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Join for the Meat, stay for the Gravy. Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Let Dirt Come Over. How to Gently Scold a Lynx. Look At My Wand!! I don't like Logitech Geeeeeeee Hub. A pipe bomb for a boy is a little on the nose. Ya think? Grandma Butterbean Fell Out Today. She was a Nunko Pop. I Will Rip Off My Clothes, Please Put it in Me. Beautiful assistants never have a name. 3 Corpses & a Soundboard was my college porn website name. 1-Eyed Weirdos on Mars. A Three Inch Wide Rabbit Hole! Rueben Smells Like Beef and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Then you shall have no smell, no logic, and no Lt. Yar. A Fist Full of Craisins and a Face Full of Cologne. There's a Lot We Can Learn from Red Dwarf. What do you expect me to smell and taste in bed? Lego Hobbes & Shaw. SAY COLUMBIA HOUSE! Don't Give Whats his nugget an award. A Myriad of Smelly Gels. Did Your Tooth Just Fall Out?! Paging Tyler Durden, You MAY Have Covid! The Spit Goes in the Sack Butt. I don't like clubs with CDeeeeeeeeeees. He's NOTHING Like The Cleggs I Knew! Dark Murdery Kind. Tom's Tech Time! Reccamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
From The Top To Phlebotomist. Put Your Sweet Lips Closer To The Phone. Kale in your Butthole Levels of Credit. Right Through, Like Kale in Your Butthole. ERCOT is without honor. I don't like Jim Reeeeeeeeves. Rogue Goose in Denver. Tony the Tiger's a Cokehead, right? Oops, All Crackberries. Scott's got a nice plump one. How's Jamie Lynn Spears Doin... Never mind. I don't Care. Excuse Me, Do you have Jim Reeves in a Can? All the Little Kids Really Hate That Kix. Unfriending the Dead with Justin and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Who is Rorschach? That's The Question. Daft Punk and Tennille. Barry Gordon James Levit Fraggle Scott Bibby Show! Unsolved Mystery Solved! Receiving the Playstation Vaccine. All Roads Lead to Kaley Cuoco. Resin-Ass Evil. There are FOUR nut kicks! Crystallized Internet Entity. You know a Deuce when you see it. Kevin is Done With Your Routes. You Shall Have None in Littleton, None in West Denver, and No Lt. Yar! Don't Polish The Bishop, Knock Him Over! Counting pennies by the quarter with Bill. It Was Major Spoilers All Along. and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Schmidt Happens! The Dog Exploded, or I need your EIN number. A Canadian, with the Yellow Pages, in the Nightstand. I'll take reversing the polarity of the warp core for 200, Geordi. Mystic River Or Pizza? There's Poop Potatoes! Cut the Feed! Tik Tok Teens Try Troubling Trend. 49.99$ Per Month! Deal's Off!! The dog exploded on my pile! He's a Delicious Honey Baked Ham. The 12 Phone Numbers of Prince Edward Island. Planetino and the Starlettes. The Offending Half Inch. Ghost Waffle Flavor. The Seven Minutes Of Terror With Bobby. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
There were many women on Scrubs. Close-Up of the Brithin' Space. Soory aboot Tim Horton's eh? We Don't Like Fleeeeeeeeets! Jonah Hill Is Big, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Release the Laser Head. Wickedly Handsome, Dirty Fat man. CSI: Mukbang. My Stormtrooper is looking at my crotch. Hornythology. Main Stream Weenie. Squirtle was my nickname in college. I like a little sideways fish. thats not brown at all. Tom's Tech Time! Reccamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Do I like Ted Cruz's haircut? Let me mullet over. Nobody Puts Baby in a Cupcake. Lack Of Chair, Lack Of Hair, Lack Of Clare. Weezer's weird right? Did You Put An Egg In Your Ginger Hair? MANY Naked Meth-heads. What Do Strong People Rip Now? You KNOW How To Earn Some Beads. Floridian Rhapsody. One of the Seven Numbers. Somewhere There Is A Phonebook! Lars Vandalay: Importer & Exporter Extroidinaire! Meat from Down Under, if ya know what I mean. Reconciliation with Justin and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
$35 Toblerone. Scott and Dunaway get stuck in the Hotel Room. Your Move, Mulligan Boy. A dollar late and never sorry. No Mint, No Phonebook, and No Lt Yar. 11 Degrees Bizzow Zero. Got the big Jesus there. Magical Hacky Sack. The Towels are Chipped! No Sheet, Sherlock. This is starting to feel like a Patriots game. Socks... REALLY? Child-saving Father Subroutines. Garbagio? I hate that name. Making Things with Bill! Major Spoilers and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
