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This episode will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Scott, Bryce, and guest Jordan sit down to discuss their opinions about the LEGO Movie and run you through some of the best jokes, saddest moments, and a conspiracy that will make you question everything you know about life.   There will be SPOILERS! You have been warned. We suggest watching the movie before listening to this episode. With that said, enjoy the NerdSync Podcast!
Fellow comic book YouTuber Sal from the channel ComicPOP drops in this week to talk about how he got started writing his own comics! We discuss things like finding and working with talented artists, the daunting task of writing the actual script, and much more.   We're also talking about what got him into comics growing up, how he started his YouTube channel, and coming up with the perfect names for the different shows he produces. It's a terrific episode, and I hope you enjoy it!   Check out the ComicPOP channel:   Remember: Don't rate or review the NerdSync Podcast this week. Save your precious words for when the 50th episode drops in a few weeks. Thanks, nerds!
What a great time to be alive for comic book fans! Marvel just announced their film slate for Phase 3 of their cinematic universe, and we could not be more excited! Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Inhumans, and, to top it all off, Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2!!!   With all this exciting news, we need some help to break it all down. And who better for that than the wonderful Chris Sanders!   We're also going to be talking about how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Marvel Netflix universe will fit into all of this craziness, as well as touching on another Marvel Studios movie that we've known about for a while, Ant-Man.   Check out Chris's channel:   Which MCU Phase 3 movie are you most looking forward to? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! And don't forget to give us a quick review on iTunes and Stitcher to help others find this podcast.
Many of you wonderful nerds reached out to us on twitter to bring back the NerdSync podcast and give our thoughts on Infinity War Part one. SO, we did... even if it's 3 weeks late. Marvel in wonder as Bryce, Chris and Scott discuss their favorite parts, characters, scenes, and what this movie means for the MCU moving forward... I don't feel so good.
On this episode, Scott sits down and has a good old fashion chat with Ricky, a.k.a. Stewdippin, about some behind the scene facts with the Flashback Flicks Podcast. They talk about past movies, future movies, and just enough head cannon to blow your mind! (Get it!?!?)
This week we sit down to talk about our likes, our dislikes, and more, after seeing the Suicide Squad movie. Not to mention, Scott talks a little bit about that one time he went to the DC headquarters!
We went to the 2nd annual Marble City Comicon and talked to some awesome people! Bryce interviewed everyone from voice actors, Power Rangers, and cast members from the hit show The Walking Dead! We also close today's show with an interview we did at last year's con with the wonderful comic book artist George Perez.   Hope you enjoy the show!   Make sure to leave us a nice review on iTunes to help the show out!
An up-and-coming director named Steven Spielberg remarked that comic book superhero movies will go the way the of the western, implying that their day in the sun is all but over. Meanwhile, an equally little-known director named Zack Snyder disagreed, saying that characters like Batman and Superman are Shakespearian and will be in popular culture indefinitely in one form or another.   We're not filmmakers, but we're still going to try and discuss this topic as if we know exactly how Hollywood works. Specifically, we're going to talk about how the Deadpool movie might be so different that it will successfully push superhero movies into a new era. An era where we don't have to have incredibly formulaic and predictable comic book movies. But that's only if the movie makes money...   What do you think? Is the superhero movie dying? Is Deadpool going to be able to save it? Do I need to start looking for a new job? Let us know all your thoughts on twitter: @NerdSync
Are you looking for to Star Wars: Rouge One? Why not stretch your imagination as the guys discuss some other Star Wars film ideas like "The Office" on the Death Star, an Old Republic film, or The Last Days on Alderaan.
There seems to be an endless stream of movies and tv shows based on comic books these days, but maybe certain characters would be better in different mediums. Today, we're talking about the comic book movies that should be shows, and the shows that should be movies, with Ricky from Stewdippin!   We're hitting all the popular shows from Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and more! Plus, we're also talking about big movie franchises like Thor, Wolverine, and Fantastic Four.   What comic book shows do you think would do better as TV shows, or vice versa? Let us know on twitter: @NerdSync   Make sure you check out Ricky's channel:
We're taking a trip to the trivia orchard and plucking ourselves some fresh comic book quizzes! (Just ignore how odd that was)   Chris starts us off with a quiz about songs that reference comic book characters. Scott follows it up by testing everyone's knowledge of the various acronyms in the world of comics. Lastly, Bryce finishes up with a quiz about the many good, bad, and often weird romantic relationships between comic book characters!   Also, explore the bizarre but very true story behind the time when Jimmy Olsen married a gorilla! Oh, Jimmy Olsen. You are the Silver Age in a nutshell.   How well did you score? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!   If you have a piece of trivia you want to send us, please do so at!
