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Dru's path in miniature painting has been a rough one. He has faced many challenges on the road including a daughter fighting leukemia. Each of these challanges has formed the way he looks at his art and his artistic mindset and Dry freely shar
Zambies' entry into the miniature painting hobby is one I've never heard of before. She had always been creating art growing up, and she went to school to become a graphic designer. She didn't discover miniatures until she checked out a friend'
Mike and I sit down to talk about his career in miniature painting so far, and I was surprised to hear that Mike was a web developer for Miniwargaming and that was how he started painting miniatures. Mike shares how that started him down the pa
The Captian shares her background in a variety of art forms and the life events that brought her to the miniature painting hobby. While members of her family were involved in gaming, she has never been. Painting miniatures have always been a so
Jason the owner of Monument Hobbies, and a fantastic miniature painter, and I talk about what got him started into art in general, and what brought him down the path of miniature painting. He shares his perspective on miniature painting and wha
Kevin and I talk about what got him started in miniature painting, how he began to grow as a painter, and what he did when he discovered groups of other miniature painters on Facebook. Being a big fish in a small pond is something that many of
I wanted to apologize for not getting the latest episode out in time for Friday morning. I have no excuse and I take full ownership of my failure.I am going to be completing the episode over the weekend and releasing it on Monday morning. This
Chris started playing Warmachine and Hordes with his friends as a way of relaxing during his medical residency. As his medical and social responsibilities grew, he had less time to play against his friends. He wanted to be able to maintain cont
Cathy tells us how she and James started to paint miniatures and how that has been a central element to their relationship and their friend groups.Cathy is the mind and heart behind Fort Wappel, a painting area you can find at almost every Reap
Berserkerworks and I start off talking about what got him into painting miniatures and streaming on Twitch.He has plans to enter the next Golden Daemon painting contest and we talk about what inspires him to try painting to that level. He also
This is an extremely interesting dive into the minds and passions behind one of the best MDF terrain companies in the industry.Austin tells how we started working on building and selling small house and model kits at a very young age. His love
James shares the beginnings of his journey in miniatures painting, from a career in painting canvases to transitioning to painting minis. We then talked about the thought processes of getting into painting miniatures with oils and what that say
Seth and I talk about how he became involved with the Las Vegas Open, and his vision for what the hobby events and programming of his dreams look like.We also talk about the new Master Classes that are available for the first time at LVO 2022.
Synjinn and I start out this interview by talking about getting into miniature painting after his first child was born and what encouraged him to pursue higher-level painting.One of Synjinn's eureka moments led to the importance of keeping your
Sam shares how he got started in miniature painting and the artists who have influenced his style and sense of composition and color, both in miniatures and the rest of his art. The works of people like Frazetta and Blanch and how they approach
Renier72 and I talk about how he got started painting wargame miniatures and how much of an influence his wife had on him being able to start painting and what an incredible partner she has been in his painting development. He also discusses so
Ricki tells us how she became interested in painting miniatures from a museum exhibit which lead to her diving into the miniature painting hobby. She started off with some orks from Warhammer and quickly expanded the range of miniatures she pai
Nestor "Nessie Knows" discusses the artists and miniature painters to who he looks for inspiration and advice when working on his own wargame miniatures and armies.We also discuss how various art styles from comics to posters, etc have had an i
Mike tells us about his grandfather's influence on him becoming involved with miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons and later Warhammer miniatures. We also talk about how early Youtubers like AwesomePaintJob affected his miniature painting progre
Sitting and Pondering is a Good Use of Hobby Time -- Mars of Mats by MarsSeason 02Episode 11Mars and I discuss how he started his wargaming play mat business Mats by Mars out of frustrations with how long it takes to setup and start games like
Malev and I talk about the early days of getting into miniatures and painting. He shares thoughts on how niche of a hobby and interest this is. We also talk about how he continues to push his abilities, and how much the knowledge his work is go
Justin talks about the full-time commission work, why he ultimately had to stop after six years of full-time commission painting, and what he learned from the experience. We also talk about how Justin uses telling the miniature's story as motiv
Chris talks about subassemblies, painting areas that will never be seen, and what an airbrushed effect should look like once finished. We also talk about streaming miniature painting, the pressure to provide entertainment 100% of the time for a
Gamerdadnc and I chat about choosing color schemes for armies and warbands, how moving away from using a single brand of hobby paint to using multiple brands and artist paints has influenced his decision-making process and how he had to think a
Dani and I talk about how she got started painting miniatures, why she pushes herself to improve, and what she does to help her process how own thoughts and emotions in a constructive and creative manner. We also discuss the influence of music
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