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Whether you like to talk about politics or not, the things that are happening in Congress right now will affect your retirement. All the unmitigated spending during the Covid pandemic is catching up with the US. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin
If Joe Biden can’t get his tax legislation through before midterm elections, it’s unlikely he will be able to pass it at all. The situation in Afghanistan has lost Biden approval points in polls across the nation and since the midterm elections
In August 2016, the University of Michigan began a trend by offering their football coach a split-dollar life insurance arrangement as an alternative to deferred compensation. Other football coaches in different schools have similar arrangement
Is it possible for the tax proposals moving their way through Congress to be retroactive for 2021? Biden has proposed raising the business tax from 21% to 28%, and when you add in the State corporate income tax of 7% that will put the US near t
Legislative hijinks are happening in Congress right now and they are going to have an impact on the timing of a potential tax increase coming down the road. The Senate has struggled for a while now to come to an agreement on a $1 trillion infra
A new report says that retirees who convert their savings into guaranteed lifetime annuities effectively double the amount they are willing to spend each year on themselves and their families. This indicates that retirees holding more of their
A Democratic representative out of California has introduced a bill to change the way that Social Security cost of living adjustments are calculated. It proposes to link the Social Security increase each year to the Consumer Price Index for the
Joe Biden campaigned on the platform of raising taxes on the top 1% of earners in America, yet six months into his administration, there haven’t been any increases thus far.  The main pillars of his proposal are to increase the corporate tax ra
The 3% Rule says that if you want to have $100,000 per year in retirement, you would need $3.3 million saved up, which is not very attainable for most Americans. If you can offload longevity risk to a company that can handle it better than you
David’s first appearance on the podcast was one of the most downloaded episodes. Back in 2014, David wrote the Power of Zero book and since then the national debt has grown considerably. We are now at $28 trillion in debt and the primary proble
Roth IRA’s have been trending on Twitter recently because it was discovered that Peter Thiel accumulated over $5 billion in his Roth IRA. Peter Thiel was one of the original founders of Paypal in 1999 when the Roth IRA was still in its infancy.
Americans have over $30 trillion sitting in 401(k)’s and IRAs, and people are waking up to the fact that those accounts are in the crosshairs of the US government to solve their debt problems. In a recent interview with Maya MacGuineas, she sai
President Joe Biden has recently proposed a $6 trillion budget designed to make the US more competitive. Spending is already on an unsustainable trajectory so we need to examine the impact this budget proposal will have on the fiscal outlook of
Politicians are in a state of mind where they are not interested in fixing the problem, which means that the fix on the backend is going to have to be more aggressive and draconian. The damage the debt does is, in many ways, invisible to the av
Maya is the President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The committee itself has been around for a couple decades at this point and came about after several members of Congress left and realized how difficult it really is to be
In Prosperity in the Age of Decline, the authors are predicting that 2030 will be the opening year of the greatest depression since 1930. Dr. Kotlikoff believes that it might not wait until 2030. China is already beginning to overtake the US in
The official debt-to-GDP numbers are on track to be 110% by the end of the year, which is nearly a 30% increase over the last decade. The trouble is this calculation doesn’t count unfunded obligations like Social Security. Economic theory doesn
Brian Beaulieu is in the business of predicting economic trends. He’s been forecasting trends for the past 39 years and he’s very transparent about his methods. Brian is politically agnostic and aims to be as objective as possible. He doesn’t m
There is a new bill moving through Congress right now that has bipartisan support and is fairly likely to pass in its current form. We can get a good sense of what the bill is intended to do by looking at the title page. The stated goal of the
With the recent release of the US Census we are getting a picture of the upcoming demographic time bomb facing the country. The 2020 census revealed that there are 331 million US residents, which represents a 7.4% increase since 2010. This is s
This is an apolitical podcast. The goal is to call out fiscal irresponsibility no matter what side of the aisle it’s on. It’s less about politics and more about math. Joe Biden recently came up with a proposal to reform capital gains taxes. The
If you want to maximize the amount of money you can safely spend in retirement some economists say that you should sell some of your bonds and replace them with annuities. According to Tom Hegna, there is only one mathematically ideal retiremen
Bernie Sanders is heading up the proposals regarding estate taxes, and his proposals are deviating to some extent from what President Biden has campaigned on. Joe Biden’s plan says that the estate tax exemption, which is currently $11.7 million
Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a pernicious threat to the Republic and has become a popular theory among left-leaning economists. MMT is less an economical theory than it is a political theory. There are politicians in certain quarters that tr
Now that Joe Biden has the pandemic relief bill behind him, he can begin to focus on his tax plan which he heavily campaigned on before the election. Joe Biden’s pledge that nobody making less than $400,000 per year will face tax increases has
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