The Ultimate Biohacking Mastermind with Dr. Jack Kruse, Aaron Alexander, & Matt Maruca #199

Released Tuesday, 2nd April 2019
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I have a treat to share with you today: four of the world’s foremost biohacking experts getting vulnerable at the end of a long day and asking each other the questions that most people don’t even know they should be asking. We have friend of the show Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon, the CEO of Optimized Life, and our front lines against the onslaught of EMFs. We have Aaron Alexander, an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach, creator of the Align Method™, an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands of people out of pain and into health, and host of Align Podcast. And, last but not least, we have Matt Maruca, one of the world’s youngest biohackers, founder of Ra Optics, and a man on a mission to end chronic disease by addressing mitochondrial dysfunction. So, basically, it’s four guys freaking out in a hotel room about all of the things going wrong in the world right now – and what you can do to protect yourself, or at the very least, minimize the damage if you live in a big city. But this is only part one of this conversation. After you’re done, head over to to check out part two!   Topics Discussed In This Episode:
  • Why you need to be wary of how the world is lit around you
  • Humans’ hot and cold relationship with electricity
  • Why we don’t have any energy to waste in our artificially lit, frequency-laden world
  • We have the ability to “believe away” reality – and this can both be a benefit and a curse
  • What you can do to optimize the biggest toxic soup you can ever imagine: a big city hotel room
  • Are cell phones the next cigarettes... or worse?
  • Why the materials you put in your pockets and on your body may become dangerous around 5G
  • How both sides of the federal government are entangled in the dissemination of harmful frequencies
  • The difference between the Gs (4G, 5G, etc) & why 5G is such a big deal
  • Getting “disappeared” on social media
  • How technology is directly influencing the evolution of humans
  • Leveraging energy psychology to practice super learning
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