I Need A BONE Detector! Jamaica's out of weeeeed. Who's Our New Cute?? Hippie Dippie Mystic Gimme. Don't Rush Geddy Lee. He Likes Dudes! He Married One! I Just SLOWLY Fall To My Death. Binary with 2's instead of 0's. Spam in the Clipclop. 17 Murders Unsolved Due to Gross-Out. I Don't Even Transmog in Real Life! Check Out That Adonis of an Orthodontist. Free Means Not Having to Pay. Spreading Their Gare-Aff Seed With Bobby! Looking at your dark bits with Wendi and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
What Size Was Your Floppy? Stretchy Yoga Hulk Pants. I Don't Think Paul Bettany Can Actually Fly! 2 in the front, and a weird one in the back. You Don't Really READ Porn. A Lump With A Coat On. Batgas. Ralph Lipshitz Lauren. Football & Farts. Reading Sinestro's Corpse. The Pants don't rip because Weiner! Those Butts Don't Wipe Themselves. Bigger, Blacker Floppy Drive. Show Me SNIKT! The semiconductor chip famine of 2021 with Tom. Reccamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Hey There, Chisel Tip! You will have NO McFish, NO McShake, and NO Lieutenant Yar. Tell Darth Vada. My Romance with a Chemical Morning Jacket. Ibbott and the Tale of the Manufactured Meet Cute. Parking Lot Tacos 2: Mom Wants a Bite. Masks Have the Higher Ground. Rectal Monster Drink. Spinach Vagandle. The Darma Initiative and Greg. You need Weiner in the Wind. Masks don't work? Tell that to Batman, ya chode! You never go Full Noodle. The Jamaican Graffiti Team. Jury Duty and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Used Aquarium Gravel Cereal. Wasn't there a Hazardous Show called Dukes of Somethin? Bonsai Pizza Worthy of a French Handshake. Special K John Small Berries. If We Aren't Reminded of Budweiser Every 30 Minutes, We Will Forget About It. Dead-Eyed Potato Face. King Vitamin was the worst. Honeycomb WAS Big. Manspllaining Wandavision. Unity through shitty beer. congrats on your stupid face. Toaster crumb tray leavings and shredded wheat sludge, the Dunaway breakfast of champions. Just googling Spinoffs. Making Foamy Things With Bill! Major Spoilers and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Masturbation Gibbon. Harvey Badman, Attorney in Jail. Dick Pics Are Made From Dixels. Howling Mad M.O.D.O.K. Bed, Bath & Beyond Meat!! Time + Farts = More Farts. Brain Surgery Can't Fix the WAINT. Brian's going to put his headphones down for a moment and go wash his eye out. 6 tacos in an Office Depot Farking Lot. No Cuts, No Butts. A Delicious Frameless Number. Back To Regular Old-Ass Non-Organic Farming. Did somebody order a Lawyer? Singing in the snow with Wendi and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
How much for a weekly Jerk? 60% Dad Jokes, 40% Bacon! What About Pac-Man? Pac-Man? Maybe Pac-Man? Rheeeeeeeeeonnnnnn Johnnnsonnnnnnnnnn!!! Attack of the Solanine Tomatoes. One of the Sheep could be a Goat! Dangling from the Tank Butt. Forced Monkey Labor. Buttery Hot Meat Flavored Wine. This PotatoCast is Tuberular. I drink to forget what is healthy for me. Non Stop Pooper Machines. I'mma Letchu Finish, But Sonic is the Greatest Video Game Franchise of All Time. Say Metal Gear Again, I Dare Ya. Tom's Tech Time! Reccamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
No curb too high for a rental car. The Failing Galactic Empire. The One With Batman's Weiner in it. Testicle Inertia Enterprise Fighters. The USB-C of Buttholes. It's Girl Scout Mafia Time. I'm still writing January on my Twitch streams. It's Pronounced Cheech-a-Rones. The Printer/Scanner/Fax of Animal Orifi. His Dad's A Big-Time Smoker Guy! Darth Spicoli. Meat for Harnessing. Who says pork rinds can't be a meal? Brain Tickler: Put it in Raw, Take it out Hard Boiled. Making things will Bill. Comic Book Shade with Stephen and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
HERE WE GO WITH TRUMP AGAIN! Is It Too Early For A Chicken Sandwich? Shitbreaker Colon Furnacehole. God Australian humor is weird. He makes a better Phillip! Is That a Two Car Garage or Are You Just Happy To Park Here? Midnight in Bangkok where the girls go fumble. I Died, But No Big Deal. Skinny Fat People is the name of my Fatboy Slim Cover Band. Make your Mouth Taste Good. Lava Tools. Floating Dude in a Suit. I don't say reeeeses peecieeeeees! A Tower of Seaweed and Snot. