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The conclusion to the absolutely wild true story that inspired the multi-award winning horror film 'Jaws'.
Did you know that "Jaws" was inspired by a series of horrifying shark attacks that occurred over a tense twelve day period along the New Jersey coastline in 1916?Sometimes fact is more terrifying than fiction.
In this episode Josh lists a bunch of lesser-known Egyptian Gods, Bree discusses the recently captured image of an unidentified creature lurking around the Amarillo zoo and Jord regailes us with the story of Percy Fawcett, the man who disappear
Charlie Brandt wasn't found out to be a serial killer until after his death, but a quick look into his dark past could shine some light on the horrible savagery he inflicted right before his untimely end.
Two young men, with two very similar sounding names disappear under strange circumstances while on the phone to a loved one. The cases are completely unrelated but share unusual similarities.
*Trigger Warning* The second part of this episode (35 minutes onwards) contains some real gnarly shit, there are mentions of sexual assault and cannibalism.In 1876, a shower of something that wasn't water rained down on a farm in Kentucky. The
In 1934 a massive man-eating shark is captured and placed in an aquarium where it regurgitates a huge clue to solving a murder mystery.We are also joined by a special guest who talks of a bone-chilling wolf attack that results in bloody carnage
Josh tells of his experience with sleep paralysis and explores what could be behind the world-wide phenomenon of having a demon weighing you down.Bree regales with a story of tables being turned when a potential serial killer falls victim to th
People may think Bigfoot doesn't exist, but once upon a time there were a whole array of animals that were thought to have been cryptids which have since been proven to exist. Also, a whole bunch of accidental deaths in one family occurred in t
We're all back and rearin' to go.This episode Josh does a bunch of heavy lifting, talking about a disaster at Lake Nyos that claimed the lives of over a thousand locals.Jord talks about a man with a weird hand and a penchant for gold.You'll als
We continue strong into lockdown with eight true stories about the creepiest call outs cops and paramedics experienced during their careers.
Due to the current lockdown we've had to get a little creative. This episode contains eight true stories of spooky forest encounters.
Over the years, strange, gigantic, bird-like creatures have been spotted soaring high in the skies overhead. Sometimes these avian monsters have been reported swooping closer to home, attempting to sink their claws into something deliciously hu
The heir to a whiskey fortune shows us what it's worth to witness cannibalism first-hand. The queen owns some outrageous shit.A dragon-man is discovered.Dad joins Bree and Jord as they all go over the most interesting true stories they have rec
Imagine stumbling across the site of a ritual sacrifice that happened thousands of years ago? Worse yet, maybe the resting place of a cannibalised Neanderthal family.In this episode some of the creepiest archaeological discoveries are explored.
Ever wondered which real-life serial killer inspired the most iconic horror movie murderers of all time?Ed Gein's handy work was so grotesque that it helped bring to life the likes of Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs), Leather Face (Texas Cha
As if World Wars aren't brutal enough, Mons experienced a beast so terrifying it elevated the chaos into something almost supernatural.Also, Bree struggles through an endone high while the special guest recounts how he cut off two of his finger
Ever wondered how to create a convincing Bigfoot corpse? With real Possum entrails, of course!And did Orson Welles' Broadcast of the H.G Wells' The War of the Worlds really drive families to mass suicide? Listen to find out.
In 2014, the Broaddus family are beyond excited to move into their newly purchased home, that is, until they receive a menacing letter from someone describing themselves as "The Watcher". The letters keep coming and as the nature of the notes g
In 1898, two man-eating lions cause havoc during the construction of a railway bridge in Tsavo, East Africa.Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson, the lead engineer for the build, makes it his personal mission to put an end to the savage, nig
The patriarch of a German family living on a remote farmstead tells neighbours he has come to believe someone is living undetected in the attic of his home. A few days later, the entire family (including their live-in maid) is found massacred i
While Jord lives it up on holiday, Bree and Josh begrudgingly discuss the first alien abduction ever to be recorded and analyse factors contributing to why people (correctly or incorrectly) believe they have been whisked away by otherworldly be
After a year like 2020, the topic of curses is right at the tippy top of our list. While Bree presents a list of movies that have been deemed cursed by mainstream society, Jord explores a variety of cursed objects. Josh, not wanting to be left
Ever thought about using horrific legends about evil Christmas monsters to inspire better behaviour from children? Well if you haven't, 'tis the season to give it a go!The eggnog is flowing heavily as Bree decides she hates everything about San
On this relaxed, devil-may-care episode, Jord shows us a bone-chilling discovery, Bree gives a test to find out who has the most psychopathic tendencies and Josh touches on his favourite cryptid while reminiscing about the time our parents let
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