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I'm so excited to bring on Kim Han on this episode. We talk about: - Tango- Creative endeavours- The Artists Way- Passion- Community- Characteristics of building a pod- Intentionality- Rekindling vs kindling- Semester at Sea- Changes within ourselves- Platonic relationships- Growth mindset- Generational and cultural changes- Relationships with parents- Feelings of enough and acknowledgement with parents- Parenting- Having childrenAnd so much moreKim: Linkedin @fahadlkhanProducts mentioned: Parents are HumansBooks mentioned: The Artists Way 
I'm so excited to bring on Josh Brammer on this episode. We talk about: - Working remotely- Tips on avoiding burnout- Having intentional spaces- Business jargon- Anxiety and the stories we tell ourselves- Conflict and point of views- Giving people the benefit of the doubt- Judgement- The impact of having unlimited options- Open loops- Being a perfectionist- The value of giving And so much moreJosh: Linkedin, Twitterhttps://www.hellolantern.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
I'm so excited to bring on Eva Zheng on this episode. We talk about: - Diversity in NYC vs San Francisco- Identity- Inspiration and creativity- Having a curious mind- Following your intuition- Struggle- The empathy gap- Being open minded- Listening and having challenging conversations- Psychological safety and trauma- Unnecessary suffering- The power of empathy- Gratitude, Faith and Hope- YOLO- Monetizing passionsAnd so much moreEva: @fahadlkhanBooks Discussed:Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert Curiosity Driven Book Club: Health Workout:
Excited to bring on Samra Zafar on this episode. We talk about: - Owning your story- The power of surrendering and letting go- Bringing your life into alignment- The labels that define us- Happiness- Using humour and picking your battles- A healthy family- Early signs of abuse- Healthy vs unhealthy relationships- Failure and fear- Advice to those laid off in this economy And so much moreSamra: @Iamsamrazafarhttps://www.samrazafar.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
Excited to bring on Evan Knox, the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and small business investor. We talk about: - Evan's story- Not pursuing the traditional path- Designing a business to fit your life- Paying off debt- Why Evan went back to university- How to make decisions- Being able to do it all- Planning and productivity- Delegation vs. empowering- Overcoming limitations- Full Focus Planner- Marketing in 2020- What you can do right now while in lockdown- The pressure to take a stanceAnd so much moreEvan: @evanbknoxhttps://evanknox.comhttps://caffeine.marketingFahad: @fahadlkhan
Excited to bring on Inna Yasinska on the show, a wedding photographer as featured in PEOPLE and Us Weekly. We talk about: - Shooting a celebrity wedding- How Inna managed cash flow during COVID- Pivoting through COVID- Focusing on serving others- Adventure sessions- Advice on how to get through the tough times we're in- Hiking in Kilarney- Continuous learning- Observing true love- My airbnb wedding- Inna's first client- The power of Kijiji and Craigslist- Instagram feedAnd so much moreInna: @innayasWebsiteFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Rob Bozzo on the show, one of the co-owners of the famous Sanremo Bakery. We talk about: - The realities of running a business- What it took to get where they are today- The importance of working hard- Comparison - Making a 200lb burger bun- Being selective of opportunities - The importance of moving forward consistently - Training for adversity - The importance of saving for the unexpected- The importance of happiness- What it would take to start Sanremo today- Goal settingAnd so much moreInstagram: Sanremo BakeryFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Mary-Anne Gillespie, North America's top real estate couch. We talk about: - When to get a coach- Coaching vs mentoring- Mary-Anne's story- Completing Ironmans- Setting goals- Our identities and not being tied down to them- Investing in coaching- Mastermind groups- Coaching and online influencers- High performance- The role of gender in high performance- Having it all as a women- Being a women in the corporate world Mary-Anne: InstagramCoaching: Red Apple Coaching; InstagramFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I wanted to share this conversation I had with Raj Kothari. We talk about: - Retiring vs rewiring- volunteering and giving back- work life balance- champions in the workplace- the impact of diversity- not living your life in fear- being confident in who you are- happiness- having expectations- the role money plays in happiness- having children- matchmaking- taxesRaj: LinkedInFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Iggy Domagalski on the show. The CEO of Tundra Process Solutions, Canada's Top 40 Under 40. We talk about: - Working from home- Entrepreneurship in a Soviet country- Being an immigrant in Canada- Becoming an entrepreneur- The importance of education in starting a business- Taking accounting in school- The process of buying businesses- The Tundra Acquisition Group- The importance of putting your hand up- How to find a mentor at work- How to know if buying a business is for you- Buying vs. Starting a business- Work-life balance- Reviewing your accomplishments every year- Growth mindset and the importance of setting goalsIggy: InstagramLinkedInHow To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price by Richard ParkerFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Jonathan Miller on the show. Coach and host of The Mindful Communication Podcast. We talk about: - The importance of staying the present, especially in conversations- Privilege - The importance of listening - It's not always about being right- What are you willing to give up?- Building thriving relationships- You can't change people- The impact of COVID on relationships - Practical tips for problem solving Tough Talks Made Easy - and use the code mentor50 to get 50% off. 4-Part Free Video TrainingInstagramFahad: @fahadlkhanBook Recommendations:Me and White Supremacy by Layla SaadNonviolent Communication by Marshall RosenbergSapiens by Noah Yuval HarariLove 2.0 by Barbara Frederickson
The other day I had a coaching call with Brandon Lee to find my Zone of Genius. Listen in as I recorded the call to share it with all of you. If you'd like to learn more about Brandon's work, you can check him out at: https://brandonblee.meAnd if you want to go through this same process, reach out to Brandon or myself. 
