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In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef take it back to their home state of New Hampshire for their 3rd installment of their hometown murders. Jonathan Armerault was a good stand up guy which made him appealing to his coworker Britany Barron. She had been suffering with an overbearing, controlling & psychotic husband. Soon an affair sprung, but Britany's husband Armando would catch wind of the web of lies his wife wove. Out of anger he beats Britany senseless, strangling her unconscious, & lures her lover to a secluded park, where Jonathan will sadly meet his fate. Armando, thinking he could get away with murder puts a plan in place, but things don't always work out the way we would like them to.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin discuss a bizarre death involving Egypt, a woman throwing herself out of a second story window, drugs & a tour guide. They hit on a brush with a possible Wendigo & even scarier a murderer. Also, two grandpas banning together in the afterlife to help protect their granddaughter from the hamburgluar.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef discuss The Wendigo. A mythological creature, a cryptid & an evil spirit which firstly originated from the folklore of indigenous people around the east coast forests of Canada. This creature can be just that, a creature or it can possess a human. Either way people are getting eaten. They discuss how to get away from a Wendigo & how to kill one. They hit on some encounters with this evil creature & end with a freaky fettuccine.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef finish discussing the disappearance & assumed murder of Peter Falconio. They discuss the continued persecution of Joanne from the media & the accusations that she is lying to police. They hit on the fact that only two of Joanne's footprints were found at the crime scene & only in her hiding spot, BUT there is more to the story than that & more that police weren't willing to admit. They talk about the theory that Peter faked his own death, co-workers & friends came forward to testify that he was known as Sneaky Pete. They dive into the DNA evidence that police have from Joanne's shirt & the defense's argument that maybe Joanne had picked it up at a restaurant that the accused & the couple had both eaten at. Also, the sentencing, guilty or not guilty? Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef begin discussing the disappearance & assumed murder of Peter Falconio. Peter was from The United Kingdom & along with his girlfriend Joanne Lees, they decided to take a trip to Australia. They spent a couple months in Sydney, enjoying the nightlife there, but soon took off to continue on their road trip. They ventured onto a highway known as The Stuart Highway, a very long dark road that was almost 2,000 miles long. There they came across another motorist that urged them to pull over stating there were sparks coming from their exhaust. This man would turn their world upside down.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin finish discussing The Academy Maniacs. They discuss the rest of their victims, including some that survived their brutal attacks. They hit on a homeless man who was actually framed by police & jailed for one of the murders that was actually committed by Artyom & Nikita. They talk about how these dickfruits tried to mutilate their victims, but they were too idiotic to understand that their little folding pocket knives were too flimsy for cutting off hands & cutting out eyeballs. They speak on the trial & the black tears of big baby Artyom, no one feels bad for you bitch. Also, both of the boys laborious sentences & what Artyom is up to these days. Nikita was a dark, mysterious man & still is to this day.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef read a chilling ghost story. One full of the goat man, jerking, brawtz, head counts & talking cats. Then they read a story about a deceased relative appearing in his family’s home asking for help. Get your freak on & press play! Submit your listener tales to thepodcastfromthecrypt@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef begin discussing the Russian serial killers known as The Academy Maniacs. Artyom Anoufriev & Nikita Lytkin start going down the wrong path early in life, even associating with different white power groups. When they finally meet, it was like two sticks met & for some reason when they rubbed together they started not just a fire but an explosion. They begin discussing their “practice” attacks, where the first few that fell victim to these maniacs survived. But police didn’t open any active investigations unless the injured civilians were robbed. And they would regret that, because Stef & Devin begin discussing the first few victims that didn’t survive & the first one being a 12 year old boy.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin discuss animal attacks. They discuss the story of a man named Ike that owns a golf ball retrieval business. He sets off at a golf course diving in the lakes & swamps around the course for golf balls but he has no idea what is lurking in the waters. They dive into the story of a 12 year old boy named Zach that was on a camping trip with his family. They had a wonderful day canoeing & spending time together. They decided they wouldn’t set up the tent & would sleep in sleeping bags under the stars but something had been stalking them & waiting for it’s chance to strike. Plus, they hit on the serial killer of the animal world - the kangaroo with their wash board abs & need to kill.