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Today is a special episode and I have a big announcement to make. In addition to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast, I just launched a brand new show with my business partner Toni Herrbach called the Profitable Audience Podcast. In this podcast, both Toni and I leverage our experience with blogging, running events, list building, YouTube, podcasting, membership sites, and digital products in order to teach you how to build and monetize your audience. So if you’re interested in building your own online audience, then subscribe to the Profitable Audience Podcast and leave a review. What You’ll Learn […] The post Special Launch Episode: How To Reach Out To Any Influencer And Get A Response With Steve & Toni appeared first on
Today I’m doing a solo episode to recap the year for both of my businesses and what lies ahead for 2021. There are a lot of changes coming for ecommerce especially in the realm of online advertising. This episode covers some of these changes and what to do about it. What You’ll Learn Recap of the past year for and How Covid-19 affected both of my businesses. How to succeed in ecommerce in 2021. The latest Apple changes that will disrupt the entire world of advertising. Other Resources And Books Bumblebee Linens Sponsors – is the […] The post 336: How To Plan For 2021 And A Recap Of The Past Year With Steve Chou appeared first on
Every business requires a little bit of luck in order to succeed. And often times, success depends on timing and being at the right place at the right time. But have you ever wondered how some people keep getting lucky over and over again? Is it just a coincidence that some entrepreneurs always seem to find a way to steer luck in their direction? It’s not a coincidence and here’s my philosophy on how to improve your luck. What You’ll Learn Which matters more, luck or skill? Strategies to improve your luck How lucky people keep getting lucky Other Resources And Books How To […] The post 335: Does Luck Or Skill Matter More For Business Success With Steve Chou appeared first on
Today I’m really excited to have Eric Bandholz back on the show for the 3rd time. Eric runs which is a successful store that sells beard care products online. But what really makes his brand stand out is the content he creates on YouTube. Today, over 40% of his business can be directly attributed to the platform and he’s going to teach us how to start a YouTube channel the right way for an eCommerce store. What You’ll Learn How to start a YouTube channel for an ecommerce store The most important aspect of building YouTube traffic How to […] The post 334: How To Market Your Online Store On YouTube With Eric Bandholz appeared first on
In this episode, I answer one of the top 3 questions that I get asked almost every single week. How long does it take to make money with your business? My answer will probably surprise you:) In addition, I’ll give you a quick update about my store and how COVID-19 affected What You’ll Learn The biggest mistake people make with their expectations A realistic time frame for your business How to make time irrelevant How COVID-19 has affected my business Other Resources And Books Bumblebee Linens Sponsors – is the SMS marketing platform that I personally use […] The post 333: How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Your Business With Steve Chou appeared first on
Today, I’m really happy to have Amanda Wittenborn back on the show. Amanda is a student in my Create Profitable Online Store Course, and back in episode 269, we talked about her 7 Figure commerce business selling party supplies online. In fact, she was on track for a record year until COVID-19 hit and she lost almost all of her sales overnight. In this episode, you’ll learn how Amanda pivoted her business and managed to grow her sales significantly despite the pandemic. What You’ll Learn How Amanda lost a significant portion of her business due to Covid-19 Amanda’s tale of […] The post 332: How Amanda Recovered Her Business After Getting Crushed By Covid-19 appeared first on
Today, I’m thrilled to have my good buddy Mike Jackness on the show. Mike recently sold one of his ecommerce brands, ColorIt, for a 7-figure sum. But he’s been working hard starting a completely different brand called It’s a real treat to have Mike on the pod today and in this episode, we are going to discuss the right way to do content marketing for an ecommerce store. What You’ll Learn How to launch a completely new brand from scratch The right way to do content marketing How to get traffic to your store Why you should keep your […] The post 331: How To Compete Against Black Hat Amazon Sellers With Mike Jackness appeared first on
Today, I’m thrilled to have Jasmine Star on the show. Jasmine is the founder of and is a world renowned speaker and business strategist. She specializes in social media and has taught thousands of people how grow their audience on Instagram and Facebook. In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a powerful ecommerce brand with Instagram. What You’ll Learn Jasmine’s origin story and why she decided to forgo a scholarship to UCLA law school to pursue her passion. What led jasmine to become a speaker, world renounced strategist and Instagram expert. How to leverage Instagram to create a […] The post 330: Jasmine Star On How To Build A Powerful Brand With Social Media appeared first on