For this weeks episode I've got Lorenzo Lewis on the show. The founder of The Confess Project. We talk about: - Growing up incarcerated- Growing up with parents and their trauma- Fatherhood- Therapists that are people of colour- Mental health crisis- Family line of debt- The impact of wealth and access to opportunities - Financial discrimination - Economic barriers- Housing- The stories we tell ourselves- Storytelliing Lorenzo: Facebookwww.lorenzoplewis.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Bruce Poon Tip on the show. The founder of G-Adventure and author or Looptail. We talk about: - The impact of travel tourism- The current economic state- Being resourceful - Travel trends- Dealing with challenges within the travel industry- Bruce and his story of starting his first business at 11- Entrepreneurs are born, not made- The entrepreneurial spectrum- The instinct and art behind entrepreneurship- Having an appetite for risk- Healthy living- Bruce's thoughts on his children following his path- Being a dad- Planning a trip to Antartica- Managing travel schedule with family - Designing your lifeBruce: @BrucePoonTipG-AdventuresBook: LoopTailFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Jay Gabrani on the show. The founder of Prepared Fathers and the host of A Minute with Jay. We talk about: - Leaving the accounting world to start your own business- The pressure of following our parents- How to know if you're in the right career path- Living life with a focus on happiness- The importance of saving - Formal education vs self education- The importance of investing- The power of technology and how it makes starting a business easier than ever- The debt cycle and financial traps- The three questions to ask yourself if you want to start a business- Getting The Mentor Project podcast started- Having a side-hustle- Being prepared- Having your financial paperwork in order- Focusing on what you can control- Having a will- Jay's one regret in life- The opinions of others and what to do about it- Have to vs. get to- The importance of saying noJay: @PreparedFathershttps://www.preparedfathers.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Yassmin Abdel-Magied on the show. A Sudanese-Australian writer, broadcaster and award winning social advocate. We talk about: - The Black Lives Matter movement- The discriminating nature of the world- How essential workers are treated during the pandemic- The inequalities that coronavirus has highlighted- Achieving financial independence for people of colour - Our values and how they change over time- Matching our actions with the values we have- System and structural changes- How do we manage ourselves with everything going on- Focusing on what's most important - Getting deeper work done to achieve longer term rewards- How to grow an audience and gain influence- The complex intersection of privilege and oppression - Model minority and boujee activities- Bringing your full self and taking up space- The importance of courage to show upYassmin: @yassmin_ahttp://www.yassminam.comTed Talk @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Tony Ayala on the show. He left the world of finance to run a bakery, which he has grown and can be found in most stores across Canada. Tony shares a wealth of knowledge about his journey.We talk about: - Leaving the finance world- The identity you associate with- The world of business- Why now is a great time to start a business- Side hustles- Changing how people connect and giving gifts- Entrepreneurial Mindset- The story of starting a gluten-free bakery- How Queen Street Bakery went from a local Toronto bakery to being found across the country- The conversations of leaving a "stable" job- The importance of happiness- You never know where things are going to take you; keeping an open mind- Having a curiosity mindset- Making decisions- The value of education and the current education climate- Getting VC investment from Arlene Dickinson - The importance of having mentors along your journeyTony Ayala @thetonyayalaQueen Street Bakery: @queenstreetbakeryOnline and Instagram order profits to be donated to Black communities for the month of June. Fahad: @fahadlkhan
Black Lives Matter - It's time to level the playing field.
