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Weight loss isn't always just about eating right and exercising.  Some people can do all of the right things in these arenas and still have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off.  In these cases, we should really look at an often overlooked culprit: our thyroid. TWU Radio welcomes Dr. Gil Kajiki to the show!  Dr. Kajiki is the founder of the Valley Thyroid Institute in California, and has become a leading expert on non-drug treatments for Hypothyroidism, Low-Thyroid, and Hashimotos.  He has patients all across the globe and is dedicated to helping them overcome thyroid issues naturally and without the use of harmful drugs. To learn more about Dr. Kajiki and his practice, check out his website:  
TWU Radio welcomes back Holli Kenley to the show!  Holli joins the show to discuss her new book, Breaking Through Betrayals and Recovering the Peace Within.  Where as most books tend to focus on specific types of betrayal like infidelity, Holli broadens the subject to include all types of betrayal in order to show how this issue impacts aspects of our lives that we never would have imagined. To learn more about Holli, check out her website:
Unfortunately, we see a lot of negative aspects of religion nowadays.  Yet terrorism and sexual abuse aren't the only things that qualify as negative aspects of religion.   We welcome Dr. Paul DeBlassie to discuss the sometimes subtle dynamics of religion that are often overlooked.  Paul is the author of the multiple award-winning novel, The Unholy, a story that explores the dark side of religion. He is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and specializes in treating survivors of religious trauma, The Unholy dramatizing the ravages of such suffering and the human capacity to heal and potentially discover personal and spiritual freedom. Listen in as we discuss this intriguing area of the human experience and potential transformation.
TWU welcomes Susan Bremer O'Neill to the show!  Susan is a speaker, self-relationship coach, and author of From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self.   She has been a pioneer and trail blazer her entire life. Listen in as she shares how she went from being a scientist to an exotic dancer and how her journey enabled her to found her business called Self Appeal. For fifteen years she’s empowered women worldwide to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, and how to transform their current relationship or find smart romance in a new one. To learn more about Susan, check out her website:
Investing can be very confusing without proper guidance from a financial expert.  Today, TWU Radio welcomes Joshua Belanger to the show to help us figure some of the common mistakes people make in investing their money. Joshua Belanger was once a struggling professional wrestler delivering pizzas to now becoming one of the world’s top options trading specialist who’s been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Business Week.  He is the author of the book, “Fearless Investing With Options” and founder of where he publishes free daily investing and trading tips and teaches struggling self-directed investors how to add SIZZLE to their portfolio with trading options to reduce risk, create higher chances of success while generating better returns in any financial market environment.  
TWU Radio welcomes Heather Choate to the show! Heather Choate is the number 1 Bestselling Author of her memoir, "Fighting For Our Lives". She is a Nutritional Cleansing Coach, who's helped many women find balance in their mindset, lose body fat, get their lives and bodies back. She is a Cancer Survivor and an Ex-Binge Eater who uses her experience to get in the trenches to bring about real change. At age 29,  Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was ten weeks pregnant with her sixth child. Her unborn baby was at risk due to the fast-spreading and highly dangerous cancer in Heather’s body that had already spread to her lymph nodes. Doctors told her she needed to abort her baby to save her life. Heather told them, “I’d rather die than take the life of my baby.” Tune in as she tells her amazing story of survival and faith.
TWU Radio welcomes Shelley Pernot to the show!  Shelley is a leadership development expert, life coach, and founder of True North Development.  Shelley joins the radioshow to explain the importance of mindfulness in our everyday lives.  She shares tools that can help us get a grip on being in the present moment and how this practice enhances our existance.  To learn more about Shelly, check out her website:
TWU Radio welcomes Helene Byrne to the show!  Helene is an internationally recognized prenatal and postpartum health and fitness expert, author and publisher, and founder of BeFit-Mom. Her mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire women to have healthier pregnancies and babies. She joins the show to reveal simple, yet powerful steps all women, from the underweight to obese, can take to gain the perfect amount of weight for their bodies and to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible.  To learn more about Helene, check out her website:
Essential Oils are a really hot topic nowadays and Lisa Ciotto will share her expertise on this subject!  
