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The NBA reportedly has a tentative plan for the 2020-21 season... and it includes a little bit of 2020, which wasn't exactly guaranteed. 72 games, starting December 22nd, and wrapping up by the 4th of July of all goes well. What's interesting about this? Well, for starters, it means the league isn't counting on fans to be in arenas, given the uncertainty around rising COVID-19 cases in the US, and the impending winter which many health experts worry could be very, very bad. It means the Toronto Raptors won't likely be playing in Toronto... basically because Canada won't let the other 29 franchises into their country. Sorry, Canada. That's our bad. But for Lakers fans, the most important questions surround LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and any ways a truncated offseason impacts them and who might be their running mates next year. Should the Lakers go for continuity to the greatest extent possible? Improve the team in and hope a new group develops quick chemistry? Worked this year, for sure. From there, Shaq is once again throwing petty shade at Dwight Howard. It's not a good look. And finally, no, Pat Riley was not disrespecting the Lakers with his "asterisk" comments. Programming note: We've now joined the BLEAV Podcast Network. Excited to be part of the team, and we're looking forward to growing the show there.
The Dodgers split the first two games of the World Series, after dropping a "bullpen game" on Wednesday. Did Dave Roberts handle that game well? Did the Dodgers have any alternatives? Pedro Moura from The Athletic breaks down the work Roberts has done this postseason. What to make of the LAD pitching staff? Is the bullpen in scary shape? Which arms to rely on? Plus, Tony Gonsolin's thing for cats, great hair, and a ... well, a game that may not completely work.
It's been about a week since the Lakers won it all, bringing home a 17th title in franchise history from the Orlando bubble. And now, because the past is the past, it's time to start thinking about the future! And to that end, there's been some news. Anthony Davis (as expected) reportedly plans to opt out of the final year of his contract, then (as expected) re-sign with the Lakers. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Rajon Rondo are also reportedly to opt out of their final years, but does that mean both are gone? The answers to these questions, and more, fall under the umbrella of more meta, overarching questions the Lakers have to answer: How much energy should be devoted to running it back in as close to the same form as last season? How much of a priority should 2021 space have (i.e. for the Summer of Giannis)? How big is the gap between the Lakers and the rest of the conference right now? The answers to those questions could largely dictate team strategy. So we give them a go. From there, it's a look at the Clippers and new head coach Ty Lue. Are they better off now than with Doc Rivers? What happens now to Houston in the post-Daryl Morey era? Finally... old Telly Savalas commercials!
With the Dodgers trying to come back to beat the Braves and reach the World Series, Andy and Brian welcome Jon Weisman, author of two books about the Dodgers and the author of the fantastic "Dodger Thoughts" blog. We chart the anxiety Dodgers fans feel now every October, and why they often can get hostile (years of disappointment will do that, but there's more too it, Jon says). What about the role of Dave Roberts? Or Clayton Kershaw? Is this the year Kershaw breaks through, and puts the disappointment of previous postseasons behind him? What if that validation never comes? Plus, a pop culture game from A-Z.
After a disappointing Game 5, the Lakers returned to form Sunday and rolled Miami 106-93 - the score not at all indicative of L.A.'s total dominance - in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win the series 4-2 and secure the franchise's first title in 10 years, and 17th overall. It was a dominating defensive show where the Lakers put the clamps on the Heat early and never let up. Andy and Brian look back on a season and playoff run that might feel inevitable now, given how much better the Lakers were than the competition in Orlando, but was hardly so. What changes now about the relationship between LeBron and Lakers fans? How much credit goes to Frank Vogel? How much room to grow does Anthony Davis have, and what does it mean for this team's title window? On why this team was more likable outside Los Angeles than arguably any Lakers team in history, and more...
The Lakers had a chance Sunday to put a true hammer lock on the NBA Finals in Game 3, and whiffed. As it was in Game 2, L.A. was sloppy early, turning the ball over 10 times in the first quarter. But unlike Game 2, the Lakers couldn't find any consistent rhythm. They still had opportunities to win, even leading during the fourth quarter, but when it came time to execute, the Lakers were outclassed. Particularly by Butler, who had a genuinely historic game, matched in history only by LeBron and Jerry West. So how worried should the Lakers be? (They're not, fwiw.) How worried should Lakers fans be? (Not very, fwiw.) Andy and Brian break it all down, before wrapping with a peek at the "No Ring for Kuz" petition. Game 4 is Tuesday!
