Tips For Working From Home!

Released Monday, 22nd June 2020
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The most important part of any sale is the salesperson and that relationship that you bring to the party. The latest prediction is that LinkedIn is replacing the phone. You don't want to miss Dan's viewpoint of how you can take full advantage of this! If you're concerned with having a truly successful career you need to get out and see people in person. It's good for your life, and it's good for your soul as well.
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Mr. Producer, man, Chris Stone: people need to know about Chris Stone. This is a public service announcement: and do you know why I'm going to talk about Chris Stone here on the Sales Energizer podcast? I’m going to talk about Chris Stone (who's the world's best a podcast producer and consultant) because he - unlike maybe you - has subscribed and left a review on the Sales Energizer podcast.
And because of that, I'm going to extol his virtues and tell the world that if you're even thinking about starting a podcast, stop everything. Don't do it until you talk to my man, Chris Stone. And I'm sure I'll leave in the, in the show notes. I shall leave all that information, but what, aside from that, so imagine if your name was Chris Stone, how good you would feel right now?
Yeah, I know. And it could happen. It could really happen to you. It says simple as leaving a review and send me an email to let me know that you did it. It'll also be in the show notes. Welcome once again to the world famous... How many countries are we in now? A thousand? 51 countries! If there were a thousand countries, we'd probably be reaching them as well. I have one in where's my where's my big fans? Kazakhstan! For all my Kazakhstanis! Thank you. For getting on the map. I really appreciate you and all you've done for me. So here we are at the Southern Command Center once again, and I want to share something with you.
I like I've said in previous podcasts, I don't like to get topical about the day's events, but I'm about to do it. Here's something. I read yesterday on a LinkedIn post about somebody predicting that in five years, the phone, the telephone making calls is going to be replaced by LinkedIn.
I'm, I'm pausing for a second to allow you to let that sink in. Now, my response to that was thank you. Because what I know for a fact is that whenever somebody used the word predict, you need to do the exact opposite. I mean, this guy knows what life is going to be like in five years, you don't know what life's going to be like in five minutes.
And here's something, the latest prediction because of all the world's events, everything's going to be changed. More people working from home is the new thing. Everyone's going to work from home. Let me tell you something. And this is one of those simple things that people don't realize. It's like truths that you try to avoid because it doesn't fit your, your worldview.
The fact is this… (dramatic pause) What do you think of that, Mr. Producer Man? The fact is this working from home sucks. It just sucks. You try to make it good. You try to say, Oh, it's great. I just have to go downstairs. Well, what happens is you're missing humanity. You need other people.
I might need it more than most. I got it, but there's a very few people out there in the world that can you work? Isn't just about production. I mean, we're talking now I'm 54 years old. I'm coming from this perspective. But if I'm 21, if I'm 22 and I'm stuck in my flipping house, making phone calls, doing this, looking at four walls, like I'm going stir crazy! Are you out of your mind?
How are people going to meet their spouse? How are you going to learn how to deal in public? How are you going to, how are you going to be a social creature, an animal will you, how are you going to stop being afraid? You know, the more you stay in your house, the more afraid you get, you know, the more you're worried about trying new things.
Imagine if you're 34 years old and new thing is to step out of your house. I mean, what what's going on here? You become a less of a hero, but working from home sucks, it's not going to last eventually human beings’ takeover. Listen, you're going to have your home office. Good. Set it up. That's good. And all that stuff.
But when they start telling me when they start predicting that the commercial real estate market is going to crash because everybody's going to work from home. It's time to start investing in commercial real estate. Just do the opposite. You see, you're a salesperson you're out there and you, your world is with other people.
You can do stuff on the phone and I'm a big proponent of it getting on the phone, but the phone is to make appointments with people. The phone is to you. It's very rare that you're going to make a sale of any magnitude, you know, just on the phone, talking to somebody, because then you're just a commodity.