TWU Radio welcomes Debbie Anderson to the show! Born in England, Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way. She has been insightfully using Tarot decks and giving intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.   Her psychic mediumship abilities have opened her to many mystical communications, including the creation of Vibrational Energy, which she defines as being “gifted” to her from spirit.
TWU Radio is really excited about bringing back Jeff Aronson the show.  Jeff's first episode "Is Fear Overrated" was a huge hit for the program, so we are thrilled to have him back to discuss panic attacks.  I can't tell you how many people I know have these attacks and how debilitating they can be.  Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, who specializes in helping clients learn simple, fun and effective ways to overcome fear and anxiety. In his experience, fear and anxiety are the most common reasons people come to therapy. His approach is pretty direct and uses a lot of humor in order for his clients to successfully overcome or manage fear and anxiety. He has a wildly popular blog and a website Join us today for an awesome show!  
Do you think that you have "IT".  Do you even know what "IT" is?  Does everyone have "IT"?  Well, to help us answer these simple, yet powerful questions is the confidence master, Todd Thomas. Todd has been coaching and training high performance professionals for over 15 years. Through his extensive experience he has created proven and unique systems that includes key mental methods and innovative techniques that have helped thousands of individuals and groups reach levels of performance and mental toughness they never thought possible. Todd is the author of two books. His latest book “Tired of Having It, But Not Using It?” was written specifically those who know that they have what it takes, but keep falling short. And for those who may already be wildly successful, but know there's always room for improvement so they can be the best of the best.   
Are you listening to the messages your body is giving? Your immune system is a powerful force that is designed to protect you, sending you signals when it is time to make an adjustment. The problem is that too often doctors tell us that we are "fine," or that our headaches and weight gain are caused simply by stress. These symptoms are not normal, and may indicate a current or potential autoimmune condition that can only get worse if not addressed. TWU Radio welcomes Tom O'Bryan to the show to help us get to the bottom of this.  Tom is an internationally recognized speaker and writer on chronic disease and metabolic disorders. He organized the popular Gluten Summit in November 2013. Dr. O'Bryan has more than 30 years of experience as a functional medicine practitioner and is adjunct faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine.
TWU welcomes Maxwell Ivey to the show!  Maxwell is a totally blind business owner, blogger, sometimes podcaster, and newly self published author.  His primary business is helping people sell new and used amusement equipment and related items. His ebook is a short motivational one called Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light, a blind man's inspirational guide to success. In it he shares the life lessons he's learned and offers 11 exercises for people to work through. To learn more about Maxwell, visit his website:
TWU Radio welcomes Michele Jacobs to the show!  Coach Michele is the founder and owner of Be Well Lifestyle LLC, She has a Diploma as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and holds Certificates of Excellence in Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Farming and Conscious Living.  She is also currently working on Bachelors in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching.   Coach Michele's mission is to inform and educate people about surgery as an option for weight loss.  Having had the surgery herself, she wishes to share her experience with the world in order for people to understand the pros and the cons of this procedure.
Did you know that 1 out of 3 adults over the age of 65 have no natural teeth in their mouths?  Shocking, isn't it?  Will Revak, co-founder of OraWellness, stops by to share even more startling facts about our oral health and how often it is overlooked. Will and his wife Susan created OraWellness to help empower others with the tools and information to navigate to greater oral health.  They believe that optimal health is a whole being experience and awesome oral health is a part of an awesome functioning immune system.  Tune in as we discuss safe teeth whitening methods, mercury fillings, bad breath and why most of us can't stand going to the dentist!
TWU Radio welcomes Tiffany Schneider to the show!  Tiffany is the author of "Learn Happiness and Love". It is a series of lessons that she uncovered working as an individual and couple's counselor in Bay Area counseling clinic.  She wrote the book to help learn the tools it takes to be happy and have better relationships.  Tiffany  lives in Palo Alto, California, and works with clients everywhere who want to be happier and improve their relationships. She works with individuals, couples, and families. She has an MA in counseling psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) and an MA in organizational development & leadership from the University of San Francisco. She is also a certified process therapist, a certified hypnotherapist, and a certified fitness nutrition coach.   