We're back with another comic book trivia challenge this week! Chris quizzes us about movie ratings, Bryce tests our knowledge about comic book characters who break the fourth wall, and Scott brings a quiz that mashes comics with musicals.   How well did you do? Let us know on Twitter: @NerdSync
For this episode, Jason Inman graced the podcast with his presence to talk about his comic Jupiter Jet! You may know Jason from his other endeavors on the internet from the Youtube channel Jawiin, or as the host of DC All Access. Check out the Kickstarter for Jupiter Jet at:
We're back with another comic book trivia challenge today! Scott tests your knowledge of original comic book team rosters from the Avengers, Justice League, Watchmen and more, Chris quizzes us on famous comic quotes, and Bryce schools us with trivia about where popular comic book characters went to college!   How well did you score? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!   Also, we'd love for you to send us your own quiz! The guidelines are as follows: It has to have a theme. Must be 5-10 questions long. Explain any rules (if applicable). Include an answer key and any sources if necessary. Send it to with "Trivia Challenge" in the subject line.   Thanks, everyone!
Scott, Jordan, and guest Bryce team back up to talk about what they thought about Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier. What made Scott audibly squeal with excitement? Who keeps painting Cap's shield? Are we misinterpreting Nick Fury's feelings? All this and more on the NerdSync Podcast!
This week the guys are covering recent news about the DCCU including the stand-alone Batman movie, Aquaman, The Flash, the Red Hood, and even Jackie Chan! ...wait, what?
Professor Mark D. White is back on the show to discuss the philosophy of Captain America: Civil War, the new Civil War II comic, and the twist that happened recently in Marvel's new Captain America comic!   Make sure you check out his new book, "A Philosopher Reads Marvel Comics' Civil War," available now!   Also discussed was another one of his books, "The Virtues of Captain America"   Be sure to read his blog post about the Captain America reveal as well!
Scott sits down with Teq and Cojac from the hilarious YouTube channel BossLevel8 to discuss literally everything in the world!   Mainly, the topics include making fun of movie critics, staying consistent on YouTube, and their goal to develop a community of geeks, nerds, and weirdos to let them know that they are cool just by being themselves! Oh, and sandwiches. There's some sandwich talk.   I urge you to check out there channel right now!
We saw Marvel Studios' latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy, so we're going to talk about it! Scott, Chris, and Bryce sit down and pick apart the film from the casting choices, the post credits scene, and their confusion towards the Infinity Stones. Was the film good? Was it bad? A bit of both? Find out in this week's podcast! SPOILERS AHEAD! You have officially been warned.
It is here, the 100th episode of the NerdSync Podcast! We had such a great time streaming live to you guys as well answering some of your questions, while talking about the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2016. This isn't just any old NerdSync podcast, its the 100th episode! (Now that we have broken into the hundreds, I hope this does not mess up the order of the files!)
Dylan, aka Auram, stops by to talk about his super fun comic book channel with many Shows! He recently started making five videos per week, and we're going to run through each and every one of them from The Show on Mondays, to The Show with Issues, The Show with Reviews, and everything in between!   Make sure you subscribe to his channel:   If you were somehow able to find his first channel, be sure to tweet at us (@NerdSync) to let us know!
Today we're treating you to something a little different. I was lucky enough to be invited on to The Superhero Podcast not once, but twice! The newest episode is up right now on their YouTube channel, but I got permission to release the first episode I was on from earlier this year as a special episode of the NerdSync Podcast.   In this episode from many moons ago, we discuss big comic book events. You know the ones. A massive publisher-wide crossover even where the fate of the world, universe, or even all of reality is at stake! Truth is, I really don't like them.   That's what we're talking about this week. Why I don't like event comics, and how we can change them for the better!   Again, make sure you go check out the latest episode on the Superhero Podcast YouTube channel wherein we talk about how much longer the comic book movie trend will last.   What do you think about event comics? Let us know on Twitter: @NerdSync
Marvel's Civil War is a unique event in the comic book world. It's not superheroes fighting a giant monster or facing the end of the universe. It's heroes battling against each other over ideology.   Today, we're diving into the philosophy of Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man with the Comics Professor himself Mark D. White about his latest book, A Philosopher Reads Marvel Comics' Civil War: Exploring the Moral Judgment of Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man!   You can find the book on Amazon here: And find out more about Mark on his website:   Whose side are you on? Let us know on twitter! @NerdSync
The internet is an amazing place where you can access just about anything you want at a moment's notice! However, the comics industry has been slow to catch up to streaming culture like Netflix and Hulu.   Sure, you can buy digital comics individually, but that's like buying single episodes of a tv show on iTunes when you can just stream them for free on Hulu the next day or on Netflix in a few months. That business model is making less and less sense as the years pass.   So is it time that we get a Hulu-style comic service where we can read unlimited new comics for a small fee each month? How would that even work? We talk about all this and MUCH more on today's podcast!
This week we're joined by Joel Daly from the popular YouTube channel and podcast ComicBookCast! He sheds some light on how he got started on YouTube and what it's like working with a whole crew of people from around the world without actually meeting all of them in real life!   He and Scott also discuss how reviewing comics is different than reviewing any other form of media, whether or not comics are even still considered to be "nerdy" or "geeky", and their thoughts on the upcoming Ant-Man movie as well as the direction DC is taking with their own cinematic universe.   Check out the ComicBookCast channel:   Make sure to rate and review the NerdSync Podcast so we can rank higher and help more people find us easier!
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