On the one hand, it was a great night for the Lakers, who overcame a bad first five minutes and what became a 13-point deficit before totally steamrolling the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Anthony Davis was fantastic in his first Finals game, and LeBron James was huge as well, finishing one dime shy of a triple-double. On the other, it was a bad night for basketball, because Miami saw all three of its stars get hurt. Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo took the worst of it, but Jimmy Butler rolled an ankle in pretty extreme fashion, too. If any of the three is limited/out - and Dragic has a plantar fascia tear - Miami's chances at the upset may just disappear. Additionally, Andy and Brian break down Game 1, look at LeBron's legacy, ask who the team's best player is, talk about lineups, and more.
The Lakers have been impressive in the bubble, eliminating Portland, Houston, and Denver, each in five games. Miami swept Indiana, rolled through top-seeded Milwaukee in five and eliminated a strong Celtics squad in six. In short, the Lakers and Heat have been the two best teams in the Orlando bubble, by a pretty fair margin. Andy and Brian take a look at what's coming, but first start with how the Lakers got here. "Team of Destiny" is an overworked cliche, but could it truly apply to this Lakers team, given all it has been through? Has the supporting cast shown it is stable enough to win one more series? How about the D? What does this year and the success of the Davis/James partnership mean for the Lakers, not just regarding a title opportunity now, but over the next few seasons? Looking at the series, when it comes to the lineup, once again focus will be on the centers. Who should Frank Vogel start? Who might take the results more personally, Pat Riley or LeBron? And finally, who wins and in how many games?
The Lakers needed literally every second of Sunday's Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference FInals to pull out the win, but they did thanks to buzzer-beating heroics from Anthony Davis. But his triple over the outstretched arm of Nikola Jokic didn't just represent a win, it was indicative of his ascendance is a postseason star. It's something more impressive given how he sought the pressure that would come with these moments wearing a Lakers jersey. After the shot, Davis looked at the bench and yelled, "Kobe," showing just how important the late Lakers icon has been for this team. What could have been a burden — playing to honor his memory — has instead been an inspiration. No easy feat. We talk about all that and more, including some Dwight Howard energy that is impossible not to watch while he's on the floor, the shorter-than-you-might-think history of buzzer beaters in the playoffs for the Lakers, and share some quick Andrew Bynum memories.
The Lakers are in the Western Conference Finals. No real surprise, there. Their opponent, though, is. Not the Clippers, as expected, but the Denver Nuggets, who polished off an epic set of comebacks within comebacks nested in other comebacks to beat the LAC 4-3 in a bonkers Western Conference Semifinals. So what does this matchup bring? We're joined by Adam Mares of DNVR Sports ( to break it down. What got the Nuggets to this point? How will those things play against the Lakers? How will the Nuggets defend LeBron and Anthony Davis? Where will Denver look to attack? Can Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray keep up their incredible 3-point shooting? Why Michael Porter Jr. is an x-factor, and Denver coach Mike Malone might be the other. Plus, it wouldn't be a preview without predictions. We make 'em. Who wins?
It's been 10 years, but the Lakers are finally returning to the Western Conference Finals, having dispatched the Houston Rockets four games to one in Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs. Andy and Brian break it down. How much of L.A.'s dominance of that series the Lakers? How much different would Denver or the Clippers be? Other big topics of conversation include: The lineup. After making a switch in the Rockets series, does Frank Vogel go back to starting JaVale McGee over Markieff Morris? Depth, as in the Lakers showed some, with reserves from Morris to Alex Caruo to JaVale McGee playing well. Is something truly off about the Clippers?
