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Ep - 49 - Jonathan Pritchard - Enjoy Being Useless

Released Tuesday, 2nd October 2018
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Hey Photogs! It is your altruistic responsibility to photograph people and provide them with an emotional experience. But how do we get our clients hire us without manipulating or tricking them? Mike talks with Jonathan Pritchard, a professional mind reader, to give insight on how the human mind works and how you can sell yourself to others so you can persuade them to book you. 
More About our Guest Speaker:  
Jonathan Pritchard is an entertainer turned speaker, coach, & author. Colleges, businesses, and entrepreneurs book him to talk about his insights into human behavior, success psychology, motivation, & communication. For the past decade he’s been on TV & toured the world as a mentalist which has given him unique insight into why people do what they do, and how to leverage that process to create a custom-fit life. His passion for connecting with audiences means people are drawn to his dynamic presenting style, and he always leaves them amazed with demonstrations of mind to mind communication. You can find him on Think Like A Mind Reader, where you can read his first chapter from his book, "[Think] Like a Mind Reader" for FREE. You can also find him on Facebook @Like A Mind Reader.
Discussion Topics:
  • Creating moments that people can't forget.
  • Difference between persuasion/influence and manipulation. 
  • Know what your client wants before they even want it.
  • Selling the magic, not the hidden string.
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"The Power of Moments" By Chip and Dan Heath
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