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Broke But Not Broken:  A Success Story, Part 2, ft. Bedros Keuilian, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO212
If you've listened to me, you know that I have zero time for people who "play business" and massive respect for people who have actually built real companies from the ground up. My friend Bedros Keuilian is a real practitioner, a bona fide entrepreneur and multi-millionaire who founded Fit Body Boot Camp. He's an expert on everything from hosting high end masterminds to scaling a startup into an empire. This is part 2 of a 2 part episode where we cover everything from team-building to recurring revenue.
4 Simple Steps To Advancing Your Career IMMEDIATELY, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO312
Most people just don't understand how simple it is to advance in your career & climb the ladder of success all the way to the top. They think there's something mystical about it, something beyond their control, & that they have to be "chosen" to become the elite leaders of business & society. But the reality is, it's not hocus pocus or complex & complicated at all. There are 4 steps...4 concrete, actionable steps...that *anyone* can take to start moving up in the world NOW.
Why Your Wins Are Actually Destroying Your Success, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO295
Every now and then, average people do win. But they don't keep winning...they don't make a lifestyle out of winning...because they make a huge mistake. In their moments of victory, they do something that causes them to lose focus & actually ends up being counter-productive to their long-term success. True winners don't do this. That's why all they do is win. What is it? Take a listen & find out.
What Does It Really Mean To Be Woke?, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO315
Are you "woke?" That's a phrase that's thrown around a lot these days. Sometimes it's used in politics to talk about people who say they really care about racism & injustice & sometimes it's used for dudes who think they've uncovered a worldwide conspiracy that nobody else knows about! But what does it really mean to be "woke," to have your eyes opened to what life is all about & what it takes to be happy & successful?
Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO104
While you are ultimately responsible for your success, the effectiveness of your business will largely be determined by the people who work with you. For this reason, you have to know how to hire the right people and when to fire the wrong people. In this episode, The MFCEO shares his tips for recruiting the best help for your business and letting go of the dead weight.
Control Your Focus, Control Your Outcome, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO102
The minds of successful people are always active. They have an opportunity mindset and want to make the most of everything that happens in their lives. That's the good news. But according to The MFCEO, the one downside of that mentality is that they think they can focus on everything; they think they can divide their attention and energy into every possible project. Spoiler alert: They can't. In this episode, Andy Frisella provides some practical tips for to how to focus on one thing; and how that laser-like focus can lead to even greater success.
Recalibrate, Part 2: Greatness, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO113
What is greatness? How is a successful person different from someone who is great? Why doesn't the average person pursue greatness? What does it take to be considered great? How do you cultivate greatness in your life? In part 2 of the Recalibrate series, Andy Frisella gets more philosophical and unpacks his thoughts on a topic that is profoundly important to anyone who wants to live the best possible life.
MFCE HO HO HO, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO116
Thinking over the last year, Andy Frisella says he is incredibly grateful for the success of The MFCEO Project, as well as the successes of his other businesses. In this episode, two days before Christmas, Andy urges everyone to cultivate a positive attitude, focus on the things you are thankful for, and bring others with you on the road to success and happiness.
Recalibrate, Part 4: Perseverance, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO117
"Never give up." In business and in life, we hear this a lot. But what does it take to persevere? What expectations for pursuing goals and dreams set people up for disappointment and failure. Here's the reality: anything worth doing in life is going to be very, very hard. You have to understand the mindset and the method for pressing on or you're not going to make it. In part 4 of the 4-part series Recalibrate, Andy Frisella unpacks his thoughts on the all-important quality of perseverance.
Living Your Passion Isn't Rainbows and Unicorns, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO43
Live your passion.  That's what Andy Frisella says.  But don't make the huge mistake of thinking that means life will be easy.  Life wasn't meant to be easy.  You're not meant to be a wilting flower. You are called to be tough-minded, battle-tested, and made better through struggle.
Dinner Conversation with Sean Whalen, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO36
Prepare to be enlightened or offended. Andy Frisella and guest Sean Whalen attempt to reconstruct a conversation they had over dinner.  From "how can we fix what's broken in America?" to "how does passive parenting relate to failure in business and life?" these two revolutionaries cover a range of topics in this wild romp of a conversation.
Quit Playing Yourself, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO37
"Quit playing yourself," Andy Frisella says. What does that mean?  Stop buying the get rich quick lie. Your success is going to take time and the experience you will gain will be invaluable.
