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There's the Moses you know, and the Moses from all the various stories and traditions about him. Let me tell you, that version is far more interesting!
In which we listen to a 5,000 year old epic story of true friendship, overcoming the whims of the gods, and a man's desperate quest for immortality. Plus I have way too much fun with Audacity, there's that too. Guest starring the ever so lovely Alexandra!
For one tiny strip of land, the power players of the ancient Near East seem REALLY hellbent on controlling it! Judah's stuck right smack dab in the middle of it all, and if they are to survive at all, it might even come down to alliances with former hated foes...
It's a good time to be an Athenian when Pericles is in the house! Smooching girlfriends, building temples, and teasing the Corinthians. All in a days work!
In which I condense about 2000 years of Assyrian history into about 15 minutes. Expect lots of kings trying to one-up another for the title of "Most Creatively Brutal". Featuring music by the awesome Owen Plant!
An episode in which I try to mispronounce as many languages as possible, and then attempt to reconcile massive historical controversies in just under 20 minutes. Fun!
In which a bunch of Ancient Greeks remember that they never really liked each other in the first place and off to war they go!
Time for a new chapter of TPHOOW as we head off to Egypt! I'll walk you through the top of the line mummification process and spend way too much time on a certain river! Plus poetry! Are we having fun yet?
Who says you can't condense the life and adventures of Western Civilization's most famous conqueror into two episodes? We wind up our travels with Alexander in this, our final episode with the ancient Greeks!    Oh who am I kidding. I'm sure we'll see them again at some point. But not for a while!  
Part two of our look at the war for THE FATE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Whoops! My hyperbole button got stuck for a second. Lots of military stuff in this here episode, so if you dig that, this is the one for you!
In this, our last exciting episode in Ancient India, we'll see what happens when good empires go bad! We're condensing a lot of 'civilizations' into this wrap-up episode - Baktrians, Kushans, and the always hard to pronounce Yuezhi, or Yueh-chih. Both versions give my tongue a headache...which is weird.
Joshua and the Judges! No, it's not the name of my new band, it's the theme of this episode! We'll be exploring the Israelites early days in Canaan and taking a look at four of their most fascinating leaders. Get ready for storytime!
This is it! Our last episode with the ancient Hebrews! Will Egypt protect the Hebrews? Will Judah deftly wade through the treacherous diplomatic minefield? Look, I don't want to spoil anything here but, oh wait, the title is a spoiler. Whoops! Well, let's just hope nothing bad ever happens to Jerusalem again.  
People tend to ignore the fact that Saul was the first king of the Israelites! Oh sure he never had a sculpture of himself sans pants in the middle of Florence, but he still deserves to be mentioned!
I tried to keep this one as grounded in historical reality as I could, and look what happened! It's a short episode! But that's ok, we still get to find out about the Mycenaeans and that little tiff they had with Troy. 
Yes we’re still on Carthage, but Agathocles is the one in the spotlight here! He’s just so morally bankrupt, so diabolically fixated on personal glory, so obsessed with being the biggest Alexander the Great fanboy, that it’s just too good a story to pass on!
Are you ready to rock? Because we're heading into the workings of the prehistoric mind...where taming former enemies, drilling into skulls, stone age fetishes and art await!
Well that took long enough. The story continues after the Persian Wars! Greece is still standing! Athens wants to get back in the game! And heroes are once again dealt with the only way the city knows how.
The war for control of Sicily drags on and neither side looks particularly good in this! Tyrants, distrustful generals, poisonous politicians, and all around yuckiness. This was going to be the last chapter for now, but I came across a historical figure I became so fascinated with, I had to do this as a two-parter! And don’t forget to head to and show some support to an amazing composer!
It took a lot of self control to not include war, fighting, or any form of soldiers with pointy objects trying to poke other soldiers with pointy objects in this episode! Don't you start falling asleep on me, I ASSURE you it's interesting! And for you history sticklers out there, I'm gonna be up front with you. I'm leaving out the Corinthian War and the March of the 10,000. Why? Because how much carnage do you want in these podcasts!?
How many philosophers can we cover in one episode? 100? Ah…well no, but six is pretty good!
The first Egyptian civil war! Or is it Civil War? Well whichever it is, lots of folks wanna be king! And while they might not agree on much, they all have a real hate-hate thing going on with Nubia!
The second part! In which we finally catch up to the Persian timelines. But don't cross the streams! Wouldn't want any Mesopotamian destruction gods mucking about New York, right?
Armed with more primary sources, it's time to embark on our tour of China's dynasties! And where better to start then with the one people can't even agree existed. 
The second dynasty of China, although it's the first we have written evidence for! The Shang certainly have an interesting history, although it's kind of all feeling like deja vu...
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