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef are joined by their loyal Patron once again, Ryan! The three amigos discuss American Horror Story, Season 1: Murder House. They discuss the whole season, their thoughts on it & all their favorite & least favorite parts. They dive into the nods to certain serial killers such as The Black Dahlia murder, Richard Speck & Columbine. They hit on the biggest shocks of the whole season & some hints in season 1 of what has come in future seasons. Throw on your rubber man suit & grab a glass of wine, let’s get weird.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin finally finish discussing Luka Magnotta. They discuss the Interpol warrant the Montreal police issued looking for Luka & his need to look at it which ultimately got him caught. They dive into Luka’s mother’s thoughts about her son but the even sadder thoughts of Jun Lin’s parents. They hit on the Berlin police officer & his 8 training officers who were just out learning about traffic violations who had to execute Luka’s arrest. Finally, they talk about Luka’s trial, his sentencing & his life in prison.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing Luka Magnotta. They discuss some packages that Luka sent out to members of the government - containing body parts of Jun Lin. They hit on Luka’s trip to Paris & his meeting with a man named Jean-Christophe (nudist? maybe), who let Luka spend the night while he was evading authorities. They talk about all the details leading up to the police figuring out that Luka Magnotta was the murderer they were pursuing & the identification of Jun Lin’s body. Also, the search of all of Luka’s trash he threw away & what luminol revealed in Luka’s apartment.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing Luka Magnotta. They begin by discussing Luka’s posts on Craigslist looking for a man interested in being in a homemade film, good looking & not interested in cock sucking. They dive into the graphic description of his video 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick. They hit on the connections with this video & Luka Magnotta & his favorite movie, Basic Instinct. Also, they begin to talk about the timeline of the murder of Jun Lin VIA video surveillance in Luka’s apartment, stores he visited, street cameras & the post office.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing Luka Magnotta. They discuss his interest in serial killers including The Moors Murderers Ian Brady & Myra Hindley, Andrew Cunanan & of course The Barbie & Ken Killers Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo. And his obsession with the movies American Psycho & Basic Instinct. They dive into the meeting he had with a New York lawyer & the claims of his abuse by a man named Manny Lopez. They talk about the Facebook community’s effort to figure out his exact GPS location & his trip to London including luring a reporter to his hotel to question him about the cat killings.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing Luka Magnotta. They discuss how Luka wanted to create shocking news about himself to hopefully get attention from not only the interwebs but from news outlets. They dive into his relationship with Karla Homolka (Barbie to the Barbie & Ken killer duo), which was non existent. They hit on his short college career & the debut of his first video - 1 Boy 2 Kittens. Also, they start to talk about the internet sleuths who tried to take this kitten killer down, including their false accusation at Jamsey Cramsalot Inhisass, which ended in his suicide. Don’t forget to subscribe to be alerted when part three comes out!Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers discuss the devastatingly good looking (puke) Luka Magnotta. They discuss his childhood - including his father who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when he was 12 & his mother who was obsessed with cleanliness. They dive into all his hospitalizations for depression, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts & schizophrenia himself. They hit on his porn “career”, interviews, modeling “career” (including his photoshop skills) & auditions for tv shows Cover Guy & Plastic Makes Perfect. Also, they start to talk about the rumors he would spread about himself & his hundreds of online personas. Let the feathers fly & don’t forget to subscribe to be alerted when part two comes out!Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin and Stef discuss the gigantic Silicone Balls Cult. They talk about how one‘s hairy onions can grow to the size of a volleyball, the pros and cons of having a master & why injecting yourself with silicone in the testes probably isn't such a great idea. Hold your balls close because this episodes a doozy.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef finally conclude their deep dive into the life of Jeffrey fucking Dahmer. They hit some more on his cannibalism & his use of spice & meat tenderizer on his gourmet dishes. But salt & pepper was his ultimate choice for his “filet mignon”. Then they dip their toes into his insanity trial, discussing his mental illnesses & whether or not he should be considered legally insane. Ultimately, he was considered sane & proved to have known exactly what he was doing. The sad outcome for Dahmer’s father Lionel & step mother Shari is heartbreaking when he is sentenced to 16 life sentences. But they continue to try & love Dahmer as best as they can. Dahmer’s mother Joyce, acts her extra self again with a pitiful suicide attempt. Then they discuss Dahmer’s prison life, finding sweet baby jeebus & his death. This has been a long ride ladies & gentlemen, thank you for buckling up & taking it with us.