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Burning Man - Today's Paganism
Author Tal Brooke, President Spiritual Counterfeits Project tells of the events and history encompassed in the annual 'Burning Man' event, held every year at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, attended by 70,000 this year. Wiccans, nudists, new agers, 'artists' anarchists attend for a week of "glorious Hell on earth." They burn sacrifices, worship gods/goddesses and express bizarre sexual behavior.
Cultural Delusions - Part 4: Yoga Uncoiled
Guest: the late Caryl Matrisciana - as we look at cultural delusions, one area that has become mainstream America is Yoga, but is it innocent exercise? Hear from Author and award-winning Film Producer from her own experience as a former New Age follower, now Christian and researcher, what is really the purpose of yoga and is there any danger in it?
Cultural Delusions - Part 1: Atheism
Political agendas; New Age Deception; Mocking Atheists - only three of the areas where America has radically changed from a century ago. How did we get here? We'll start with a look at atheism and its modern-day guru, Richard Dawkins, who has now come out advocating for cannibalism. What?
DANGER: Crazy Battles on U.S. Turf
Guest: Erick Stakelbeck, Author of "The Terrorist Next Door," Television Host on TBN, and former Terrorism Analyst for CBN - given the current controversy regarding anti-Semitism in the U.S. Congress, it's important to look at the actual situation regarding the Jihadist agenda right here in the United States.
CULTURE WARS - The Sexualization of Children
Guest: James Hartland, former homosexual now activist to protect children from sexualization indoctrination - who would have thought 10 years ago one of the biggest battles over children would be indoctrination that leads to gender confusion or gender dysphoria? Is it the 'natural' outcome of homosexual indoctrination? Can someone be born int he 'wrong body?' Can a boy really be a girl? Hear what the Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians says about this.
Wars & Rumors of Wars 1
Guest: Ted Belman, Israpundit - Direct from Israel my guest and I talk about the meaning of the threats against Israel and the importance of America's support. A look at the contrast between Obama's and Trump's treatment of Israel. Special song: "The Forgotten People," by Ted Pearce
Apostasy in Motion
Guest: Patrick Wood - Apostasy is a big subject, but this discussion adds an element many have not associated with apostasy...technocracy and transhumanism. Wait until you hear how the dots connect between what the Bible says and modern culture today.
Fake News - When the Media Hates a President
A look at some of the abuses of freedom of the press by the liberal media that has resorted to reporting Fake News against President Trump and his administration, because they are losing their seat of power to mold and shape the minds (and hearts) of the American people. Including not reporting some stories, such as Nancy Pelosi's telling of an experience with the 'spirits' of feminists.
Fake News - When the Media is in Love with a President
Fighting Fake News requires raising awareness and reporting the truth. When the mainstream media is given over to bias so much that they cross over to reporting Fake News, we have to know who we can trust and who can't we. We name names, including those who have been blinded by their love for Obama, and hate for Trump.
Darwin Day & Evoution Celebrated in Schools
Guest: Dr. Jonathan Wells, Author and Biologist from Berkeley - Not only has Darwinian evolution has become a 'religious' battle of atheists against believers in a Creator or Intelligent Designer, but is celebrated each year on February 12th in schools and civic institutions in the U.S. and around the dogmatically as they teach that the world is round. Why has science grown so narrow as to not include theories of human origins other than evolution?
HIDDEN AGENDAS: In the Culture #1
Guest: Wesley J. Smith, Discovery Institute, Author of "War on Humans" - Little Charlie Gard and his parents have lost their battle against the UK's Socialized Medicine System. How can doctors, or courts, decide what is to be done for a child against the parent's wishes? Devaluing of human life. Today, humans are seen by a growing number of 'experts' as of no more value than a dog or a pig. Shocking how the Hidden Agendas of the euthanasia and environmentalist population-control have gained ground.
Origins of Evil & Ghosts - Are They Real?
Guest: Dr. James Lindzey, National Guard Chaplain - the majority of Americans belief in the supernatural, including 1/3 who believe they have been visited by a ghost or someone from the dead. What is going on? Dr. Lindzey tells of firsthand accounts of his soldiers during Hurricaine Katrina who had some very disturbing experiences. So, if people are having these experiences what are they? Ghosts or demons?
A Look Back & Forward - America's Past & Future
Guest: William Federer, Author and modern-day Historian - What is the real history of America - was it founded on Christianity? What is our nation's real past, our present condition, and future? If we don't remember history, we're bound to repeat the bad, and fail to continue the good. Segments from William Federer's television program.