Today, I’m thrilled to have Sam Oh on the show. Sam is the director of product education at Ahrefs and if you’ve ever checked out the Ahrefs YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen Sam dropping knowledge bombs on SEO. I love his style and he’s turned the Ahrefs YouTube channel into a powerhouse with over 150K subscribers in a relatively short time. Today, Sam and I are going to discuss how to rank an eCommerce store in search and YouTube SEO. What You’ll Learn How Sam got started with ecommerce and the history behind his SEO journey How does Ahrefs rank […] The post 329: Sam Oh On How To Do YouTube SEO And Rank In Search appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Chalene Johnson on the show. Chalene is a New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle expert and top health podcaster with over 20 million downloads. She also holds the Guinness book of world records for having starred in the most fitness videos ever. Chalene is truly an inspiration to us all and in this interview, we’re going to learn how she achieved her success. What You’ll Learn How Chalene drives traffic to build up her website Chalene’s content strategy for repurposing content Chalene’s Instagram tips to get your first 10k followers How to get your entire […] The post 328: Chalene Johnson On How To Build A Loyal Audience On Instagram appeared first on
As a new entrepreneur, making 6 figures per year with an ecommerce store may seem insurmountable at first. So in this episode, I discuss how to overcome self-doubt and what it takes to make 6 figures of profit in ecommerce. What You’ll Learn Breaking down 6 figures in profit Necessary skills to run a 6 figure business How to overcome the doubters in your life How much work does it take to make 6 figure income Sponsors – is the SMS marketing platform that I personally use for my ecommerce store. Postscript specializes in ecommerce and is by […] The post 327: What It Takes To Make 6 Figures Of Profit In Ecommerce With Steve Chou appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have my friend Deacon Hayes on the show. Deacon is someone who I have known for a very long time and I have watched this guy go from making very little money to running a very successful blog within the span of several years. Today he runs, which is a personal finance site that makes over 7 figures from affiliate marketing alone. And in this episode, we’ll learn how he did it. What You’ll Learn Why Deacon started Well Kept Wallet How Deacon got out of $50K in debt in just 8 months Where to […] The post 326: How To Make 7 Figures Affiliate Marketing With Deacon Hayes appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Alex Beller on the show. Alex is the founder of which is the SMS platform that I’m currently using for my ecommerce store. In just 6 short months, SMS marketing with Postscript has become one of my top 5 revenue drivers! Today, we’re going to talk about the ins and outs of SMS marketing from someone who lives and breathes it. What You’ll Learn How Alex founded and the inspiration behind the company The best way to implement SMS with an ecommerce store that sells physical products How to build an SMS list […] The post 325: Alex Beller On How To Do SMS Marketing The Right Way appeared first on
I’m thrilled to have Molly Pittman back on the show. Molly was the VP of marketing for Digital Marketer for many years. And she recently became the CEO of Smart Marketer, a teaching company founded by Ezra Firestone. Over the years Molly has spent millions of dollars on paid traffic and recently, she released a brand new book called “Click Happy”. In this episode, we discuss happiness, relationships and running Facebook ads. What You’ll Learn How to avoid burnout What changes Molly made to her lifestyle and why Habits she developed to allow her to succeed How to get inside […] The post 324: Molly Pittman On Happiness, Relationships And Facebook Ads appeared first on
Can the average person start a profitable online store? What is the most important aspect of starting any successful business? After teaching almost 4000 students in my Create A Profitable Online Store course, I now have a pretty good idea. In this episode, I share what determines success and 5 habits you much adopt to boost your productivity. What You’ll Learn The key metric that determines success in business Why strategy is not your problem How to dramatically boost your productivity and motivation Other Resources And Books Create A Profitable Online Store Sponsors – is the SMS marketing […] The post 323: What Sets Successful Students In My Course Apart From The Failures appeared first on
Today, I’m thrilled to have Benny Lewis on the show. I’ve actually known Benny for over 10 years because we were in the same Google group for blogging many years ago. Benny is known as the Irish polyglot and he runs, which is a resource site for language learners that gets over 2 million visits a month. Benny speaks seven languages fluently and today we’re going to discover how he makes money through his love of language hacking. What You’ll Learn How Benny turned his love of language into a business How to build traffic to a language site […] The post 322: Benny Lewis On How To Make 7 Figures Language Hacking appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Casey Gauss back on the show. Casey is the founder of Viral Launch and he’s helped tens of thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs drive billions of dollars in sales. He is an expert in all things Amazon and I’m happy to have him back on the show to talk about what he’s been up to (a lot has changed in the past year alone) and to discuss some high-level trends and strategies in the eCommerce space. What You’ll Learn Casey Gauss’ predictions in the ecommerce space The