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EasyJet Backless Seats / Nicola Sturgeon / Russian Explosion

Released Tuesday, 20th August 2019
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AKA: A Mopey Zoo Lion

This week Al has dragged his wife Kitty back onto the show, and they're joined by Andy Harland from the Dredgeland Podcast Spectacular.

The trio answer such questions as: did a woman really sat on an airline seat with no back? Is Nicola Sturgeon really unhappy at being photographed with Boris Johnson and the Union Flag? Was there really a nuclear explosion in Russia? Did cops really spray themselves with fake blood? Do Facebook really own your content unless you post a specific message? Was a billion seconds ago really 1988?

Plus find out which room Kitty cleaned this week, who kicked Andy and what colour Hippo milk is. Yes, top quality entertainment right here!

As a special bonus just for Anchor listeners we end this episode with a clip from "Idiots Run the World" by John Dredge and the Plinths, which is from The Plinthsmania EP as mentioned on the show by Andy. Available now on Bandcamp.

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