The Lakers didn't have to win Game 2... but probably best to not to find out what it would mean to go down 0-2. They came out hot in the first quarter, playing great defense and pushing pace to build a big lead. Houston erased all of it with a third quarter blitz, but in the fourth L.A. tightened up the defense and gave the Lakers a decent bit of breathing room over the final few minutes of the fourth. It was fascinating game, and we break it down, including: The most impactful game Rajon Rondo has played with the Lakers... by a lot. Going small, but not totally by design. The Lakers flipping the points-off-turnover battle, and why they need to be moving with pace and urgency all the time, even if it's not in the fast break. Why L.A.'s defense should be the thing that ultimately separates them in the series. REMINDER! Tuesday 9.8.20 marks the return of the Late Night Happy Hour! 10 pm PT on our Periscope/Twitter feeds, as well as Facebook and YouTube.
The Lakers got off to a bad start in their matchup with the Houston Rockets in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, losing 112-97 Friday in Orlando. It was a sloppy game for L.A., with the Lakers turning the ball over 15 times leading to 27 points for the Rockets. The Lakers didn't shoot well from the perimeter, and didn't get to the free throw line much, either. Offensively, it was a truly poor showing. Houston, meanwhile, used 36 from James Harden to drive the upset. Joining the show to break it all down is Anthony Irwin (@AnthonyIrwinLA), host of the "Locked on Lakers" podcast. Among the discussion points: The return of Rajon Rondo. Did Frank Vogel play him too much? LA's defense vs. Houston's guards. LeBron said they were fine... is he right? Game 2 adjustments. Where do the Lakers go from here? Was Mike D'Antoni really responsible for Kobe Bryant's torn Achilles tendon? Thanks to Anthony for joining the show...
The Los Angeles Lakers are in the second round of the playoffs for the first time in a long time, facing the star power of James Harden, Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets. It's a matchup a lot of people wanted to see... so how will it play out? Kelly Iko, who covers the Rockets for The Athletic and co-hosts the Rockets pod Brodie and the Beard joins the show to break it all down. He explains why the small-ball Rockets are actually built to play against big teams like L.A., how they might attack Anthony Davis and LeBron James, and how Houston transformed itself into a good defensive team (not exactly in line with the reputation of head coach Mike D'Antoni). Who are the wild cards? How many games will the series go? Great insight, great prep for what should be a fun series.
The Lakers have advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs and are still waiting to see if they'll play the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Houston Rockets. It might take a day or two, which gives us time to catch up with Kyle Goon of the Southern California News Group. For 50 days, Goon has been inside the NBA bubble, and in a candid conversation describes what life is like, not just for players but for the media covering them. Spoiler alert, it's not easy for any of them. We talk about everything from where they eat and when to how work gets done and what can be done for recreation. How did the realities of the bubble influence the week's events, when players walked out on playoff games in protest of racial injustice and police misconduct? What happens when friends and family arrive? Be sure to follow Kyle's work on Twitter and Instagram, at @kylegoon. The insights are great, whether breaking down the Lakers, or the experience. From there, we talk about the death of actor Chadwick Boseman, an event that hit everyone hard, including inside the NBA community.
Wednesday was supposed to be the day the Lakers finished off the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5 of their first round series. Instead, it might be the day NBA players decided they were finished with the postseason altogether. NBA players, starting with the Milwaukee Bucks, chose not to play Wednesday, in protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Where the league and its players go from here is unknown, but two teams -- including the Lakers led by LeBron James -- voted Wednesday not to resume play We talk about the boycott and the conditions that created it with Aaron Larsuel, host of The Official Lakers Podcast. Great, honest insight for an important conversation.
Would Monday's Game 4 be the game the Lakers get superstar performances throughout from LeBron James and Anthony Davis? Would this be the game the Lakers came out and stole all hope away from a tired and lesser team? Yes* and yes. Anthony Davis was dominant from the jump, especially defensively. LeBron James was again in Playoff LeBron form, and the Lakers finished the first quarter with an 18 point lead. At halftime, they were up 29. Great shooting, great star performances, great defense, and (small sample size noted) they appear to be building on the great second half in Game 3. As the hoops universe celebrated Kobe Bryant, it was a fitting tribute. Other topics: -JR vs. Dion. Again. -Playing with what Rob Pelinka calls "thrust." -George Hill and LeBron on social justice and police violence after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. JR vs. Dion... again. *The stars were dominant, but technically didn't go a full 48. Davis left with back spasms (he's fine) and LeBron rested in the fourth. But yeah, the Lakers got what they needed, and then some.
