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Episode # 46 "Sanctification"    ·        Once we are saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ, it’s time to consider how we are going to live the rest of our lives. We need someone to assist us in making the transition from the ‘Old Man to the New M
Episode # 45  - "God’s Angels"·        God’s Angels are one of God’s important creations, that assist in helping to run to keep man and the Universe operating and moving in the right direction. Come and explore these wonderful creatures with us
Episode # 44 … "The Alpha and Omega" ·        God is certainly The Alpha and Omega. His superior abilities and His love for each of us produce a unique relationship that Believers have with Him. Join us as we explore that relationship and how H
Episode # 43   Is Your Faith in God?·        Faith is something that many Christians find it hard to fully understand. Whether you have been a Believer for Decades or have recently come to Christ, Faith is something that we all need to work on,
Episode # 42  "God has rules"·        God designed some very simple rules for His children to follow. Unfortunately, Satan and the world are constantly trying to entice us away from serving God, with the glitter and lights that the world has to
Episode # 42  "Understanding the Holy Spirit"The 3rd member of the Trinity of God is an essential component of this Holy management team… but understanding who He is and what His responsibilities are can be a bit confusing at times. Please join
·Episode # 40   "Pack Your Bags"        The Timing of the Rapture is certainly an important event… and so is the need for Believer’s to be prepared for the coming of Christ to take His Faithful Church to Heaven. When someone is prepared, the ti
Episode # 39 "Don't Ignore the Facts"·       James… the brother of Jesus, shares his thoughts about the meaning of ‘True Religion’… and what God considers True Religion to be. It may surprise you what He has to say.
Episode # 38 .."God is the Truth"We spread a lot of our lives searching for the Truth when it is right here with us.
Episode # 37 Guess Who Moved?... In 1st Kings, 8: 57… GOD’s WORD tells us… ‘May the LORD our God be with us as he was with our ancestors; may he never leave us nor forsake us. Our Faith provides us with the Confidence to believe GOD and CHRIST…
  Episode # 36   Part-Time vs. Full Time:·       Christians come in 2 Varieties... those who serve ‘Full-time’ and those that like to serve ‘Part-time… discover which you prefer.
Episode # 35 Part # 8  Before CHRIST Appeared:·        The Covenant between GOD and His Children has changed radically from the Old Testament to the New Testament. When once, GOD only covered our sins with the Blood of Bulls and Goats… He repla
Part # 8 ·        ‘Bits and Pieces: are the collection of the Topics that conclude our Series-on-Character. This is a ’Light-hearted’ study that I pray you will enjoy.
Episode # 33 ·       Knowing Jesus vs. Knowing About Jesus:o   This Episode addresses a fundamental issue in Christianity… many people ‘Know About GOD and JESUS’, but until they ‘Know GOD and CHRIST as their Personal LORD and SAVIOR, they have
Episode # 32 Part # 7   ·        Join us as we delve into the study the Prophecies, contained in both the Old and New Testaments. As we understand the meanings of what GOD’s Prophets and JESUS CHRIST are imparting to us, it becomes clear as to
Part # 7  Hypocrisy and the Tongue:·        Join us to discuss two interesting Character Traits… Hypocrisy and The Tongue… subjects that we are all very familiar with.
Episode# 30 • Christians, oft times seem to forget to call on JESUS, when they have a problem or concern… but JESUS reminds us again-and-again, that HE is always there, and is ready to take on our concerns, and to look to Him for Encouragement…
Episode # 29 Part #6 Life before the Rapture ·        In the Last Days, many events that are Prophesied in the Bible, still need to take place. Fortunately, JESUS and the ‘Prophets of old’ have given us a clear roadmap of these events that appe
Episode # 28 Part # 6        Giving and Gratefulness are personal attributes that all Christians must learn to do well. And when we do, GOD multiplies the Blessings that HE showers us with.   
Episode # 26 part #5 ·        In the Last Days, many events that are Prophesied in the Bible, still need to take place. Fortunately, JESUS and the ‘Prophets of old’ have given us a clear roadmap of these events that appear to be happening almos
Episode # 25 part # 5   ·        Ethics and Excellence are a match made-in-Heaven. As we develop personal Ethics and apply Excellence to everything we do, GOD not only Blesses us but provides all our needs and many of our ‘Wants’ as well.
Episode # 24  ·    From time to time, everyone needs some Encouragement. And when we take a few moments to Encourage others; at home, work and play, we discover that GOD also Encourages us. So, take a few minutes and enjoy your daily dose of En
In this Episode we dissect Matthew 24: 3-14, to study what JESUS said to His Disciples on the Mount of Olives, as they asked the question… “Tell us Lord,what will be the signs of Your Coming, and of the end of the age”? JESUS’ answers are sure
Episode # 44  part 4    ·        Confidence and Faith go hand-in-hand. When we exercise our Faith in GOD and CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT not only encourages us to live a ‘CHRIST-Centered Life’… but also Blesses us with happiness, security, and pros
·Episode # 27        For the rest of our lives, satan would like us to keep remembering our sins and our mistakes. Don’t be fooled… JESUS tells not to be concerned, as HE has already forgiven us, once we turn our cares and anxieties over to him
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