Historical Erasure

Released Monday, 14th October 2019
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Historical Erasure  
How the Left is changing society by controlling the historical narrative.  

In 2001, the barbaric intolerant Taliban blew up two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan on grounds that their very existence was sacrilegious to Islam.
In 2015, ISIS militants entered a museum in Mosul, Iraq, and destroyed ancient, pre-Islamic statues and idols. The crime? These artifacts insulted the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.
The West prides itself for being a society of liberal open thinking tolerance that would never descend into such barbaric mindless oppressive destruction. Ah think again.
Not since the epidemic of statue destruction during the French Revolution or China’s cultural revolution has the world seen anything like the current war on history. Unlike political revolutions cultural revolutions have at their core not only political but basic social reprograming and to achieve a dramatic cultural change all historical facts underpinning the culture must also be rewritten. 
Make no mistake there is and has been a concerted effort by the liberal social/political elite to execute sweeping dramatic core changes to western culture and values. Veiled as globalization, political correctness and woke culture the basic end game is a cultural revolution on the size & scale of the Chines cultural revolution and we see it in the current actions to remake history by demonizing for removing murals, statues and historical figures.
In America there has been a crusade to erase the memory of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Los Angeles removed a Columbus statue in 2018 based on the premise that his 1492 discovery of the Americas began a disastrous genocide in the Western Hemisphere.
In New York there is a renewed zealot push to remove the statue of Columbus that was erected in 1892 by Italian immigrants in memory of the 11 Sicilian immigrants that had been acquitted of murder and were then lynched in New Orleans. It was one of the largest mass lynchings in American history – yet the meaning of the statue to the Italian American community is lost on those who only see it as a symbol of bad & not good. 
Yet knocking down images of Columbus will not change the fact that millions of indigenous people in Central America and Mexico are currently abandoning their ancestral homelands and emigrating northward to quite different landscapes that reflect European and American traditions and political, economic and cultural values.
If we are to judge Columbus by strictly only one metrics, a single dimension such as “disastrous genocide” Likewise, communities should topple statues honoring various Aztec gods throughout the Americas. After all, the Aztec Empire annually butchered thousands of innocent men, women and children captives on the altars of their hungry gods. The Aztecs were certainly far crueler conquerors, imperialists and colonialists than were the Spanish conquistadors. Yet apparently the Aztecs, as indigenous peoples, earn a pass on the systematic mass murder of their enslaved indigenous subjects.
If you read the federalist papers, specifically Madison's Federalist No. 10, Madison, was fearful of what he called tyranny from the minority – that is what is happening today in many aspects of our nation. 
He drew a distinction between a “republic” and a “pure democracy” wherein a republic government is scheme of representation that takes place via elected officials. The basic problem that Madison addressing was the danger of factions in a democratic government, and the way this danger could be cured, i.e., how the government could be organized so as to prevent factions from undermining the purposes of good government. He knew that in a democracy -

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