The Vietnam War (Part IV): Tet Unravels the West.

Released Wednesday, 16th May 2018
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The Vietnam War (Part IV): Tet Unravels the West.
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Lyndon Johnson comes to terms with the reality he and his administration of "wise men" had been avoiding until this point. The reality that they were in a war that was neither winnable nor popular was no longer a "sweep it under the rug" thought for them. They reached the crucial point where we (looking back from today) see the decisions they made and the responsibility they bore; or in this case the responsibility they deflected.  Rather than take the blame for their own actions these men, men like LBJ and McNamara, decided to cast the blame of their own actions onto the very American public they "represented and served", they cast the blame onto the press, onto the people, onto any other thing other than themselves. The Tet Offensive pushes the conflict in Vietnam to a boiling point both abroad and within the United States. The American public after Tet, the odd victory without reward, finally was able to see the real situation in Vietnam. What was even more jarring to the public than the "principals" and their malfeasance was the unsettling realization that the war in Vietnam had somehow started a civil war in America. This show is proudly part of the PodcastAdvocate.Network. To find other amazing shows like this one or to find out more about the network such as its award winning editing service, click the link. You know you want to...

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