Episode from the podcastThe Racist Sandwich Podcast

E79: When Things Go Back To Normal (w/ Serena Maria Daniels & Martina Guzmán)

Released Tuesday, 7th April 2020
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Zahir—our co-founder and previous co-host of the podcast—is back again behind the mic for this special episode. In a sobering introduction, Zahir reflects on the lack of food and water access in Detroit, Michigan during this pandemic. He talks with Serena Maria Daniels, founder of Tostada Magazine, about one of the main reasons Detroit is in such bad shape—it’s 40% poverty rate.
Zahir also hears from Martina Gumán, the Race and Justice Journalism Fellow at the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, who talks about how not having access to clean water puts people at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.
Produced by Juan Ramirez, Zahir Jamohammed and Stephanie Kuo. Music by Brad Turner and Blue Dot Sessions.