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In this episode, Rev Ike ( ) narrates to us a story of affirmation and success. And through this story, he elaborates on how to manifest and bring out our inner aspirations and the good we desire. According
In this episode, Marisa Peer ( ) highlights the power of words and language in our lives. Indeed, Marisa affirms that changing even one word can change an entire life. According to Marisa, every thought you think and eve
In this episode, Brendon Burchard ( ) illustrates how overworking negatively affects your physical and mental health. True enough, no one’s brain can go and work all the time. According to Brendon, most of us believe that w
In this episode, Jordan B. Peterson ( ) explains the significance of personal growth and development. And for Jordan, improving the self is not just incredibly advantageous to yourself but also enhances your rela
In this episode, Les Brown ( ) empowers us with a pearl of his wisdom on how to endure, get through, and overcome the most challenging periods of our lives. According to Les, people collapse during tough times because they
In this episode, Cal Newport ( ) provides us with a distinct perspective about the role of social media in the competitive market and further elaborates its actual cost and danger to the skills relevant to the 21st-c
In this episode, John Addison ( ) contends that your thinking is the navigation of your dreams. John Addison further illustrates the power within our thoughts and perception to create our reality. According t
In this episode, Zig Ziglar ( ) highlights the value of patience and resilience as critical contributors to success and shares how the little things or activities that you choose to repeatedly do ultimately make the most
In this episode, Brian Tracy ( ) shares the common denominator or the shared attributes among successful people. According to Brian Tracy, successful people held a firm and absolute belief that they’re destined for
Nietzsche once said, “Even a thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.” In the same manner, Steve Harvey shares with us how to condition your mind, attitude, and beliefs that ultimately determine your success. According to Ste
In this episode, Kobe Bryant contends that failure does not exist and illustrates that failure is nothing but a mere figment of imagination. According to Kobe Bryant, failure only happens when you refuse to keep on going and finally decide not
In this episode, Rudy Francisco ( ) shares with us true stories of grit, survival, and overcoming. Moreover, Rudy Francisco proves to us that it’s true that storms don’t last forever, and there’s always that lig
In this episode, Kanye West emphasizes the value of artistry above anything else. According to Kanye West, it is easy to lose yourself in the sea of material possessions. And when you lose yourself, you lose your purpose, and therefore your art
In this episode, Daniel Goleman ( ) highlights the essence of a true leader and elaborates on the skills that make a great leader. A great philosopher once said, "Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom." I
In this episode, Tyler Perry ( ) shares with us the determining key factor of his phenomenal success, fame, and power. In life, there are things that we can and cannot control. For instance, in Tyler’s words, “When a see
In this episode, Sean Combs shares with us the importance of healthy competition not just with the others but also with the self. For Sean Combs, healthy competition is a necessary element of one’s growth, development, and success. He adds tha
In this episode, Ed Foreman ( ) highlights that you elevate everything about yourself when you upgrade your thinking. All that we are is essentially the result of what we have thought. According to Ed, how you see yourself
In this episode, Morgan Freeman contends that wealth and genetics don’t have anything to do with each other. So you can either choose to settle for less or get busy preparing for tomorrow’s success. According to Morgan Freeman, success is poss
In this episode, Gary Vaynerchuk ( ) shares his valuable insight into building fame and success. For Gary, attention is the key to winning the game. It’s where the money is, and therefore your headstart to your ow
In this episode, Steve Harvey ( ) shares with us some promising insights on how to become a millionaire. According to Steve Harvey, we are all gifted. Each and every one of us has something to offer and proudly show off
Success is a state of mind. And according to Eric Thomas ( ) , the key to success is connected with the power of your mind. In this episode, Eric Thomas brings to the surface the common attributes that wealthy and success
No one escapes the dread of anxiety. According to Mel Robbins ( ) , you can’t simply make anxiety go away. But in this episode, Mel shares with us the value of mindfulness with anxiety. Sometimes being too busy and on a
In this episode, Jim Rohn ( ) reminds us that success is created twice. First in the mind, second in reality. It all starts with a vision, a goal. As humans, not only do we have the ability to envision the end results, b
In this episode, Jordan Peterson ( ) highlights the importance of critical thinking, effective public speaking skills, and eloquent writing, for these are necessary skills for a thriving career and continuous opp
In this episode, Lisa Nichols ( ) narrates how it’s never too late to become the person you want to be. After all, success begins with a vision or a dream. According to Lisa, you can become extraordinary if you
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