The Lakers were sluggish early, but LeBron James carried them to halftime, and then combined with Anthony Davis to pull away from the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 3 of their first round NBA Playoffs series in the Orlando Bubble. James and Davis both put up big stat lines, but the Lakers also received significant contributions from Alex Caruso, who played arguably his best game as a Laker, and (in the second half, at least) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Andy and Brian break it all down, asking if the Lakers finally looked like a championship caliber team. What does it mean that Caruso played like a traditional point guard? That LeBron started scoring? And this week, how will remembrances of Kobe Bryant impact them? A Land O'Lakers Live episode recorded after Game 3 Saturday night. Thanks to Delicious Pizza for the sponsorship, and Delicious Vinyl for the music.
After dropping Game 1 to Portland in the bubble Tuesday night, in one of the worst offensive performances of the season, the Lakers got off to a quick start Thursday in Game 2, eventually cruising to a 111-88 win over the Trail Blazers. Series tied, 1-1. Anthony Davis led the way, answering (for one night at least) a ton of questions about his readiness to be a playoff hero. Andy and Brian break down what was different about A.D. specifically, and the Lakers more generally. From there... Does it matter that LeBron is struggling to finish at the rim? Where can Frank Vogel turn for lineup changes if they're needed? And might the continuing offensive struggles of Danny Green - 5 of 18 from the floor after two games, extending some bad bubble mojo - be one of the things to force his hand?
It took a long time for the Lakers to return to the postseason, and for the first few minutes of Game 1 Tuesday, they still hadn’t, falling behind big to the TrailBlazers before coming back… at least temporarily. In  the end, the Lakers fell down 1-0 to Portland in their first round matchup, injecting a … (
It took a long time for the Lakers to return to the postseason, and for the first few minutes of Game 1 Tuesday, they still hadn't, falling behind big to the TrailBlazers before coming back... at least temporarily. In  the end, the Lakers fell down 1-0 to Portland in their first round matchup, injecting a very healthy dose of fear into the fanbase ahead of Thursday's Game 2. LeBron James wasn't perfect, but put up a historic line nonetheless. Anthony Davis, despite decent numbers (28/11, with two steals and two blocks), wasn't nearly good enough. He wasn't alone. James received precious little support, and as a team the bubble shooting woes continued in a huge way. The Lakers shot 35.1% from the floor, and 15.6% from three. So what was the root cause, and can it be fixed before Thursday evening? Andy and Brian break it all  down. (Note: The show was broadcast live to Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook Live.)
The Lakers are back in the NBA Playoffs, for the first time in nearly a decade, and as a top seed in the Western Conference. Unfortunately, they draw an unusually difficult opponent in the Portland TrailBlazers. Damian Lillard is red hot, and the Blazers are a better team than the one that struggled throughout the … (
The Lakers are back in the NBA Playoffs, for the first time in nearly a decade, and as a top seed in the Western Conference. Unfortunately, they draw an unusually difficult opponent in the Portland TrailBlazers. Damian Lillard is red hot, and the Blazers are a better team than the one that struggled throughout the regular season. So how does this one play out? To preview, the Kamenetzky Brothers break it down with Peter Sampson, contributing writer at the great blog Blazer's Edge and a host at Portland's 750 The Game. From there, Andy and Brian explain why winning this season, weird as it may be, is critical because L.A.'s championship  window may not get much wider. Plus, Jimmy Butler's totally epic bubble coffee bar, and a Hollywood wedding with some weird math.    
Mo Dakhil of Bleacher Report and The Athletic joins! The Lakers have finished their eight tune up games before the playoffs start on Tuesday. Does it matter they only won three of them? Does it matter that LeBron wasn’t all that great? What about Kyle Kuzma, one of the team’s few bubble bright spots? As … (
Mo Dakhil of Bleacher Report and The Athletic joins! The Lakers have finished their eight tune up games before the playoffs start on Tuesday. Does it matter they only won three of them? Does it matter that LeBron wasn't all that great? What about Kyle Kuzma, one of the team's few bubble bright spots? As the Lakers head into the postseason, should they be the favorites? Plus, LeBron's hairline and what should be a come to Jesus moment, the NBA lets visitors into the bubble (but not all visitors), and who makes the best bubble buddy.    
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