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The Acid King is about a young man forced to live in the streets during the "tough love" stages of  society - eventually his friend would steal 10 bags of PCP from him but it would mean more to Ricky Kasso aka the Acid King than just bags of dr
Shanda Sharer was 12 years old when she moved to Illinois with her mother and started a new school - it would be here where she would catch the eye of a young woman named Amanda Heavrin and the intense jealous eye of another girl who had been g
I did three episodes about heroin - a few wrote to me asking if I was going to do more episodes "like that" not sure what people wanted-  this is more on the lines of what SMAK podcast would/will be like if I ever get the time needed to handle
Natalie Wood was one of the last of the Hollywood Legend's; a beautiful star whose life played out in the movies; from childhood to adulthood. Marrying Robert Wagner, divorcing, then Marrying him again, the second time, something happened after
  (ft lyndon from murder at bedtime with Lyndon who delves into the case with me, Debbie Q, from the Right Shoe)The Springfield three is my first collaboration and its with Lyndon Dowdell from Murder at Bedtime with Lyndon (pocaster and Youtube
This case is a tough one. What happens when one makes a conscious decision to commit murder?  What happens when a murder occurs a little too close to home?This episode was a nail biter for me because I was reminded of something I had forgotten
The West Coast Video Murders was a double homcide, never solved. Two young men, both 20, Bryan Benson and Seann Campbell of Warminster PA both worked at this video store in November, 1993. On the night of the 10th, Bryan's father stopped in to
Stephanie Dzikowski was a young woman, 22, about to start a career as a dental assistant, had a 2 year old baby with Gastroschisis prounounced (gas-troh-skee-sis) I apologize for mispronouncing it in the episode; and a fiance, Sean Sadowniczak.
The Zodiac killer was our modern day Jack the Ripper. Both maintained a small circle in which they chose to kill, and both only have a very small agreed upon number of victims (JTR has 5 Zodiac has 5 fatalities and 2 seriously injured). The Zod
Merry christmas I will return with season 2 - the zodiac killer the first or second week of january - HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone
On July 26, 2009, a mother and her 2 children and 3 young nieces were driving home from a weekend of fun and frolics at a campground in Parksville NY.  Coming home was to be nothing more than a routine drive back to her home in Long Island, but
Tracy Byrd and Mark Himebaugh - two separate children - both walked off and were never seen or heard from again. Both stories are equally chilling.Tracy bird was 14 and possibly pregnant when she was last seen walking in the rain walking away f
Keisha Jones was a loving mother of four,  living in West Philadelphia,  with her husband Tyrone Taylor when tragedy struck. One night,  she, Taylor and her cousin, Tamara Stanford decided to go out separately but meet up later after drinks.  H
Julie Barnyock was an 18 year old girl with the whole world in front of her.  She had just graduated the previous June from high school and was on her way to visit friends when something happened to stop this adventurous young woman in her trac
Mayhem started in the 1980s from a guy named Oystein Aarseth whose stage name became Euronymous. It all started so fantastically....what transpired was the MegaGod's of Black Metal would go into dark territory, not only would the face of their
Byberry... the mere name sends shivers down one's back.  A modern day horror story where unspeakable things happened, myriads of movies and TV shows (Asyym, the second season of American Horror Story always comes to mind) have been spawned by t
Mel Ignatow was accused of killing the beautiful Brenda Schaefer. He was tried and acquitted of this crime, though investigators held fast to their beliefs that he did this terrible thing to Brenda. He could not be retried, however, due to a cl
Since her passing in 1989 of an "unknown event" no one knows quite what happened with Cindy James. One thing that is a "known" - she was tortured mercilessly for over 7 years. In the very beginning the police attempted to help her but they gave
Marilyn Monroe is one of the most beloved legends of our time. Yet her death remains a never ending mystery, one that has endured for decades. What happened that strange and elusive night of August 4, 1962? Did she become so overwhelmingly depr
The Boy in the box is one of Philadelphia's enduring mysteries. Who was the little boy found battered bruised and deceased in a box, in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia? Who was this child who was found in a box that's outside read "Fragil
December 28, 2000 the most horrific mass shooting occurred in the Mill Street Section of West Philadelphia known by locals as "the bottom".Why it happened is truly unbelievable. What happened in the middle, between getting together who did the
Cosmo Dinardo was a good kid from Bensalem PA, only a few miles outside of Philadelphia. All is well until over the span of July 5, 2017 and July 7, 2017, four kids go missing within Bucks County, PAJimmy PatrickDean FinocchiaroTom MeoMark Stru
Back in 1981, Joey Coyle was just a longshoreman down on his luck. Until one day, running around in the back of a Chevy Malibu with his two friends, Jed and John, he found in the streets of Philadelphia a large container that held inside 1.2 mi
Dolores Della Penna was a young girl from the Tacony who got off the 56 bus one day and was never seen or heard from again. The Philadelphia Police Homicide is still actively investigating this case but up until this time no arrests have been m
Alex Miller lives in the beautiful Garden district of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill. She puts an ad in Craigslist for a roommate and, oh boy, does she get one. A man named Jed Creek comes and fills the shoes for what Alex needs, or does he? Follo
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