Ep. 16 Four Essential Lessons for Overcoming Tough Times

An episode of the The Secret to My Success podcast

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When things are going well, we have full faith in our ability to thrive—to kick ass and take names, so to speak. But when things are bad, when every turn it seems like there’s some new obstacle to punch us in the gut, that’s when we have to rely on mental strength, literally mental muscle, to get us through hard times.

Here are 4 of the best takeaways or lessons I’ve learned from my guests on The Secret to My Success.

Lesson #1: You have the incredible power to help others, even when you think you can barely help yourself.

Lesson #2: When you go through difficult times, you have the unique ability to come out better from it.

Lesson #3: The most successful people aren’t Type A personalities—they’re Type R.

Lesson #4: We have to practice mindful self-mastery. Basically, how to take control of that powerful mind of ours.

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14 mins


Tuesday, November 27th 2018