Recalibrate, Part 1: Success, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO111
The MFCEO Project is all about action and execution. But that doesn't mean action without thinking or execution without reflection. In this episode of the podcast, Andy Frisella gets all philosophical and further unpacks his definition and understanding of success. This is part 1 of a 4-part series called "Recalibrate," a series meant to refresh your understanding of the core principles of success and get you reoriented and ready for the new year.
Approach And Engage, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO109
Doing business today, people might think that online technology makes in-person contact less important. Only morons believe that. That’s like saying that since we have the internet, we no longer need to know the alphabet. Wrong. The alphabet is fundamental; and so is one-on-one interaction.  In spite of websites and social media accounts, businesses still have to make real phone calls, sometimes even go door-to-door, and have real conversations with real people.  In business and in all of life, successful people know how to approach and engage.  
The Advantage of Being Broke, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO103
People say this all the time: "I have this incredible idea. I've developed this awesome product or service concept. But I just don't have any money." So they justify failure because they had no funds. But according to Andy Frisella, lack of resources is a huge advantage. It forces you to get innovative and to work even harder.
Win The Day, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO107
How can you be an outlier in a world full of people dedicated to mediocrity? How can you train yourself to be mentally tough, accomplish critical tasks, and set goals and dreams for yourself that stretch you beyond your comfort zone into the highest levels of greatness? In this episode, bestselling author and performance coach Ben Newman rejoins the MFCEO crew and Andy Frisella shares his thoughts on everything from the practice of visualization to his favorite tool: The Power List.
Dr. Seuss Was Right, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO99
When you look at people's social media posts as well as their interactions in the real world, you'll notice something: They always try to emulate someone else. This happens all the time. The average person ends up becoming watered-down, carbon copies of other people. Successful people are different. They embrace their authentic self and are comfortable being who they are.  
Sales As A Way of Life, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO83
Sales skills aren't just helpful for business. They are applicable--and essential--for success in all of life. Joined by his brother, 1st Phorm President of Operations Sal Frisella, The MFCEO returns to a favorite subject. Ultimately, it's not about selling products and services. It's about selling yourself--and helping people.
Seven Deadly Sins That Kill Entrepreneurs, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO53
Can you name the seven deadly sins? Pride. Lust. Greed. Jealousy. Anger. Gluttony. Sloth. Well, there are seven deadly sins  that kill entrepreneurs, too. From an obsession with certainty to lack of patience, Andy Frisella spits fire and brimstone as he rails against all of them.
Farokh Sarmad, Social Media, and Success, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO68
Farokh Sarmad, better known as @farokhgoodlife, is a college-age entrepreneur and social media mogul who is killing it on Instagram. In this episode, The MFCEO and crew invite him into the studio to discuss the basics of business and badassery.
The Morality of Money, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO47
Returning to a favorite topic, Andy Frisella shares his thoughts on how character, conduct, and making cold hard cash are related. Are rich people evil?  Is it noble to be poor? Can money be a legitimate driving motivation in life? The MFCEO answers these questions and more.
The Greatest Thing To Come Out of France Besides French Fries, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO228
I’m not the most multi-cultural person on the planet, but I did recently learn something about French culture that might actually be better than French fries. It's a concept the French came up with way back in the 1800s...a way of thinking about life & the responsibility we have to LIVE IT. It's the mindset of any person who rises from the ashes, who goes "from rags to riches", and it's why kids born into poor, f*cked up families can still become the most powerful & influential people on the planet.
Two Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Happier and More Successful, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO267
One of the biggest things I've struggled with over the course of my life is having that little voice inside me that says that everyone else is smarter, more talented, or just plain better at [fill in the blank]. "They have some magic that I don't," the voice says. Now I've learned how to flip the voice on its @ss & use it to drive me. But the reality is, the whole self-doubt & comparison thing can really kill us. In this episode, I share 2 things that help me win that battle. They can help you win it, too.
WHAT IF: The Least Asked Question of the Most Successful People, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO265
"What if?" is a question I hear people asking all the time...people who are in the middle of their entrepreneurial journey...or people who are in the midst of trying to accomplish a big goal. The reality is, people who constantly ask themselves that question are mentally abusing themselves. They are subjecting themselves to doubt & uncertainty. Successful people, entrepreneurs or otherwise, are different. They ask entirely different questions and operate under a whole different set of expectations. 
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