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Coffee Buzz Friday #16
This week Mart & The Bull tackle... What prevents people from understanding themselves? What human trait is useful now but would have been disadvantageous in the past? Is being right here, right now coincidence or fate? What is the best way for Major league baseball to market themselves?
Coffee Buzz Friday #33
Harvey, Steve and Brian get up earlier than usual to discuss this weeks questions which include... What do you think about the most? When were you the most nervous? Would you be able to recognize an exact replica of yourself? What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched?
Coffee Buzz Friday #18
Harvey and Steve enjoy some rare sunshine discussing... - What has been the hardest part of starting your own business? - What fact amazes you every time you think of it? - What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it? - What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made and why?
Coffee Buzz Friday #4
Harvey Martin and Dave Williams team up to take on this weeks questions. 
#50 - Nate Orf
Nate is a professional baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers and a Baylor baseball alum. 
Episode 18: Blake Wheeler
The learning curve that life offers is different for every single living person. We are all constantly learning new things, sometimes we are aware of it and actively pursue learning. Other times it’s on the back end of a fantastic failure that lends us a different kind of lesson. For many people it is the combination of the desire to learn, limiting the time after a failure, and maximizing the lesson from this failure so to apply it in the future that creates great success and fulfillment. For Blake Wheeler these life lessons, his awareness to act quickly on them, and his rigorous work ethic have brought him to the upper echelon of athletic achievement.   As a Junior in College at the University of Minnesota Blake had tasted a fair amount of success and had developed what he thought was a teflon tough mindset and a complete knowledge of that it meant to Work Hard. It was only after a short funk in the season when his Father sat him down after a game and calmly told Blake that he thinks there’s more in his tank; there’s more to give. Humbled and slightly embarrassed Blake set out to break through a new ceiling and push his limits farther than he ever had. The next year he was playing in the NHL. Now an NHL veteran Blake started out as a ‘deer in the headlights’ rookie back in 2008. An emotional and high energy player Blake had to learn to keep more of an even keel with his vocal approach and practice empathy as a teammate. A lesson he admits he’s still learning thanks in part to his coach Paul Maurice. This burning desire to learn, work, and improve has treated Blake well.   In 2016 he was named Captain of the Winnipeg Jets. Work Ethic is Blake’s foundation. His core. His engine. “Make sure everyday I’m the example of what hard work looks like.” As a Husband, Father, Olympian, NHL veteran, NHL captain, and maybe most impressively a Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament Champion with the Breck (school of excellence) Mustangs, Blake has learned quite a few lessons through his journey and was kind enough to share some of these tasty nuggets with Harvey and Dave this week in Mart and the Fishbowl.  
Episode 19: Kyle Okposo
As the eloquent introduction goes on each Mart and The Fishbowl podcast Harvey and Dave are in search of some of the most sustainable systems of excellence. Observing, Listening, and asking questions of some of these ‘successful people’ is a wonderful tool towards applying some of this wisdom to your own life in the hopes that you can garner some growth and fulfillment as well. It is no accident that many of the ‘greats’ out there also do the same thing. When Harv and Dave got the chance to sit down with NHL veteran/All-Star Kyle Okposo it was extremely refreshing to hear how he observes other ‘greats’ to help himself be the best version of himself that he can be. Shattuck St. Mary’s is a prep school in southern Minnesota that has been churning out elite level hockey talent for the better part of two decades. It was also where Kyle set the foundation for himself not only as a hockey player but as a young man. This was also where, as a 14 year old freshman, Kyle would take the time each day to go down to the rink and watch a young Sidney Crosby. For those living under a rock Sidney Crosby has been arguably the best player in the world for the last ten years. Even as a freshman in high school Kyle knew Sidney was a special player and he wanted to learn from him, watch how he practiced, watch how he played. This was also where Kyle first played for Coach Tom Ward. A man who Kyle describes as, “Being a Lion who doesn’t know he’s a Lion.” “He was a maker of men. There was no other way to play and be a person, than the right way.” Doing things the Right Way is the only way to describe Coach Ward’s coaching philosophy and it is the way Kyle has approached everything in his life ever since. As with any successful athlete or person Kyle’s journey has not come without some bumps in the road. These slumps and learning how to minimize them are what makes good players great ones. “I was able to refind my confidence through raising my work ethic.” “You have to find ways to trick your mind.” From helping a struggling New York Islanders organization go from one of the worst teams in the NHL to playoff contenders, to brining a Buffalo Sabres team back to the glory it’s been used to in years past, Kyle’s philosophy of doing things the Right Way are still his guiding principle. As a father, as a husband, as a man Kyle is constantly asking himself, “How am I going to get better today?” This daily reflection coupled with the personal mantra of “Holding myself to the standard of, if I think it’s right, I’m going to do it” are two simple ways Kyle keeps his purpose and vision clear and allow him to pursue excellence on the ice and more importantly in his life.
