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The Magpies: A Blades in the Dark Actual Play

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Best Episodes of The Magpies

Previously a Patreon exclusive, we celebrated our one-year anniversary with a goofy, non-canon bonus episode! It features Florence Fable, reporter extraordinaire for Rumordish, Duskwall's premiere source for scandal and gossip, as she asks the
Previously a Patreon exclusive! Since Kim wasn't able to join the main group for The Two Scores Score, she and I recorded a solo adventure with Blaire. It was a fun session where we were both still figuring out the system and setting. It's the
Formerly a Patreon exclusive, this is one of the very earliest adventures of the Magpies, from before we started posting episodes! It's the story behind the "hitting two gangs in one night" score that's been referenced a few times. Things are a
Previously a Patreon exclusive: Thirty minutes of goofs from Season 3. Featuring Kim's Scurlock thirst, Rhi being viciously assaulted by pop punk puns, and the life-changing knowledge that two animated musical versions of Titanic exist.Featured
Previously a Patreon exclusive: With Season 2 officially concluded, it's time for the blooper reel! Almost 30 minutes of bits, goofs, and obscure references. Also some singing. Enjoy!Featured Charity: The Lilith FundVisit Clever Corvids Product
33+ ridiculous minutes of our best bits, goofs, and laughs from Season 1. Featuring special musical guests, Minna's roommates, providing the Magpies theme song!Featured Charity: The Lilith FundVisit Clever Corvids Productions to learn about the
The cast of the Magpies answer your questions and look back on all four seasons of the show. Featuring heartfelt reflection, thoughts on the future, and a weird diversion into the KFC Colonel Sanders movie. PLUS: the entire Season 4 blooper ree
In which the Magpies confront Lady Penderyn, Madam Tesslyn, and the Circle of Flame, for the last time.Listen to Part 1 first.Content Warnings: Implied/off-screen torture and ritual sacrifice.Featured Charity: RIP Medical DebtJosie will be a pl
The war between the Magpies and the Circle of Flame for the future of Duskwall has dragged on for months. When the leader of the Circle approaches them with an offer of truce and change, what will the Magpies choose?Listen to Part 2 next.Featur
The relics have been acquired, the rituals prepared, the preparations made. All that's left is to face down Setarra and bind her with her kin in the sea... assuming that the Magpies survive.Featured Charity: Woodson Museum of St. PetersburgAki,
The gauntlet has been thrown, and the Magpies are facing off against Lady Drake in a courtroom gamble where the stakes couldn't be higher: either Lady Drake's crimes and corruption will be exposed, or the Magpies will be locked up in Ironhook.F
A sudden Bluecoat raid turns the Magpies world upside down. When they learn Lady Drake is behind it, they see an opportunity to help their friends and allies... but when the game is this rigged, who will win?Featured Charity: United Palestinian
The Magpies have successfully infiltrated the cult of The Maw of the Void. Now, they have to locate a single relic in a hidden sanctuary filled with them... all without being discovered as the thieves they are.Featured Charity: United Palestini
The final relic to bind Setarra and free Blaire of her menace lies within the clutches of a cult hidden deep underneath the city. What new threats await them in the secretive caverns? Will they find the relic they need? And just how many cults
Minx and Lord Mora square off in a very public duel, while Myra and Blaire ready the arcane traps needed to cover their escape. Will they succeed in forcing the demon to reveal himself?Featured Charities: InTRANSitive (Arkansas), EqualityNC (No
The Magpies go on the offensive and take aim at Lord Alistair Mora, powerful nobleman and secret demon of earth and metal. But how will a trio of vigilantes take down someone with such inhuman power?Support The Magpies and Clever Corvids Produc
Minx's gambit is paying off so far, but as the Magpies descend deep into the catacombs underneath the crematorium, perils both expected and surprising await.Support The Magpies and Clever Corvids Productions on Kickstarter!Featured Charities: I
In order to destroy the relics of Kotar, the Magpies must infiltrate Bellwether Crematorium, the bastion of the powerful Spirit Wardens. But the Spirit Wardens aren't the only threat they'll face inside...Follow the Project Bluejay & Clever Cor
The Magpies venture into the Deathlands to recover a powerful and dangerous relic. What will they learn from the Heart? And what mistakes will they make in pursuit of knowledge?Follow the Project Bluejay & Clever Corvids Kickstarter page!Featur
The Gondoliers have discovered a spectral corruption poisoning Duskwall's waterways. The Magpies are happy to help, but their journey to uncover the source will lead them to a relic more dangerous than anything they've encountered before.Featur
The Magpies and their friends gather to celebrate all they have to be grateful for.Content Note: Extensive description and discussion of food.Featured Charity: Facing History and OurselvesSupport the Magpies on Patreon!Visit 5calls.org to conta
The Magpies have claimed the trinket-turned-occult-focus that will let them release Ojal's spirit from the Hull, removing Salia's best defense. But with Ojal herself standing in the way, will they survive to see it done?Featured Charity: Southe
Orla, Cass, and Thaddeus, members of the Delvers' Guild of Whitehollow, have learned about the haul of a lifetime waiting for them at the bottom of the Void Sea. But faced with treachery from the Guild, the perils of the deep, and their own fla
At long last, the Magpies know where to find Salia and the relic binding Ojal's spirit to a murderous Hull. Myra uncovers secrets about her former mentor, and the Magpies learn that no job ever goes smoothly.Featured Charity: Southerners on New
Minx and Myra prepare to kidnap the church elder from the middle of a very public ceremony, while Seeks and Blaire make their way through the catacombs to complete the ritual to remove the elder's soul. But what risks are they willing to take t
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