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The Acid King is about a young man forced to live in the streets during the "tough love" stages of  society - eventually his friend would steal 10 bags of PCP from him but it would mean more to Ricky Kasso aka the Acid King than just bags of dr
Shanda Sharer was 12 years old when she moved to Illinois with her mother and started a new school - it would be here where she would catch the eye of a young woman named Amanda Heavrin and the intense jealous eye of another girl who had been g
I did three episodes about heroin - a few wrote to me asking if I was going to do more episodes "like that" not sure what people wanted-  this is more on the lines of what SMAK podcast would/will be like if I ever get the time needed to handle
Deborah Lynn Wilson is a beautiful young woman on the threshold of her life, a math major at Drexel University- her and her boyfriend are studying at Randall Hall one night whenrrr Desmond decides he's tired and tells Deborah he wants to go hom
First 5 minutes I go over the recent case of Casey Johnston - she was missing since July 10th and was found deceased by Philadelphia/Bucks county Route 1  - her car in weeds her body about a half mile away.Tonight's case is about 33 year old Ja
Casey’s body was found august 1, 2021 First the Ford Focus was found off of route 1/ woodhaven road then they found her body about 1/2 mile away - my heart goes out to the family I will keep this up as I am away but I add an episode update ASAP
John Holmes was born in Ohio 1944, a simple country boy who married a woman named Sharon, setting off for California to live a peaceful happy life.So how did this mutate into one of the most sordid unsolved murders, John with blood on his hands
This is just a little explanation of where Right Shoe/SMAK is going and what happened to me as a result of not listening to my body's cues. Take the time to make sure you are ok before doing anything else - nothing else is as important as your
Shown is Warren Fulton III in his baseball uniform. This is the second episode on the Right Shoe (SMAK podcast) about Heroin - I have intentions of keeping my SMAK page up though right now it would be difficult for me to handle two separate pod
This is the third in a series about heroin, the ill effects and why if you are addicted and afraid to seek treatment or don't know where or how - DONT BE! Contact the nearest heroin treatments centers or contact me [email protected]
Heroin is a dangerous drug. Started in 1898 by the Bayer Corporation in Germany it was initially created as the new wonder drug to try and combat pain.What it did was create a litany of addicts; over a 100 years later, society is still trying t
Licorice McKechnie was a Scottish Musician - she played with The Incredible String Band - 1968-1972 during this time they were at the infamous Woodstock Festival but unfortunately for several reasons they did not go over well with the crowd.Wha
Gary Michael Heidnik was the epitome of evil. FBI famed profiler John Douglas even claimed that Gary "spooked him" - he was born near Cleveland Oh in  1943 and was the last man killed in Pennsylvania by lethal injection July 6, 1999,.In between
Rachell Nickell was a beautiful woman walking through Wimbledon Commons July 15, 1992 with her 2 1/2 year old son,  Alex when she was suddenly attacked in broad daylight, leaving her son sitting by her with a piece of paper trying to "stop the
When William "Bill" and Catherine "Cass" Stuart get shot in their own house along with their 3 year old daughter, Sandy, who was also shot in the head. This happened in Pine Hill NJ April 1982, back then, Pine Hill was just about the country, w
Natalie Wood was one of the last of the Hollywood Legend's; a beautiful star whose life played out in the movies; from childhood to adulthood. Marrying Robert Wagner, divorcing, then Marrying him again, the second time, something happened after
Heather Dawn Church was only 13 years old on the night she was taken from her home. Except in the beginning no one knew that she had been taken. Some thought her a possible runaway, her mother knew that this was impossible. Heather was so level
The case of the West Memphis Three is a famous one, done more than a few times in American culture due to the fact that the alleged perpetrators of this crime (the killing of three young boys) were three teenage boys who in the end, were cruell
Martha "Geney" Crutchley  and Joshua Ford were a couple from Virginia who decided to take a fun filled trip to Ocean City Maryland one warm May in 2002. It was Memorial Day weekend, so when neither of them came back to work the following Tuesda
Toni Sharpless was a young mother who had just straightened her life out. Diagnosed with bipolar, she was on her meds, got her degree in nursing, was working in the infectious disease unit of Lancaster Hospital, and taking care of her daughter.
Leon Moser was one of three men executed in the state of Pennsylvania since 1976; those people include Keith Zettlemoyer and Gary Heidnik; while Keith Zettlemoyer killed his friend Charles and Gary Heidnik became one of the most notorious seria
Sept 7, 1982 there was a strange sight to be seen in Craig Alaska as a fishing vessel known as the Investor was seemingly sailing across the water, peacefully, only it wasn't. It's engine had been cut off and was not only not "sailing peacefull
  (ft lyndon from murder at bedtime with Lyndon who delves into the case with me, Debbie Q, from the Right Shoe)The Springfield three is my first collaboration and its with Lyndon Dowdell from Murder at Bedtime with Lyndon (pocaster and Youtube
This case is a tough one. What happens when one makes a conscious decision to commit murder?  What happens when a murder occurs a little too close to home?This episode was a nail biter for me because I was reminded of something I had forgotten
The West Coast Video Murders was a double homcide, never solved. Two young men, both 20, Bryan Benson and Seann Campbell of Warminster PA both worked at this video store in November, 1993. On the night of the 10th, Bryan's father stopped in to
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