TWU Radio introduces Dr. Daniel Twogood!  Dr. Twogood is a chiropractor who practices in Apple Valley, California. He graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Physical Education in 1973, and from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1983. He began practicing at the International Sports Medicine Institute In West Los Angeles where he worked with Dr. Mike Greenberg and Dr. LeRoy Perry and treated many of the athletes in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. He opened his own practice in Apple Valley, California in 1985 where he discovered the diet / pain connection. He has written four books on Chronic Pain. His newest is Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days, where he shares strategies to eliminate chronic pain through diet modification.
TWU Radio welcome Michael Tamez to the show!  Michael Tamez is a certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living. Listen in as Michael shares his story of how he was obese, had severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, advanced gum disease, and a lot of resentment for himself and was able to completely turn his life around.  Not only did he reverse all of his adverse health conditions, but he also transformed the dysfunctional relationship he had with food, his lifestyle, and his higher self.  Michael’s mission is to inspire a permanent shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live and love. To learn more about Michael, check out his website:
I always envisioned a conversation with a monk to be quite different than the conversation that I had with Vishnu Swami.  Just by talking to Vishnu, it is clearly evident why he's called the Maverick Monk.  His energy and radical perspective helps him relate to millennials, self-improvement enthusiasts, and working professionals alike. So what can a swami teach us about health and wellness?  Truthfully, a ton!   Vishnu and I discuss his latest book, Eternal Dharma, where he presents his Unprecedented Elemental Reality System that enables us to utilize ancient teachings in the modern world.  These principals apply not only to the spiritual components of our life, but the practical, everyday choices that we make in our approach to health and wellness.
TWU radio welcomes Jonathan Robinson to the show!  Jonathan is a psychotherapist and bestselling author whose latest book, "The Technology of Joy" is revolutionizing how we look at the concept of joy, inner peace and ecstasy. Join us as Jonathan takes us on a tour of all the best ways to feel fantastic by sharing 101 easy and little known ways to feel more joy. We will learn about methods ranging from a $1 gadget for feeling intense pleasure, to a free app that really leads to more depth and peace in your life. 
TWU Radio welcomes Rev.Dr. Edwige Bingue to the show!  Dr. Edwige holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, is a Light Body Mentor, Light Code Activator, metaphysical practitioner, author, and speaker. For more than eight years, Dr. Edwige worked with her energetic team to elevate her skills so she could excel at pinpointing blocked energy flow, clearing it and healing her clients emotionally, physically and mentally, and coaching people to achieve their life dreams.   Today we will be discussing her new book You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening.  This book allows people to embrace their multi-dimensional self, get comfortable with unexpected experiences that are helping them to raise their frequency, and give a hearty welcome to benevolent beings waiting in the wings to help the transition.   To learn more about Dr. Edwige, visit her website:
TWU Radio welcomes Melissa Kitto to the show!  Melissa is the Angel Guidance Coach. She has been communicating directly with her angels since the age of 12, and has taught thousands of people worldwide how to establish a direct, two- way communication with their angels. She is a certified instructor and consultant with ALC - Spiritual development College for the past 18 years.  Melissa is the co-author of the How to Communicate with your Angels, an ebook packed with practical tools for talking to angels directly. She has lectured and presented workshops in over 7 countries worldwide.  Melissa’s extensive experience with combining intuitive messages with practical real-world achievement makes her one of the most sought after guides and coaches for angelic communication today.  To learn more about Melissa, check out her
TWU Radio welcomes Jeff Aronson to the show! Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, who specializes in helping clients learn simple, fun and effective ways to overcome fear and anxiety. In his experience, fear and anxiety are the most common reasons people come to therapy. His approach is pretty direct and uses a lot of humor in order for his clients to successfully overcome or manage fear and anxiety. He has a wildly popular blog and a website Join us today as Jeff tells us why fear is so overrated!  
TWU Radio welcomes Indigo Ocean to the show! Indigo is the founder of the Aspiratech corporate business technology consulting and training firm and Awaken Business Consulting development programs for spiritually oriented entrepreneurs. She is also the author of Being Bliss and Micro Habits For Major Happiness. Join us as we discuss business strategy, spirituality, and hpw being an entrepreneur can help you become healthy!
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