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Sold House, Packed Up and Photographed the World With Gary Arndt | TNN11

Released Monday, 5th July 2021
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Do you know how rare it is to meet someone who has been to all 7 continents and 140 countries? How can you keep up with all the memories? There’s a way to do it: Take photos of your adventure! That’s exactly what Gary Arndt did. He sold his house in 2007 and has been travelling ever since. He is one of the few people who can count the countries he has not visited or lived in - a true-to-the-bone modern day nomad.
Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, the hosts of The New Nomad, are quite the travellers themselves. Joined by Gary, they entertain and educate their audience with their adventures, challenges, and tips on how to travel safely while basking in the experience. This episode described in detail the places and the faces they three have seen, actually getting a good look of the world through their eyes!

[3:17] West is the way to go
[8:23] The 50 State Club
[10:04] Safety tips for travellers
[10:14] Nothing good ever happens in a nightclub
[16:16] Photography is not rocket science
[17:56] Canada’s hidden jewels

In March 2007, Gary Arndt sold his house in Eden Prairie, Minnesota in order to travel the world. The initial plan was to travel for about a year and a half, however he decided to continue his travels indefinitely. Since 2007, he has traveled to about 140 countries and all seven continents. Arndt did not maintain a personal residence, living only in temporary locations until he decided to finally “settle down” in  2016 when he got an apartment, his base where he could return to between trips.
He chronicles his journey on his travel blog, Everything Everywhere, which has approximately 100,000 readers monthly. The blog includes both comments on the places he has traveled and photography. He also co-hosts the podcast This Week in Travel and has contributed articles and photography to websites including The Atlantic and HuffPost, and The Four Hour Work Week. Arndt has won awards from the Society of American Travel Writers and other organizations. In 2010, he was one of 25 selections for Time magazine's best blog list.

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