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The Darkwood Treant has crippled Team Gold Dragon. This fight will determine if the novice team moves onto hero rank. Will the Dragon Take home the gold? Tune in to find out.
The Forge Challenge is reaching a Fever pitch as team Gold Dragon completes their first objective. Now there’s only one thing left to do… Survive.
Team Gold Dragon has entered their forge challenge. But something about this place is striking a chord with Penny. Is there more to this maze of marble than meets the eye?
After a hard won victory in the Librarynth, the time has come for Team Gold Dragon to take their rightful place on the Battle Axis Roster. What trials and tribulations await the novice team? Find out in the Forge.
Team gold dragon faces off against the spell-bound master of the Librarynth. Will they throw the book at this menacing masterpiece or will a sinister scribe spell the end for our adventurers?
Novice team Gold Dragon stands before an empty book, tasked with the telling of tales to fill its pages. Will their stirring stories solve their struggles? Or do these pages protect a deeper darkness?
The keepers of the Librarynth have come to bring silence to this hallowed place. Team Gold Dragon is about to learn that there’s more to fear from these book keepers than sternly worded letters and overdue book fees.
Once again team Gold Dragon enters the Battle Axis. But this novel dungeon has stories to tell. Will the novice rank team get lost in the stacks or is this just the start of a new chapter?
After an unexpected struggle with an old rival, Team Gold Dragon turns to their Coach, Pugnacious Stipes, to sharpen their skills and ensure that next time they meet, Ophidian Ashepoole won’t know what hit him.
After a disturbing encounter with Gilder, the mysterious merchant, Gold Dragon find themselves toe to toe with an old friend. Will their rival settle the score or find himself all tied up?
As one of the team recovers from a mysterious malady, team Gold Dragon prepares for the Myriad Market. An interplanar festival held every season on Zenith. But perhaps Gold Dragon will find more than they bargained for.
Despite their success in dealing with the threat on Rho K 43, team Gold Dragon finds themselves with a whole new problem as one of their number falls into a terrible fever. Can the team get back home in time to save a life, or will Gold Dragon
An apocalyptic threat looms over Rho K 43 as novice team Gold Dragon, joins forces with the colonist and local inhabitants to free the backwater plan from deific destruction. Can they outcast the overcast? Or will they become one with the divin
Team Gold Dragon digs deeper into the mysteries of the missing colonists on Rho K 43 as they enter the Ruins of a long abandoned monastery. Were the unsuspecting settlers spirited away or are more blasphemous blunders to blame?
Novice Team Gold Dragon embarks on their first off-world quest to a colony on Rho-K-43 where reports of subterranean monsters and disappearing colonists have prompted a League Quest. Can Gold Dragon find what remains of the missing colonists or
After a grueling confrontation with the Master of the Necromantic Manor, Team Gold Dragon is eager for a bit of rest and relaxation as they await their next quest. Will they find the comfort they crave or be pestered by past, present and future
Having pieced together the Journal of the Master of the Wincott manor, the team descends into the secret cellar of the nightmare necromancer known only as “The Great Uncle.” With team Gold Dragon defeat their inhospitable host, or join his legi
A venerable estate overlooks a shadowy weald. To some, a dream getaway, to the denizens of this Dungeon, a living nightmare. Gold dragon splits the party to unravel the mysteries of this remote manor as their prisoner grows restless. Beligerent
Chapter 02: InauguralThe newly minted Gold Dragons are to meet their new support staff before they take their first steps into the Battle Axis. What lies ahead for these nascent adventurers? What horrors wait beyond the skin of the infinite dun
The team is set to return to Zenith for debriefing and possible reward but are greeted by some unexpected faces and surprising demands. Will our Novice adventurers be granted the freedom of their peers or have they signed away more than their a
Ievos Isadora has joined the Team and their first quest is to investigate a mysterious planar anomaly on Error which seems to be resonating with their newest ally. What will they find on this strange world? What wonders, or dangers, await this
With the crucible complete, team Alpha 3 makes their way to a local Hub lounge to hear the results of the Novice draft. Will alpha three stick together? Will they be picked at all? Tune in to find out!
Team Alpha 3 is gearing up for their combat challenge and getting to know their new teammate, Ophidian Ashpool Will this spooky stranger help them to wow the judges or blow their big break?
Welcome to Zenith. The Pinacle of mortal ambition. Join us in the infinite plane of Error, where the League of Ultimate Questing has made it’s home. At the center of all things lies an impossible tower. An infinite dungeon reaching into the sta
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