Episode 10: Cam Fowler
The path through the sporting world for any athlete can most aptly be viewed as some type of funnel, pyramid, or mountain. Lots of water goes into that funnel at its largest point, yet only a small stream spits through its mouth. The pyramid has a great many stones covering a large surface area at its bottom, but as you move up the amount of stones creating the structure becomes fewer and fewer. The base of a mountain is enormous and a great many people can walk next to it or maybe even choose to climb it, but only a small number actually realize their goal and make it all the way to the top. Cam Fowler is a man who has steadily and consistently made his way through the mouth of that funnel, been one of the last stones at the top of the pyramid, and trekked his way to the top of the mountain. As Harvey and Dave began their discourse with Cam Fowler (12th overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft, Olympian, and NHL All Star Defenseman) Harvey felt it necessary to remind Cam of where he hit in the line-up back in their youth baseball playing days and how he blew a state championship game as a pitcher. Harvey’s gotta hang his hat on something right. Cam seemed to recover just fine from this tough blip in his athletic radar (not sure if he ever fully recovered from being a teammate of Harvey’s but that is neither here nor there) because hockey was Cam’s calling. His path took him not too far away from Farmington, Michigan where he grew up. Ann Arbor and the National Team Development Program awaited Cam as he wore the Red, White, and Blue as a 16 and 17 year old and played for team USA. Spartan style sparring was just one of the many exercises that helped shape this group of boys and take them from soft balls of putty to mentally and physically hardened men and teammates. After “The Program” Cam took a detour north to Canada where he experienced great success with the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League. Different lessons were learned at this stage of his career as Cam took on a much heavier game schedule and had to play in front of enormous crowds that live, eat, and breathe hockey. All of these experiences led Cam to where he is today, playing with the Anaheim Ducks in the National Hockey League. His simple and consistent approach has allowed him to ‘funnel’ himself to the top of the game. The great support from family, friends, training staff, and Ducks management have put him atop the ‘hockey pyramid’, and his awareness of just how lucky he is allows him to live with great gratitude and push himself up the ‘mountain of life’ with a good attitude and great work ethic. So Listen in with Marty and Dave as this Anaheim Duck takes a little dip into the FishBowl and shows us all how he peeled himself out of the despair of losing a youth baseball game to the tops of the best hockey league in the world.   CAM FOWLER DIAMOND SERIES:  Home Plate- Perspective, Attitude, Gratefulness, and Hard Work make up the pillars of Cam’s home plate and purpose. He has great awareness of how lucky and fortunate he is and he does not intend to waste it. He uses HARD WORK to keep himself there. First Base- Cam has great awareness. He knows that every decision he makes is contributing to his standards and values. He values consistency, “Making sure I’m always the best version of what I have to offer at that time.” Second Base- Cam remains consistent with his simplicity in his daily habits and routines. Good Breakfast, Good warm up, Good one ice habits, and then being able to unplug and turn his focus to everything outside of hockey when he leaves the rink round out his daily systems. Third Base- As with all NHL hockey players Cam visualizes himself one day hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup with his teammates. Outside of sports Cam looks forward to being a great family man one day and starting a ‘flock’ of his own little Ducks. Lastly Fowler wants to give back. He looks forward to more involvement in the community and using his platform to reach people in a positive manner. CAM FOWLER CLIFF NOTES: Intro BanterThe Hockey World and Team USA (min. 5:45)Prison Beat Downs (min. 10:32)Different Paths to Take (min. 15:45)USA to CANADA (min. 20:20)NHL Career Begins (min. 23:25)Lessons From Scotty Niedermayer (min. 27:45)NHL All Star (min. 30:12Handling Doubts and Climbing the Ladder (min. 32:07)Overcoming the Mental Battle of Injury (min. 36:35)Playing His Best Hockey (min. 41:37)Mental Warm Up (min. 44:50)Off Ice Balance (min. 48:55)Cam’s Diamond Series (min. 51:36)    
