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08 – Guidance Counselor

Released Monday, 11th March 2019
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“There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance. The universe is made out of it; but it was not all used in making the universe. The spaces in, through, and between the forms of the visible universe are permeated and filled with the Original Substance; with the formless Stuff; with the raw material of all things. Ten thousand times as much as has been made might still be made, and even then we should not have exhausted the supply of universal raw material.

No man, therefore, is poor because nature is poor, or because there is not enough to go around.

Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches; the supply will never run shor”

Excerpt From: Wallace D. Wattles. “The Science of Getting Rich.”

On Today’s Show:

  • Am I being “acted on” or am I “acting on?”

  • When to work, how to work, what to work…

  • What would Wallace Wattles think about the opportunities today?

  • When mimicking mimic with excellence

  • Make it your own

  • Out growing your current position

  • “There is no spoon”

  • There literally are no rules in this moldable plastic quantum soup

  • The adjustment bureau

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