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The Operation - Finishing Up The Team Clarity Matrix - Part 6 of 6
The last piece of your team is the person who makes sure it all "happens." The Operation makes sure the big picture is at play and, yes, is there to make EVERYTHING is done correctly for the bigger picture of your Podcast. This is the final episode in our Team Clarity Matrix. You can grab your free Matrix - and video series at -
Part 5 - Promote Your Podcast - The Team Clarity Matrix
Once the show is done, it's time to promote your Podcast. The right person for the job will do amazing things. The wrong person will waste your time and money. Understand your Podcast Team better with The Podcast Partnership's Free Team Clarity Matrix.
The Podcast Publish - Team Clarity Matrix Part 4 of 6
Publishing your Podcast is so much more than clicking a button and filling out forms. Do you know the right 7 questions to ask the team member publishing your Podcast?
The Edit - Team Clarity Matrix Part 3
Who is going to edit the Podcast is only the first question. What kind of tech will they use? What workflow will they follow? Who owns the projects? What happens if you have to move to another platform?
The Talent - Team Clarity Matrix Part 2
Once you've figured out who is in charge of Strategy/Review, it's time to think about your Talent. It might not be as easy as you thought. Build your Podcast team the smartest way possible with the Team Clarity Matrix (TM)
Strategy / Review And The Team Clarity Matrix
No Podcast is an island. In our 15+ years of Podcasting, we’ve realized that everyone needs a team. The Podcast Partnership Team Clarity Matrix (TM) provides the means to understand your Podcast Team. The first step is Strategy / Review. We cover that in this episode.
Where Did Tim Ferris Go Wrong? Could He Not Monetize His Podcast With Fans?
Tim Ferriss quickly killed his “fan supported” model for monetizing his Podcast. The experiment was fascinating but his quick jump back to the ad model might not be what it seems. As always, lots to learn from Tim.
The Future Of Podcast Hosting
The Podcast Partnership will be at Podcast Movement this year in a booth surrounded by "Podcast Hosts" all trying to outdo each other. The future of Podcast hosting is three simple things. Paul Colligan explains them in this episode.
The Problem With Podcoin (It's Not The Way To Make Money With Podcasting)
The promise of Podcoin is fascinating - it's "the Podcast player that pays." Listen to a Podcast, make some money. Get a new audience for your Podcast because those nice folk at Podcoin are paying them to listen to your Podcast. That's not how Podcast monetization works - at least not the kind that interests me - or should be interesting you.
What Pandora Needs To Do To Win The Podcast Wars
Pandora has a shot at "winning" the Podcast wars if they do these things - correctly - and quickly ... 1 - Bring ALL the Podcasters in. 2 - Use unsold or remnant inventory to promote Podcasts. 3 - Start Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down ASAP. 4 - Invite and user curators. Rewards them. 5 - Get international FAST.
The (Quickly) Coming Death of the Podcast Paywall
Yes, Luminary is charging for Podcasts - and it seems like an attractive model. With options like Spotify Premium and the like, why wouldn't we want to charge for our podcasts? The paywall premium model for Podcasting simply doesn't have a future. If we're going to sell our Podcast content, it's going to be in an app, not on a platform usually associated with free. We're seeing it in YouTube with things like Kobra Kai. We're seeing it in Television with things like The Good Life. We'll be seeing it in Podcasting really soon.
Facebook Algorithms Versus Podcast Realities - Where Would You Rather Market Your Content?
You have a choice of marketing your content on Facebook and paying/hoping that the algorithm will be favorable to you. You can also put that some content on a Podcast and know that 100% of those looking to get the content will, in fact, get the content. Where should you focus your efforts? Taken directly from a Facebook Live -
Don't Assume Your Podcast Competition Has A Strategy
Don't assume that your Podcast competition is doing what they're doing because they have a specific strategy. Also, never assume that if they do have a strategy, that the strategy is solid. Many things are done online in Podcasting because someone got some bad advice somewhere. Then someone copies it, as does another, and then it gets taught in some $7 ebook. If it seems to good to be true - it just might be. If you can't make the numbers add up, it might be because the numbers simply don't add up.
