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I came to Sacramento for the weekend before I'd see Joseph DeAngelo, the accused Golden State Killer, for the first time. Here's what I did with my time - before the nerves kicked in on Sunday night. I was way more anxious than I thought I would be.
From the minute I met Todd, in 2017 for the taping of Unmasking a Killer, I was impressed. I've seen him many times since and I'll always have a soft spot for him because of how he managed a serious topic while telling a story. I talked with him before HBO started promoting the new series and interestingly, we did talk about the intersection of entertainment and true crime.Learn more about Todd here.
On March 7th, I went through the prosecution's request for additional DNA. You might want to listen to that first, before you listen to this one. Today, I go through the defense response to the motion and it's long and a little whiny. They make a few valid points. There's one giant argument that's closely related to the Motion to Dismiss (that won't be heard tomorrow). I wonder how the judge will rule - he might end up tabling the whole thing until April 29th, the date of the next hearing. We will see! 
I didn’t realize HBO was going to drop the teaser on Sunday and it did catch me a bit off-guard. I always do my best to share real-time feelings about these things, so let’s do that. I’m wrote a blog first because I wanted to be thoughtful about what I say.
The twists and turns of my father and stepmother's lives, along with the cast of supporting characters you couldn't make-up, turns Alsip's preliminary hearing into a crazy, convoluted mess. But the stuff they have on the pastor?!? This is nuts. Sometimes I can't help but laugh! View blog post with images and links.
It was time to see DeAngelo, the man who killed my dad and stepmom, for the first time. Here's what happened.
The news is going to get real again as we head into the hearing on Thursday, so I thought today we'd take a little break and go back to 1968 - the year I got a bike and what happened when my dad tried to teach me how to ride it. I love that my parents were super utilitarian and expected us to figure things out so quickly. Considering this foreshadowing for what happens next! 
This pod is a little different because I could use your help. There were two lawsuits filed in Ventura in late 1980 and early 1981. One was by us, dad's kids, for wrongful death. The other was against my dad's estate, brought by one of his business partners who was left "holding the bag". In both cases, we have more of a mystery than answers. Maybe you'll know what I should do next! 
Episode 44 | July 8, 2020 | My apologies up front, this is a very raw video. I thought long and hard about it, but after talking with my new therapist, I know they only thing that ever helps me is the truth. And while I share my honest feelings with you here, don't worry, I'll buck-up. I always do.If you'd prefer to watch me cry on video, it's here. (I'm saying that like a smart ass, please read that like a smart ass is popping off.)
Joseph DeAngelo, the horrendous, sadistic, brutal Golden State Killer, is convicted. I still kind of can't believe it. We did a Zoom meeting to talk about what everyone experienced and I share some "behind the scenes" information from Monday's hearing. Love you all! Your support is truly important.Thank you.
So many things get lost over the years. Photos, trinkets, things that help us remember. But for the most part, I remember the prologue to my dad and Charlene's wedding. I sometimes wonder why there's so much intrigue about "The Smiths" and I supposed it's things like this that have led to the drama. Here's that photo of us all dressed up! 
Not a real episode, just a shout out to anyone interested. A press release went out today - here's what it says! Here's the page on my site I mention in the podcast:
With many of us feeling like we aren't getting all the information we need, I take a look at Marsy's Law, California edition, and what this means for anyone who is a victim of crime. Along the way, I also discuss how this law was enacted in California using our Initiative Process (for better or worse) and how these turn into Propositions that are voted on by the citizens. I also briefly discuss Prop 69, that made it legal to collect DNA. 
This bonus track is podcast only (I didn't write about it on my blog). My friend took me to a Medium and guess who showed up!?Apparently I was on speed when I recorded this - I talk fast so buckle-up! 
It was a busy day yesterday. Started with a meeting with the defense. This happened because the defense sent a letter to those of use with charges earlier this year. I met with them in the morning at the Sacramento District Attorney's Office. After that, I grabbed a beverage and headed to court. It was a longer session than we expected, but really interesting. After that, we were whisked off to meet with the Prosecutors - and that went very well. This pod is a bit more extemporaneous than usual because I'm exhausted today and wanted to get this done! So I used my notes and just talked through them. And here's a link to the letter, it helps to see it: 
Defense attorney Richard Hanawalt pulls out all the stops to discredit the pastor's testimony and prove reasonable doubt for the judge. View blog post with images and links.
From the Star Free Press in October, 1980, we start to learn much more about the crimes, the evidence and the suspects. Greg Zoroya and Rita Beamish dive into the details about the investigation, all the leads they chased and tiny bits of information that help us understand what happened in the house that night. This is part one of two.
These articles from my Murder Book explain how the case isn't going anywhere and law enforcement is basically stumped. You might want to listen to the other In the News pod first so you have the coverage from day one. This picks up where that leaves off and I end with some feelings I didn't expect. It's just baffling to me how much they didn't really understand about the crime scene and the evidence. The assumptions, based on what we know today, are mind-blowing. 
Caryl and Charlene grew up together - like sisters as she describes it - and she's one of the only people I know who understood how Charlene ticked. I have loved getting to know Caryl and I am bummed I didn't get to know Charlene better as an adult. I had one last visit, that was everything, and it turns out, it was the same for Caryl. I hope you enjoy this. 
This was amazing. Thank you to all who came. When I squeal at the beginning, that's totally legit as I could see every sweet smiling face and so many names I recognized. While anything could happen by the 29th (and it seems like so much has), we should soon be putting a fork in this thing. We'll do this again on the 30th.
Before he terrorized Sacramento, Joseph DeAngelo, the amazingly evil Golden State Killer, managed to terrorize Visalia. He murdered Claude Snelling and broke into more than 100 homes. There's more we just can't prove. Here's Margie's story (not my mom!) in part one of two. 
Turns out, this is a little more complicated than I thought. Also, being part of this ginormous case means things that should be straightforward, are not. We're like the Costco of crime; everything happens in bulk and inevitably, you have to buy a few of the gross flavors to get the good flavors you like (why do they do that? Don't we all agree on the gross flavors?). Here's where we are! And here's the link to the actual documents.
There's a lot of scurrying around as we head into next week where we will be reading victim impact statements and then sitting through the sentencing of Joseph DeAngelo. Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? Here's the scoop!
I’m back! This is a reboot of my podcast about the Golden State Killer. There's so much stuff happening in public and behind the scenes, this is the best way to keep up! Today I talk about DeAngelo apparently offering a plea (as announced in a footnote on page seven of the Motion to Dismiss) and discovered by Paige St. John of the LA Times. I saw a notification on Reddit that stopped me cold. This episode covers what's happened since Tuesday with regard to the offer, questions the intentions of the defense and confirms the existence of a letter to victims from the defense.Companion Blog:
Here's the audio version of my live talk - the audio/visual version is here on YouTube: The video has slides of photos you might find interesting. This is the jist of our whole story, or at least the Readers' Digest version (that means it's high-level and moves across time rather quickly). Also features guest audio from one of DeAngelo's rape survivors. 
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