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Where Do Mutton Chops Start on a Bald Man? Looked Like Jesus, Smelled Like a Homeless Guy. Dantoine Is Like Tatooine, But Has Dan And Is Worse. It's Similar to Bitcoin, in that You'll Never Understand It. You May Know Shaq from Such Things as Basketball. Walkin into more cowbell. Wilhelm Brand Potato Chips. Next Up On AMC: The Short Shorts! Bulging Out Of My Torso! Never go full monkey tail beard. Ellipses for Days. Remember the Sketch That Jimmy Fallon Ruined by Laughing? Potato Based Economy. Do you remember, the 9th of the 12th is September! Tom's Tech Time! Leotards without Bras with Nicole, and more, on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Inserting things into Bernie Sanders. Non-Newtonian Apple Juice! Borax, Boron, Bor'axe. Super Soft Nicole. Two-Hit Wonders? Choppin at the Rocks to Find the Good Stones. Mom Owns Rehab Town. John came into my life at 35. Grab a Potato and Peel that Bugger. Ibbott & Bronson, this Fall on NBC! Put my Coccyx in your Donut. Canned in the Early 90s. 23 Across: 10 Letter Word For Cruise Ship Ailment. Rock Stars, like Kip Winger. And The MOLP Justin Robert Young and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
After 10 years you'd think we'd figure it out by now. I Don't Like Tom Bradyyyyyyyyyy. Is water blue? Cause like I really want to know. Foam Finger And Suspenders. Improperly Using it on my Face. When a kid comes along, herniate it. Sorry, I Broke Your Wind Present. Face Toupe. TMS: 60% gray 40% not. We used to bounce things off mom. We Lost, It's Clearly Your Fault. Hummingbirds are squirrely. You ever do it with an insect? The Maturity Stunters. Shooting Birds with Bill. Major Spoilers and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
That's A Full-On Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Tumor Relocation Services. A Guy Died In My Room Last Night!! Sucking Up Old Cheese and Mud. 4 and a half is less than 20 million. Corrections from John in the Back. Nick's Got A Mighty Convoy! I'm Gonna Kick You In The Testicles, Even If You're A Lady! Going to the Sorting Hat in the sky. Kitchen Monster Clog Hole. Don't Shoot Me In The Face with Vaccine! History sighs and repeats itself. We Could Use Less Giant Weiners. Sorry Folks, Riot's Full! Moose Out Front Shoulda Told Ya! Here, have some Science with Bobby. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Killer Klowns from Downton Abbey. Pence's Pocket Fly Familiar. Even The DOG Doesn't Want Dominos! It's not delivery, it Dogiorno. Dollaredoos! Fun Mom Dinner: An Armie Hammer Story. Bulbasaur with a Nice Haircut. Friends: the Baby Years. Dirty DMs Done Dirt Cheap. Mommy, Why Are You Drippy? Tattooed Sexyman. I will take Cannibalism for 100. Do You Have Wiener Skills? Wasn't there a Jake Gylhenhall name Night something? Tom's Tech Time! Reccamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Yawning Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This Candle Smells Like my Kaivax. My divorce was freeeeeeeeee. Scott hates balls in his tea. the vag, the vag, the vag is on fire! Men Are Spiders, Women Are Kittens. Ya when you put it that way it's still gross. Donny Pneumatic. Gwyneth's Explosive Vagandle. PEN15 Could Not Be Done With Dudes. Brokeback Bathtub. Taco Submergible. O'Hare He Didn't. Brining sexy back with Jury and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Surgery in 10 hours or less or the crusty bread is free. Don't Dink with Pants when a Girl is Waiting. You can lead a nerd to Firefly, but you can't make them wash. 3 Stories Tall, 8 Feet Wide. Chaley Chucho. Kaley Cocoa for CooCoo Puffs. Poo As Big As A Volkswagon. Tea Cup Rat Dog. Too Close to the Penis Face. As Thick As A Trailer. Rhymer Whiner. Who Didnt Shoot JR. Edith? Ask your grandparents! Bill Duran: Still Tacky after 10 years! Comic Reviews and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Which Kennedy From MTV Was Downtown Julie Brown? Two and a Half 100 year olds. Lady Flask of Creamer. There are 4 Impeachments. I Don't Like Political Partieeeeeeeees! Legally Blonde 3 The Search for Spock. Squishy Resting Face. Move Away from Home to Develop Tentacles. You're Okay Until You Pee Brown. You Can't Say Dorkess Without Malorkess. Can I Get That $1.70 In Quarters? The Robot Dumps the Rice into the Thing. Deckard Cain Lives Upstairs. Lay a Trunk and Walk Away. A little science with Bobby. Storming The Castle with Wendi and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Black, Gay, and Dwarven. Call Me SHAMAN, Mom!! The Mayo is Coming From INSIDE the Phone! Dollar Store Jamaroqui. That's Not My Boob. Then you shall have no olives, no boobs, and no Lt. Yar! Former Attorney General Bill Burr. His Charming Assholiness. Korn With a Q. Chex Mix Jaggar. Shove it up Phil. My Weiner Device Won't Open! My phone is a grower then a shower. Bed Is Not A Place For Food. The Internet Of Tom! Frozamentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
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May 25th, 2016
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