The Best Podcast Monetization Model REQUIRES Ubiquity
There has been a LOT of complaining lately about groups who take "your" Podcast and put it on "their" platform. This is what Podcasting is FOR / this is what Podcasting is about. This is why we love Podcasting.   The power of Podcasting comes from being everywhere / being ubiquitous - not from making a "statement" because you don't like how someone else is presenting your Podcast. You need to be creating assets that publish EVERYWHERE. That is, and will always be, the best model for Podcast Monetization. Should you remove your Podcast from Luminary? NO! Should you remove your Podcast from the next "Netflix of Podcasting?" NO! Should you put your Podcast on Facebook? YES! Should you put your Podcast on YouTube? YES!
A Few Thoughts On The New Apple Podcast Pages And What They Might Mean To Podcasters
I don't have a full strategy yet for the new Apple Podcast pages, but I'm intrigued. Here's the link to Apple's Podcast Page for this episode - Now that Apple has produced both individual Podcast Pages with play buttons (see the one for the Podcast Report here - ) as well as individual episode pages (see an example here - ), the question of "where do I send my Podcast audience isn't as clear as it used to be.  This isn't the all in one page as is offered by (here's there page for The Podcast Report -, but it doesn't make for an interesting offering.  I could send someone to my episode page knowing that if they're Apple Podcasts ready, they can click to subscribe, and if they aren't they can simply click play.  The questions: What will more detailed notes look like proper (this should test that out)? Will clicks on an Podcast page "count" in your Apple stats numbers? Why doesn't Apple link to the Podcast Website?  Why does Apple link to the individual Podcast Episode pages? Will Apple link to Video Podcasts - eventually? Will Apple offer us embeddable players for Apple Podcasts?  Embeddable players for Apple Video Podcasts? Would love to hear from you on this topic:  
Can You Be A Guest On My Podcast?
Can you be a guest on my Podcast? Probably not. This Podcast explains why. Originally recorded as a Facebook Live -  
Do you want to put your videos on YouTube?
A quick look at whether or not Podcasters really want to play in the YouTube sandbox.
Assets Versus Episodes
Are you producing episodes - or assets?  Here's are few thoughts on the difference between the two with a little math thrown in to make it interesting.  
How The March 2019 Apple Event Should Impact Podcasts For Years To Come
A few thoughts on the March 25, 2019, Apple Special Event and what the lessons of Apple moving to a services company should be.
What Would Happen If Apple Launched A Free Podcast Hosting Service?
What would happen if Apple launched its own free Podcasting hosting service atop already existing free iCloud accounts?   There is real precedence for this in this history of free hosting accounts (could happen on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive too). With Spotify's acquisition of Anchor (also a free host), it makes sense competitively soon.  It's a question worth examining - but in the end, it really changes nothing for anyone who takes their Podcast seriously.  
Why Are There SO MANY Podcast Myths?
We hit Podcasting Myths on the Podcasters' Roundtable last night.   Why are there so many Podcast myths? Here's the episode at YouTube - 
Just What Can We Learn From Podcast Stats? The Podcast Report Episode #165
We're putting together our monthly stats reporting for our clients around here and I thought I'd share a few ideas about Podcast stats and what we can learn from them.  Spoiler Alert: It's a lot more than download numbers.  Links mentioned: The Medium Article -  Frank's Episode About Podcasting - 
Spotify Versus Pandora And Our Podcasting Audiences - The Podcast Report Episode #164
I'm still pondering the implications of the #InfiniteDial 2019 report and I've got a few thoughts on Pandora versus Spotify and our Podcast audiences.  Will be curious to hear what you think.  
My (Brief) Thoughts On The #InfiniteDial 2019 Report - The Podcast Report Episode #163
The yearly Infinite Dial Report is my Superbowl.  We'll examine more specifics later - but the numbers continue to fascinate - and continue to go up.   You can download the entire #InfiniteDial report at
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