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Farm of life is a low-profit raw food retreat in Costa Rica which seeks to keep its prices affordable so it can help everyone.In Episode 29 of the Raw Food Health Podcast, I talk to Brian Calvi, who owns the retreat with his wife, about the phi
Since there aren’t very many medical doctors who have embraced a healthy raw diet, it’s interesting to hear why one of the few has chosen to do so. In Episode 28 of the Raw Food Health Podcast, I talk to Dr. Tumi Johnson about why she thinks a
There’s a delicious fruit coming into season that might be growing in your back yard, but virtually no one knows about it – Allow me to introduce you to the Paw Paw.  The Paw Paw kept Lewis and Clark’s expedition from starving, and fed the earl
You’ve probably heard your yoga instructor, some celebrity, or your next door neighbor wax poetic about the detoxifying and slimming benefits of doing yoga or other exercises in extremely hot, humid, and unventilated environments. All that swea
We know raw foodists excel at endurance sports, but what about about strength training? When Mike Vlasaty went raw, he decided to concentrate on weight lifting and bodyweight exercises to see if he could really get strong and gain a lot of musc
Think cinnamon, turmeric, peppers, and the dozens of flavor-enhancing foods, spices, and herbs raw foodists sometimes employ are healthy because they’re raw? In episode 23 of the Raw Food Health Podcast we talk about why many “healthy” foods ha
The dominant narrative in nutrition is that osteoporosis is mostly created by too much consumption of acidic meat, dairy, and eggs. There’s data to support this idea, such as the excretion of calcium in the urine following animal-protein-rich m
Is modern fruit too sugary and over bred? After our discussion of genetically modified foods a few episodes back, a lot of people have been asking about something we hear all the time in the raw food world – that today’s fruits are too hybridiz
ADD, learning disorders, and dozens of other neurological problems have become rampant in children over the last few decades as their bodies have grown fat and failed to develop strength and balance. Why? A perfect storm of brain-altering elect
With more than three quarters of the foods available for purchase at your local supermarket now containing genetically modified organisms, what does a raw foodist have worry about? In episode 20 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk about the t
What if the produce you think of as so fantastic just doesn’t have the nutrient content that it should? Is your lettuce mineral poor? In episode 19 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk to Don Weaver, who has been eating a raw food vegan diet f
After 26 days of fasting and about 13 days of recovery, I’m back in Austin, Texas and ready to talk about the result of my fasting experience. Did I, as widely predicted, ruin my health and lose muscle mass? Or did I overcome my longstanding di
The water that comes out of your tap likely contains fluoride, chlorine, and several dozen other chemicals and drugs that science has linked to increased rates of cancer, brain damage, and other health problems. In Episode 17 of The Raw Food He
Readers of periodically tell me that I must be diet obsessed to be on such a restricted food regime. More recently, the announcement that I’d be fasting for the better part of a month netted me around 40 emails, many from pe
I don’t plan on eating next month. Yeah…no food…for 25 to 28 days. Am I crazy? Why would I choose to waste away when I’m at the peak of my health, fitness, strength, and vitality? In Episode 15 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk about fastin
Beyond fat loss and fat gain, are you happy with the figure that looks back at you from the mirror? Is it scrawny or gangly? Would you rather that it had the strength to lift heavier things and propel you through the world? In episode 14 of the
Are you ready to start eating a healthy raw diet but just can’t seem to get the social support you need to make it work? Do you want your life filled with other raw foodists to share meals with, athletic people to work out with, and those who s
Want to feel better, look better, and perform better physically? Will the shift to a raw food diet really help you with all this? In episode 12 of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk to Katy Craine, who adopted a low fat raw vegan diet at the ag
Imagine losing 100 pounds and still having 300 more to go to reach your goal weight. The idea seems staggering, but that’s where Richard Widmark is today. Richard got his weight loss started with a cooked vegan diet, but he’s now concentrating
You dream big – shelves overflowing with fruit and plenty of greens and herbs in the fridge; an abundant pantry is key when it comes to succeeding on a raw food diet. But if you try to buy all these wonderful foods through a traditional superma
What’s the best place to be a raw foodist? It becomes obvious to most people eating a raw food diet for more than a few months that their societies are not ideally set up to allow them to thrive at their highest level. You can make your home, a
What if you didn’t have to get old? I’m not talking about Peter Pan and his lost boys not growing up, but a kind of maturity in which the symptoms that virtually everyone in the western world experiences as they get older -arthritis, loss of en
Skateboarder, yogi, raw chef, and creator of a life that is undeniably interesting, Chris Kendall is a raw foodist who catches peoples attention. In episode seven of the Raw Food Health Podcast, I talk to Chris about consciously creating his ow
Lipstick made from berries? Eyeliner made from spirulina? If you’re looking for makeup that’s a lot better for your skin, you may be interested in the bodycare routine of raw chef Megan Elizabeth McDonnell, whose new book, You In Bloom, explore
In episode five of the Raw Food Health Podcast I talk to Brian Rossiter about how small amounts of cooked food kept him from feeling well on a predominantly-raw diet, and the difference going 100 percent has made. Brian is a former coaching cli
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