Episode 5: Troy Deden
Harvey recently took a position as a part time baseball coach at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. On their first day of meetings Harvey humbly stood there taking notes, staying alert and observant. After introducing himself and saying a few words to the team a fellow assistant coach leaned over to Harvey, looked him in the eyes coldly and said, “We don’t F@#$ around here.” Oh Boy. Ol’ Marty may or may not have made a little oopsies in his baseball pants after hearing that. Harv chewed on this for a while nervously wondering what he had gotten himself into. As the meeting ended the assistant coach walked back over to Harvey with a stern look on his face. He leaned in, smiled, and said, “I’m just messing with you.” Ladies and Gentleman meet Troy Deden. This blunt, dry, non-filtered delivery is a big  part of Troy’s make-up and as you will see and hear, plays a huge role in his approach to not only coaching, but life’s ups and downs as well. Troy is currently an assistant baseball coach at Augsburg College where he has been for the past 11 years. Beyond that Troy is a Special Education Assistant at one of Minneapolis’s ‘rougher’ schools where he works with students experiencing emotional and behavioral issues. As a 22 year old Troy was enjoying the summer of a lifetime. Living with his buddies, playing baseball, responsibilities were somewhat minimal, possibilities of summertime folly were endless. A weird cold had been lingering for months and then came a trivial yearly trip to the dentist. Ready to get his teeth cleaned Troy’s dentist informed him that she could not work on his teeth. His gums would just not stop bleeding. Happens right? Don’t even bother asking Mart the last time he flossed. This led Troy to the doctor’s office where they took some blood tests. They had to send him to another clinic with the parting words of, “Well it’s either Mono or Leukemia.” Huh? After some further tests at a different clinic a doctor walked in and calmly told Troy, “Mr. Deden you have acute myelogenous leukemia, and we’re going to start chemotherapy today.” Whoa. At this point there could be a great variety of reactions to this news; crying, shock, terror, fainting, anger, confusion. All of these reactions are certainly warranted. Our man Troy elected to respond with, “Ok, what’s next?” This term is going to become a very common theme as Troy makes his way through this chapter in his journey. “Mr. Deden you have a 40% chance of survival.” “Ok, sweet, those numbers mean absolutely nothing to me, what’s next, let’s move on, let’s move on.” Numbers and percentages fell on deaf ears to Troy. “I can’t control what’s happening right now. If I could control it I wouldn’t have gotten cancer, but you can’t actually control those things. So for me it became, ok, I can control how I feel about this.” Never once in Troy’s story was there any sort of wallowing or self pity. Never once was there any sort of doubt. Never once did he play out what-if scenarios in his mind.Through two separate bouts with cancer, both of which coming with intense and nasty chemotherapy, radiation sessions, a bone marrow biopsy (think biting two popsicle sticks while a doctor screws an auger into your back), and a bone marrow transplant, his ‘Ok, what’s next’ mentality allowed Troy to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground and his mind firmly focused on the next step; not one month down the road, not a year down the road, but the next day. Troy’s story is more atypical than what the listeners may be used to but it is certainly more powerful, and though we are all living by the stories we are currently writing we do not have to be defined by a certain chapter. Valuable lessons can be learned from these chapters though and so Troy humbly and graciously waded his way into the FishBowl to share one of his. We are most thankful that he did.  
#38 - Nate Stemper of MASH Performance
Coach Nate Stemper who is the creator and visionary of MASH Performance and responsible for developing an unmatched training environment in the Minnesota Mash facility. His daily passion for every individual and unique skill set is what makes him popular with female, male, youth, and professional athletes alike.
