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Emil Detoffol: EMF - The High Price Of Technology #25

Released Tuesday, 27th September 2016
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Do you love your cell phone, your WIFI, and the ability to travel in an airplane or drive a car? What about the conveniences of home like basic electric power, and all of your modern appliances, computers, and gadgets? We all love and appreciate the electricity grid humankind has created to bring us energy and the ability to communicate through the wires that cover the planet, and the signals that seem to transmit information through the air from device to device using some sort of magic. Most of us would sooner die than to give up these modern, and ever-increasing conveniences.
But what if the wires in your home and the radio waves in the air carry not only power and date, but unseen dangers to our bodies and brains? Have you ever considered that the corporations who make microwave ovens, clock radios, cell phones, electric toothbrushes, internet routers, televisions and every piece of tech we buy and use every day don’t necessarily have a vested interest in your health when they design and market these products to us as consumers? They are interested in creating goods and services that sell. The fact that the technology being produced is likely harmful to people is not a factor that is typically considered when a communications or technology company launches an innovation.
The fact is that there is very real evidence, and solid science supporting the idea the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) created by our appliances, home wiring, and devices is linked to an endless array of degenerative diseases, the least of which being cancer. We are surrounded by these harmful fields 24/7 in most places on the planet, and some people live in areas that are much worse than others. For example, do you know if you reside close to a cell tower? What about your electric meter? Is it a ‘smart meter'? Chances are if you are reading this there is some likelihood that your home, place of work, and even automobile are dangerously saturated by these invisible, yet sometimes deadly rays.
Without having to wear a tinfoil hat, or summon an alien race to come rescue you in an EMF-proof spacecraft, we find in this episode with Dr. Emil DeToffol that there are indeed ways to not only become aware of some of the most severe dangers, but also to very easily protect yourself, and your loved ones from most of the potential damage caused by this invisible threat.
As always on The Life Stylist Podcast, I ask tough questions to get simple answers when it comes to creating not only awareness around health issues but also building simple, applicable strategies to help mitigate the risks of modern life on earth.
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