The Future of America and Terrorism
Guest: Erick Stakelbeck, Terrorism Analyst for CBN, Host of The Watchman and Author of "The Brotherhood - America's Next Great Enemy" - What will a Trump administration do about the threat of terrorism from ISIS, etc? And what about the Muslim Brotherhood in our government? 
A Look Back and Forward - The U.S. & the World
Foreign policy and relations with other governments, allies and enemies, have always been extremely important. What is Trump inheriting, and how are Obama's last 'deals' ie with Israel and Russia, setting up even more difficulties for the incoming President? 
A Look Back & Forward - The U.S. & Culture
Guests: Debra Rae & Audrey Russo - While the Obama administration is betraying our ally, Israel, schools are betraying the trust of parents. Children are being taught values and 'history' often opposed to the will and wishes of their parents. Will the future be different with a new President, Cabinet and Congress? With Common Core ended and more?
FREEDOM! & Property Rights Go Hand-in-Hand
Guest: Dr. Michael Coffman, Author of Plundered - Part 2 on how some on the far-Left not only are against property rigts for individuals, but see their position as necessary for the breakdown of America as she was founded, to remake her into a Marxist country. How did the Founding Fathers place protections against this?
DEBUT: New Sharon Hughes Show - HOUR 1
Sharon debuts on KMYC 1410 AM out of the Sierra-Nevada Foothills of Northern California, this weekend, and every Sunday @ 3-5 pm. HOUR 1: Dr. Steven Mosher on outrageous Population Control advocates and agendas; America's Survivor Advisor on how to make it through the economic madness, personally and professionally; Author Brian Sobel, speaking at our Operation Heartlift event honoring our Troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan; and more. HOUR 2 follows.
Culture Wars #5 - Helping the Culture
Guest: Ray McClendon - In the midst of the anti-Christmas/Christianity affects on culture, can we do anything to change the culture? Hear how a pastor not only gives suggestions, but lives by example, on how helping/blessing the culture in the name of Jesus Christ works. Being a light in darkness, whatever kind of darkness it is, makes all the difference in the world.
The Future of the U.S. and Iran
Guest: Michael Rubin, Author and former Pentagon official - ISIS, Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the Middle East continues to be in turmoil. Will we learn from our mistakes of the past and use good diplomacy under a Trump administration? This is 'yuge'.
Future of the Economy: Capitalism or Socialism
Guests: Dr. Paul Ibbetson, Jerry Robinson, Steve Berean, Steve Durham - What will the future hold for the economy of the United States? Will we learn from the mistakes of the past, or will socialism make further inroads in America? Will a Trump Presidency stop it? Our Great Radio Debate on Capitalism vs. Socialism gets hot and heavy.
The "Supremacists"
One of the most important things to consider in any Presidential election is the appointment of Supreme Court Judges, and those the candidates would appoint. We'll give details on current positions, and then reair my interview with the late Phyllis Schlafly, attorney, advisor to Pres. Ronald Reagan, founder of Eagle Forum, referred to as "Founding Mother" by Dr. James Dobson, and author of the book, "The Supremacists," which is more relevant now than ever.
'De-Constructing' Church & Nation
Another way to 're-write' history, Deconstructionism is a theory that concentrates on finding "ruptures" or inconsistencies in a text, thus enabling the critic to break down or "deconstruct" it -- and it has crept into today's postmodern church; is the mainstay in our universities; and a method of many in our government, to change worldviews and move agendas forward. Wesley J. Smith of the Discovery Institute and author of "War on Humans" joins to show how this applies today.
Nations Mounting Against Israel
Iran just aired on TV simulated attacks on Israel AND a United States aircraft carrier; and have sent ships to move into U.S. borders. Plus, Jordanian MPs called for 'no peace deal with deceitful Jews.' Iran, Syria and now Jordan, along with other nations, are mounting against Israel. Interview with Author Ron Rhodes today as we focus on the Middle East.
Satanic Idol Worship as Entertainment
BEWARE: A rise in mainstreaming Satanic Idol Worship as Entertainment, as demonstrated by Katy Perry's performance at the Grammies just one of several such displays by young female singers. Beyonce's acts and admission of demon possession, (hear it in her own words), should alert parents to be diligent in monitoring what their kids are watching, including Disney's former Hannah Montanta, Miley Cyrus and more.
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