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef start to conclude their journey with Jeffrey Dahmer. Starting with Dahmer attending Gay Pride in Chicago & collecting more victims, complete with a trip on a Greyhound bus, which after Vince Li, we never recommend. Coming in hot with the blame towards his probation officer, the police & the justice system as a whole. Finally discussing the attempted murder of Tracy Edwards. Some consider him to be a hero for taking Jeffrey Dahmer the people nahmer down, but there’s more to Tracy than meets the eye. But nevertheless, he escaped the grasp of this prolific serial killer & lived to tell the tale of finally bringing some competent police officers to Dahmer’s apartment. They discuss Dahmer’s infatuation with The Gemini Killer from The Exorcist 3 & finally Dahmer becoming sober enough to admit his evil ways to police.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin keep on keeping on with the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. Right when you think Dahmer couldn’t go any further off the edge than he already has gone, he takes one more step. He begins to try to keep full skeletons, skin & saves certain body parts for later consumption. He’s making sandwiches for the neighbors...but they’ve never seen him return to his apartment with grocery bags. Dahmer is talking to & kissing dismembered heads & starts to try to make zombie sex slaves out of his victims by drilling holes in their heads & pouring hydrochloric acid inside. One young boy almost escapes his grip, but police officers aren’t interested in helping. If it’s gay - stay away seemed to be their favorite slogan. Buckle up, because this episode will infuriate you.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue on their journey of the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. They discuss Dahmer’s idea of digging up a freshly dug grave with a young male in it, could this hold him back from murder? They dive more into his murders & his fascination with giving blowies to the dead (even though there ain’t no steam coming out of that pipe), his secret surprise in his work locker & how he talked his father, Lionel, out of opening his box of horrors. Grannie still doesn’t think the smell of dead bodies coming from the basement is anything to be concerned with, but finally she tells Jeff he has to move on out. But after barely a day in his new apartment he get’s arrested & sentenced to some jail time. But is it really jail time if you still get to go to work? He loved offering $50 for nudes & hairless men, but little did they know that they’d end up soaking in acid & their skulls painted silver.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef begin to discuss the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. They start with his childhood, including a double hernia surgery where he thought they cut his sperm worm right off. Then his teenager years, including when he snuck into a National Honor Society photo complete with leather jacket. Then to his first murder, where he finally fulfilled his fantasy of cuffing his carrot over the dead body of a hitchhiker. They also start to dive into his arrests for disorderly conduct & his alcoholism. He did try to curb his appetite for murder by drinking blood & making sweet love to a male mannequin, but Grannie killed his vibe. Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you’re alerted when part two comes out!Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef talk church scandals. They discuss one of the most well known - The Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. With over 11,000 people coming forward about sexual abuse they endured from priests, deacons, nuns & cardinals, this could not be overlooked any longer. There is even evidence from the 11th century that this was going on - a big child sex ring for these sick pedophiles. Boston came in hot with the media & blew The Vatican right out of the water demanding to know why all these accusations were being covered up. A crime against humanity? 1000%Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin discuss the chilling case of Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel was a sweet baby angel who’s life was taken away at only 8 years old by the woman who was supposed to love him most, his mother, Pearl Fernandez & her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. The abuse this little boy sustained is truly horrifying & the fact that he was tangled in a system that could not truly help him should leave you disgusted & angry. The girls focus in on Gabriel’s life, but his case is not the first child that was not saved & will not be the last. We need change.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin finish up their discussion about The Waco Siege. They dive into the fire that destroyed the compound & who could of lit the fire. There are many controversies, but with surviving Branch Davidians stating that there was talk of starting some fires, who really knows. The door holding the evidence of who started to fire their weapons first has mysteriously disappeared. Plus they hit on the aftermath of the devastating tragedy and how this is the biggest siege in US history to this day.Support the show (
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