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The Minimalists Podcast

A Health podcast

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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.

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Joshua & Ryan speak with Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle, in Portland, Oregon, and they answer the following questions: How often do you recommend reassessing your values to ensure your short-term actions still align with your long-term goals? When is bankruptcy the appropriate option for t...

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Joshua & Ryan visit Toronto, and they answer the following questions: What ultimately made you decide to quit your jobs? What should I do if I have conflicting values? What tips do you have for traveling light? Can social media truly add value to our lives? Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podc...

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Joshua & Ryan talk about where they're moving, and they answer the following questions: How do you move past feelings of shame regarding past mistakes and embarrassing episodes in your life? How do you ensure you’re addressing any emotional baggage attached to items as you’re getting rid of them? I...

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Joshua & Ryan talk about budgeting, and they answer the following questions: Is it good or bad to have a credit rating? Is it appropriate to move in with loved ones to save money? In what order should I pay off my debt? What advice do you have for creating a realistic value-based budget and adherin...

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Joshua & Ryan speak with Andrew Belle in Indianapolis about his new album, Dive Deep, and they answer the following questions: As an introvert, how do you meet the demands of a passion that requires an extroverted personality? What suggestions do you have for preparing yourself for the reality of d...

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