So excited for this episoade of the Mentor Project: We've got Jordan Gross on the podcast. In this episode we'll learn about:- Cloud Nine- Jordan's journey- Taking a different path- Writing a book- Expectation vs. being content- The stories we tell ourselves- Making decisions - Reframing your thoughts- Feeling all the feels- Getting comfortable being uncomfortable- How to get outside your comfort zone- The 5 step approach to get uncomfortable- Being different- The infinite gameTedxTalk: Jordan's TedX TalkBook: Getting COMFY, Your Morning GuideBook: The Journey to Cloud NineLinkedIn: Jordan's LinkedInYou can reach me on Instagram: @fahadlkhan LinkedIn: Here
So excited for this episoade of the Mentor Project: We've got Sarah Rav on the podcast. In this episode we'll learn about:- Eating disorders  - Society’s impact on our lives- Perfectionism  - The pursuit of achieving your best- Subtle racism - International Women’s Day- Mindset- Failure and how you define it- Mental health- Sarah’s journey through medicine- The importance of happiness- Gratitude- Having a morning routine- Obesity pandemic- Managing your time- Creative vs non creative work- Social media- Comparison - It’s not just about the number of likes- Instagram growth strategies- Being more authentic on social media- Authenticity- Stigma of getting help and seeing a therapistYou can reach Sarah on Instagram: @sarahravYou can reach me on Instagram: @fahadlkhan 
COVID19 Special Series. So excited for this episoade of the Mentor Project: We've got Samira Sohail on the podcast, a Venture Capitalist based out of NYC and the host of Samira Stalks - a top global podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Check it out here. In this episode we'll learn about:- Samira’s story- The 2008 Financial meltdown- Treading lightly and experimentation - How your current choices impact your future choices- Structure and loyalty - Our paths; it’s different for everyone- Speakers For Schools - Being the Hero of Your Own Adventure- 7 Year Sabbatical by Stegan Sagmeister- Living and being a digital nomad in Bali - Working in Venture Capital- Starting Samira Stalks- Having a growth mindset- Catching the wave- Work, life and play- The chapters of ones life  - Taking the time to reflect during these times- Always learning- Basic human rights- The inequalities that are brought up by everyone being at home- The joy of missing outTo learn more about Samira, check out: www.samirastalks.comTo listen to the award winning Samira Stalks, click here. You can reach me on Instagram: @fahadlkhan 
COVID19 Special Series. So excited for this episoade of the Mentor Project: for a second time we've got Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, the founders of The Millennial Revolution and authors of Quit Like a Millionaire In this episode we'll learn about:- East vs West approach to containing COVID- Cultural differences - Social distancing - Remote work- Career changes caused by COVID- Stock market crash and the impact on retirement - Why it never feels right when investing in the stock market- AirBnB- Toronto housing market- Spike in divorce rates caused by COVID- Living a paycheque to paycheque life and how it's not sustainable- Preparing now for the next pandemic- Arbitrage during a pandemic- Living your values- What a day in Bali is like for Bryce and Kristy To learn more about how Kristy and Bryce, check out: www.millennial-revolution.comTo get their book on Amazon click here. You can reach me on Instagram: @fahadlkhan 
COVID19 Special Series. For this weeks episode I've got Court on the show. Court and her wife run, where they talk about their experiences of retiring early and moving to Canada. In this episode we'll learn about: - FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) - Court's journey to Canada and how she compares it to the US- Financial Independence and what it means- Being conservative with your finances to save the most- Designing your life- The fear and anxiety caused by the stock market- First steps to join the FIRE movement- Why now is the time to invest- The role fees play in investments- Happiness- Finding your community and the people that you surround yourself with- Why it's so difficult to talk about money- The privilege that we have - Conscious living Court: @modernfimilyAnd check out their blog at: www.modernfimily.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
COVID19 Special Series. For this weeks episode I've got Duncan So on the show. He's the Executive Director at The Burnout Clinic and a change catalyst with a big focus on the future of work. If you're a people manager or leader, this is one to listen to. In this episode we'll learn about: - Duncan's quarter life crisis- How to follow your passion- Workplace engagement- Conscious capitalism and how it connects to the workplace- Human first organizations- Basic income- The future of work- The values crisis that we're in currently - What a pattern interrupt is and how that impacts us- The importance of trust and the role it plays in the workplace- COVID19- The importance of managers holding space- Phycological safety - The importance of really knowing what your values are- How to stand out at work (remotely) for both introverts and extroverts- The importance of connection during the coronavirus pandemic- What the future will look like once the pandemic is over- What is your driver value? Duncan So @theburnoutclinicwww.theburnoutclinic.comCOVID19 Anxiety Relief Line: @fahadlkhan
For this weeks episode I've got Cherry Rose Tan on the show. She's the Founder & CEO at For Founders by Founders, the mental health movement for the tech industry.  In this episode we'll learn about: - Cherry Rose and her experiences growing up in an entrepreneurial household- The missing link between entrepreneurship and mental health- The importance that educators have- Experiences at home vs in school- Going from education to the tech industry- A look into the world of Canada's billionaires- What it means when people ask: How are you doing?- The human aspect in entrepreneurship - Living the life that you want and aligns with the life you want- Sitting with one's emotions and cultivating happiness- Hitting rock bottom - Having a strong foundation and positive psychology  Cherry Rose: @thisischerryrosewww.cherryrosetan.comFahad: @fahadlkhan
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