#81 - Mark Roberts
Mark is a performance director for XPT. He hails from Belfast in Northern Ireland. He’s been studying the science of sport and exercise since he was 15yrs old. Before he took on a full-time fitness coaching career, Mark played rugby at both professional and national levels, but now dedicates his life to human performance and his family. He’s been a performance coach for ten years with the last five years being spent as a post rehab specialist in Chicago. He currently resides in California working with professional athletes and general population alike implementing all pillars of XPT.
Coffee Buzz Friday #27
Harvey Martin, Brian Peters, and Dave Fischer are up before the crack of dawn to answer... What's the greatest risk you've ever taken? If you could go back and relive one day of your life what day would it be?  What's the most beautiful place you've ever been to?  When you meet someone new what is the first thing you notice?
#56 - Dana Cavalea
Dana is an author, World Champion Yankees Strength Coach, Speaker and Performance Coach to Pro Athletes,CEOs, Corporations, and Future Leaders. 
Coffee Buzz Friday #25
Harvey, Steve and Dave get together this week in the early hours of the morning for Dave's first Coffee Buzz and to tackle questions that include... What professional sport takes the highest toll on a body? If you had one hour to have a conversation with yourself, what would you talk about?  What's the craziest thing you did as a kid? Whats the best sports movie moment?
#46 - Dave Willaims & Harvey Martin
Harvey is the founder of MindStrong and Dave is the head of Mental Performance at The MindStrong Project. 
#39 - Riley Tincher
Author of "Pitching Against Myself: It Is More Than a Game." 
#36 - Coach John Anderson
Head Baseball Coach of The University of Minnesota. 
Coffee Buzz Friday #1
Harvey Martin and Dave Williams have 5 minutes to answer each question they are asked while having no idea what the questions are going to be. It's the first ever Coffee Buzz Friday for the MindStrong boys.
#71 - Caroline Burckle
Caroline is an Olympic medalist in swimming and Co-Founder of Rise Athletes where she mentors youth athletes and runs mindset workshops.
Coffee Buzz Friday #6
Harvey, Steve and Dave get together to answer this weeks questions which include... Is there such thing as a stupid question? - Will there ever be another two post professional athlete? - Would Hank Aaron have the same success in todays baseball era? - Is it easier to love or be loved? - Are people born either an introvert or extrovert or is it programmed in you as you grow up?
#53 - Jayson Terdiman
Jayson is a Olympian and current National Team Member in luge, he also has accomplished... • 2017 World Championships Silver Medalist (Team Relay) • 2016/17 World Cup Overall Bronze Medalist (Doubles Luge) • 6x National Champion (Doubles Luge) • 2008 Junior World Champion (Team Event) • 2008 Junior World Championships Silver Medalist (Doubles Luge) • 2007 Junior World Championships Silver Medalist (Team Event) • 2007 Junior World Championships Bronze Medalist (Doubles Luge)
Coffee Buzz Friday #26
Mart, Fish and Steve get together on a beautiful summer morning to discuss... If you could go back and witness one past event what would it be? If you could ask one animal any question what animal would it be and what would you ask it?  What's the most impressive thing you've ever seen?  What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
#57 - Eric Seifert
Eric is the founder of Core Muscle Activation Inc Toronto, MATRX Certified Full body Specialist, MATcM Specialist, RTScM, MAT Jumpstart/Specialist/Mastery Instructor.
#67 - George Joa of Earthling3
George is the CEO and head of Innovation & Development for Earthling3 which is the latest wearable technology for athletes that grounds you to positively affect critical biological functions. The Earthling 3.0 conductive straps help athletes perform, recover and develop through the power of electrical grounding. They attach to any pair of shoes, providing a means for the electrical charge of the body to flow freely through rubber-soled shoes and into the ground, mirroring the effects of barefoot grounding.
Coffee Buzz Friday #23
This week is a special episode of Coffee Buzz Friday as the boys come to you from a corner of the Philadelphia International Airport. Enjoy!
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