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Our farewell episode. And how you can continue to engage with us and the high achievers we’re assembling moving forward. The Huddle – a $1 commitment to your awesomeness.
If you create a positive relationship with fear, you can accomplish anything. In a capsule, that’s the message Akshay Nanavati, the speaker, author and explorer behind the book Fearvana came to share with me today. He has been featured in Inc.
Do you own your mornings, or do your mornings own you? If you race to the door minutes after you get up, you carry chaos into your workday. But if you set up a “preflight morning routine” for your workday filled with clarity and calm, that’s wh
Do you stick to the status quo too much in your business? Or are you willing to try something new that has the potential to win big or fail big? My guest today is Dr. Peter Kan, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist with training in both i
If you don’t know where to begin, your to-do list will never end. But this is a place so many high-achievers find themselves in because they have so many high priorities. When priorities wrestle and never come out on top, that leaves you on the
When are you going to tackle your bucket list? My guest today is Alan Worden, a serial entrepreneur focused on leisure-seeking Baby Boomers who founded Scout Real Estate Capital. For Alan, there came a time when he realized it may be now or nev
Is not closing that one deal your biggest regret as a businessman? Or do your regrets tend to be a little more…personal? Well, if you’re a driven businessman and a father, it’s a pretty sure thing I know what your top regret is likely to be. An
Are you giving it your all in business or are you holding back to stay on the safe road? It may be time to quit playing it safe. My guest today is Bubba Albrecht, the founder of Give’r. His company is an outdoor-lifestyle clothing and gear comp
When the possibilities are endless, it’s hard for a hungry man to say “no.” That’s why men who go to an all-you-can-eat buffet often walk out in major physical discomfort. It’s also the reason high-achieving men end up working ridiculous hours
If business success is your personal Mt. Everest, how do you make that climb? After all, Everest is 29,029 feet tall, and climbing isn’t easy at that altitude. My guest today has an answer, and it just so happens he’s summited Mt. Everest multi
Do you ever feel like you have more big ideas than you can ever make into reality? This is the entrepreneur’s blessing and curse, my friend. If you’re in business for yourself, you probably swim in a flood of big ideas. Ways to improve your bot
In business, it may not be the people you like most who will help your business most. That’s a lesson that my guest today learned the hard way. Richard Christiansen has founded or cofounded 49 businesses, of which 16 became multimillion-dollar
Charles Darwin is well-known as one of the most creative and highly productive scientists in the last 200 years. He penned 19 complex books in his lifetime and came up with the Theory of Evolution. But his work life wasn’t what you might expect
Do you ever feel like you’re growing apart from your wife instead of growing together? Couples that know the secrets of happy marriages come together through life’s troubles instead of drifting apart. My guest today is Jackie Bledsoe, the bests
Is your patience on a hair trigger with your kids? You’re not alone, Lion, so happy Parents’ Day (July 23.) In this episode, Bill and I confess to situations when we lost our cool with our kids. But we also look at all the factors that went in
Do you face challenges head on or search for the easy way around? My guest today, Thom King, is the founder and CEO of Steviva Brand Sweeteners. He's also a ketogenic lifestyle expert and author of the book "Guy Gone Keto," which will be out in
As an entrepreneur or businessman, are you addicted to chaos? For men, this is the most socially acceptable addiction. That’s why when you see someone you haven’t in a while and they ask you how you’ve been, you might be tempted to say, “Aw, ma
Do you ever feel like greater success is locked behind a slightly immoral decision? My guest today is Robert Klinck, an intellectual property attorney from Washington DC, and CEO of the game-changing legal advice company Klinck LLC. He knows ho
If you stepped on a scale when you were 21 and saw your weight today, how would you feel? When life kicks up the pace for most businessmen, your metabolism simultaneously slows down. That makes for some—ahem—hefty weight gains for a lot of men
Ever feel like you’re just not doing what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? My guest today felt that in a big way. As a young man, Rusty Pang had more jobs than most people will have in a lifetime. Within a relatively short 13 years,
If you don’t have time for a hobby, your work won’t flow like it could. One of the most pervasive lies that men tell themselves is that they are so busy with work and commitments that they can’t find time for a hobby. In our mind, you can’t aff
Do you feel like your innovative business isn’t getting the attention it should?  My guest today had to work hard for many years to find the perfect balance of work, innovation and humility to achieve what he always knew he wanted. Bedros Keuil
220: Skills for fathers who raise their kids right As a father, you’re shaping the world. Sounds big, right? That’s why you often ask yourself if you’re doing enough as a father. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing better than you
Is your business surviving or thriving? My guest today is brand survival expert Jonathan David Lewis, the author of “Brand Vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments.” The marketing agency where Jonathan’s a partner, Mc
How to recover after children pillage your dating life Do you remember when you had all the time in the world for your wife? Chances are, that time was before you had children. And you probably don’t feel quite as close to your wife because of
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