You’ve got to bring that human element into it. I've said it before, but this, this bears repeating in this world where everything is commoditized. You're not going to someone you're not, someone's not going to knock on your door and say, I got this new thing. What we do is you pay us a little money and then when you need help, we take care of it. We pay for it after a little deduction. It's like, you're not “Honey! You got to come here. It's this new thing, insurance! Have you ever heard of it? It's unbelievable!”
Nothing is new anymore. Even the phones. They fold up now they're new. You talk to it and listens to you. It drives your car. That's not even amazing anymore. I mean, nothing is going to surprise you. Like that's really cool. I have to get it. Cause you know, something bigger is going to happen. Everything's commoditized in this world right now.
The most important part of any sale is the salesperson and that relationship that you bring to the party. Oh, by the way, parties, how are you going to go to parties? Now, if you can't get out of your house, now there’s these Zoom rooms that are good, and people are talking about ways to make Zoom more entertaining. You know, how you make Zoom more entertaining, get everybody in one room and videotape the whole thing and have what's called a party like a networking group with human beings there.
And you want to videotape it, go ahead and videotape it. Watch what happens. You know, this is it, this, this whole thing of, you know, staying home and working out ways to be more insulated and, and more independent on yourself and on your, in your little world is going to explode one day. Cause people need to get out.
People need to work. Working from home stinks. Now, of course, this is just my opinion. And I'm not asking you to believe me, but you're allowed to be wrong anytime you want. That's what makes it a great country. That's a great place to be. Don't let anybody talk you into the idea. I it's, it's a great, it's a great thing to have the option to work from home, but it's very, but it's imperative.
If you're concerned with having a truly successful career you need to get out and see people in person. It's good for your life, and it's good for your soul as well. It is a different feeling. You know, it starts from in person is best, video calls are next, phone calls are up there. Emails are getting worse.
And then, you know, even a letter is better than emails and all that stuff, but, but the in person visit that touch that connection is a thousand times better than number two.
And especially now when people are literally in fear and in some cases, you know, frightened for the right reasons. If you could show bravery by doing something as simple as making a in person contact call, that moves you up the ladder and it, it, it puts you in a position of strength, especially by the way, if you're visiting somebody in their place of business, they're already out there working.
And so now here, you're going to tell them, I'm sorry, Mr. Jones. I'm not going to come visit you because I'm chicken is basically what you're saying to them. And they're out there doing it. And people like hustlers. If you're dealing with business owners, like I deal with many times, if you're dealing with the person who started the business or the ones up there who are, you know, up in the C suite who started with the business, when he just got started, these, these guys and gals are hustlers.
These are guys that guys are people that are not, they're not afraid of stuff like that. They look at that as a challenge and you need to meet them on their level. If you meet them on a level of, you know, coming from fear and not, and not talking to them for that reason to not showing up and not, not visiting and not doing the stuff that they did when they got started.
You're, you're just, you're putting yourself in a position where you're just another salesperson. You're just another person that, you know, the, another commodity that we could tell us of, you know, how they are type of thing, but you can meet them on their level and even surpass them with bravery. If they're too chicken to come in and you're, Hey, I'm here at your place.
Where are you? And I say to chicken, not like its a, an insult. I don't mean it that way. It's just chicken. Chicken's a funny word. You know, there are certain funny words. My mother in law says that I like to, cause I'm, I help people, a little thing. You don't know, you're just listening to them, but you know, I'm big with just helping individuals.
I don't think of causes, but I'm big with individuals. And my mother in law says, you know, Danny, he's the type of person he likes to attract chickens with broken wings. Chicken's a funny word, but listen, I'm not calling any of you chicken. I'm giving you the opportunity to make America what it always is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.
And if you're not brave you, the salespeople, the people on the front line are not brave. We will very quickly not have the freedom for this country. We're depending on you; I'm depending on you. And I know you can do it cause you're the best and I'm the Deej! And today of all days, get out there and go get 'em!

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