show  When you hold your employees accountable, it can be motivating until it's not. Then you risk losing them. In today's show, we discuss the line between motivating and demotivating and what you can do to get the results
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Curiosity is a strong desire to learn something new. When you apply this to work, you experience greater productivity and problem solving, decreased conflict and acceptance of diverse people and ideas. Today's show is
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Between work schedules and kids' schedules, it's easy to put your dreams on hold. Today's guest, Keri Stanley, shares how she balances her professional dreams, being present with her kids and living an extraordinary l
The Kathleen Riessen Show  We desire our companies to be creative and open to new ideas. Do you know what the #1 idea killer is? Judgement! Our own and others' judgements kill ideas faster than anything else. Learn the signs of this not-so-sile
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Have you ever gotten frustrated about how your employee handles a task and wondered how you were “blessed” with this person to lead? Today’s guest Evrim Ozgen runs a global leadership development company and will shar
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Being a leader has never been more challenging. Today's guest, Lauren Schieffer, shares with us the wisdom she gained about leadership from her dad, The Colonel, a career Air Force officer. You can use the lessons and
The Kathleen Riessen Show  You see an opportunity in the marketplace to reinvent your company so you craft a vision for what the future looks like and sell it to your team. They don't quite understand but they are on board. What to do when you
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Have you ever worked on a team that moves at a snail’s pace where no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get them to move more quickly and you find yourself waiting at every turn? In today's show we’ll get real
The Kathleen Riessen Show  People come to you with their challenges but are you really serving them? In today's show, we discuss what it means to be a trusted advisor and how you can position yourself to be the one that people come to when they
The Kathleen Riessen Show  This one common sales mistake is costing companies millions of dollars and is a big question I get from my clients. In today's show, we discuss the most common form of sales, a solutions based sales offering, to a pai
The Kathleen Riessen Show  A dominant person takes over conversations, points everything back to them and tells how it's going to be. It can be suffocating so how do you interrupt this person and create a relationship that can work for you? In
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Giving feedback can be challenging especially if you are unsure of how the other person is going to react. In today's show, we discuss how to ask permission, how to deliver the feedback and how to ensure the other per
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Leading a powerful team can be challenging. Most teams fall prey to common challenges. In today's show, we discuss what those challenges are and how you can overcome them and work work together with your powerful team
The Kathleen Riessen Show  As a leader, knowing what's in your way is beneficial but how do you find out? In today's show, we discuss why a blind spot exists, how to identify what yours is and what to do about it once you see it.   Kathleen’s B
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Imagine working with people just like you - they think like you, act like you and work like you. While it sounds nice, it would become just as frustrating as working with people completely opposite of you! So what do
The Kathleen Riessen Show  There are four distinct communication styles that dictate how you relate to everyone around you. Your communication style doesn't change but the ease to which you relate to others can. After today's show, you will und
The Kathleen Riessen Show  What do the words you say mean about you? What one thinks, feels and believes are all revealed in subtle nuances in our communication. Today's show is dedicated to uncovering what our communication patterns really mea
The Kathleen Riessen Show  A highly successful team can fail. A mediocre team can win. What makes one team stand out from the other? Today's show is dedicated to the tools you can use to create a superstar team while giving each employee the ch
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Moving from one direction to another is exhausting for you and those around you. Creating a clear path can feel daunting but it actually gives you freedom. In today's show, we discuss how to create a vision that gives
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Deep breath - it's a new year and a new opportunity to create whatever you want. Just because you've shown up a certain way in the past doesn't mean that's how you have to be forever. In today's show, we dig into how
The Kathleen Riessen Show  Over half of the population will set a New Year's Resolution only to fail by Jan. 19. Not you. In this show, we talk about the ONE THING method you can use to stick to your 2022 goals. This ONE THING method is a tool
The Kathleen Riessen Show  You give support to other people all of the time so why is it so hard to ask for it? In today's show we explore the reasons it's hard to ask for support and share some tools you can use to stop doing everything on you
The Kathleen Riessen Show  What happens when you mix the holidays, family gatherings, year-end projects at work, children, and, oh yeah, a pandemic all together? A disaster! On today’s show marriage and family therapist and incredibly talented
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