looming ecommerce disaster for Q4 How to prepare yourself […] The post 321: Why Ecommerce In Q4 Is Going To Be A Disaster With Casey Gauss appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Derek Halpern on the show. Derek recently started an ecommerce business named Truvani with his business partner Vani Hari selling health foods online with a focus on ingredient transparency. And within 2 years, they managed to generate over 250K orders and a 7 figure business. In this episode, Derek shares how they did it. What You’ll Learn Why Derek decided to give up the digital courses and blogging to go into ecommerce. The rules for selling food products online. The margins for food products. How to market a foods company online. Other Resources And Books […] The post 320: Derek Halpern On How To Get 250K Orders In 2 Years With Truvani appeared first on
Today I’m going solo to talk about a major mindset shift that I made many years ago which drastically changed the course of both my social life and my online businesses. While this episode is on the shorter side, the content is important and I share a few embarassing stories of my youth to illustrate my points. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn The number one way to fail How to find your voice The one mindset shift which changed everything Other Resources And Books How To Stop Overthinking And Caring What Others Think Sponsors – is the SMS marketing […] The post 319: How A Simple Mindset Shift Completely Changed My Life appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Jeff Oxford on the show. Jeff runs an SEO Company called where he helps ecommerce stores rank their sites in search. He specializes in ecommerce companies, and he is actually the number one recommended SEO on Ecommerce Fuel. In this episode, we will pick his brain on how to rank physical products in Google. What You’ll Learn Jeff’s SEO background What’s working and what’s not in terms of ecommerce SEO How to rank a physical product store in search How to build backlinks Other Resources And Books 180 Marketing Sponsors – is […] The post 318: How To Rank An Ecommerce Store In Search With Jeff Oxford appeared first on
Today I have my good friend Ilana Wechsler back on the show. Ilana owns Green Arrow Digital where she runs pay per click marketing for ecommerce stores. In this episode, you’ll learn a methodical process for advertising online if you are not quite sure where to start. And even if you are an experienced advertiser, the advice from this episode will be useful. What You’ll Learn How to laser focus your ad targeting How to figure out whether your website is the problem How to piece together the paid traffic puzzle Other Resources And Books Green Arrow Digital Sponsors […] The post 317: A Methodical Way To Advertise On Facebook And Google With Ilana Wechsler appeared first on
Today I’m thrilled to have Spencer Haws back on the show. Spencer runs the popular blog where he teaches others how to start niche online businesses. He’s also the creator of Long Tail Pro. He’s sold on Amazon FBA, created plugins, software, affiliate sites, you name it! In this episode, we talk about Spencer’s latest venture and how you can quickly improve your search rankings. What You’ll Learn Why Spencer exited his physical products business How Spencer makes money today What’s new with search engine optimization Why internal backlinking is important Other Resources And Books Link Whisper Sponsors […] The post 316: Spencer Haws On How To Automate Internal Link Building For SEO appeared first on
One of the most asked questions I get is how quickly you can make money online. So in this episode, I break down what it takes to get rich “quick” and how to change your mindset about running a successful online business. In addition, I point out about some of the scammy get rich quick ecommerce schemes on the Internet. What You’ll Learn How to spot a get rich quick scheme The ecommerce business models I detest How to change your mindset about success in business What it takes to be successful online Other Resources And Books Get Rich Quick […] The post 315: What It Takes To Get Rich Quick With Steve Chou appeared first on
Today I’m happy to have David Herrmann on the show. David runs Herrmann Digital LLC which is a company that specializes in scaling direct to consumer brands online and he has personally spent over a hundred million dollars in ads. He has advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok and today, we are going to talk about the best way to scale an ecommerce brand with paid advertising. What You’ll Learn Why David focuses on ecommerce. How to scale your ecommerce brand with ads. David’s specialized approach to scaling an ecommerce brand with ads. Other Resources And Books Hermann […] The post 314: David Herrmann On How To Scale Your Ecommerce Brand With Ads appeared first on
Today I have my friend Michael Jamin on the show. Michael specializes in creating brand stories for companies and he used the power of storytelling to grow his ecommerce store, Twirly Girl, into a multi-million dollar girl’s clothing brand. In this episode, you’ll learn how to create an amazing story for your brand to generate sales. What You’ll Learn What it’s like working as a Hollywood screenwriter Why storytelling is important How Michael and his wife grew their business using powerful stories. A step by step guide to creating your brand story. Other Resources And Books Cardboard Rocketships Sponsors […] The post 313: How To Tell Your Brand Story And Sell More With Michael Jamin appeared first on
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