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Episodes of The SideStreets Podcast

Topics: New massive projects, dedication, hard work, interviews, myths, make believe, what actually matters, Black Sabbath, babies, parenting, books, The Resonars, seeking encouragement, and the things we do for love.
Topics: Doing the work, drawing all day long, GRILL, Long Island, figuring it out as you go along, a life’s work, ignoring self doubt, alter egos, free stuff, fundraising, constantly creating, and the things we do for love.
Topics: CAN'T WAIT on KXCI, internet radio, new shows, defending albums, comedy rock, parody, Super Bowl halftime shows, bearing one's soul, rejection, cult followings, terrible grunge, sludge, felony songs, subtle improvement, glam, two wrongs
Topics: Gamma Like Very Ultra, fuzz, experimental rock, fretless bass, jazz, fusion, a new Boogie Nights soundtrack, green, deep red, small towns, Sonic Youth, sweet dreams, aggressively danceable, Wiener Records, heroism, running, lost voices,
Topics: Tucson, more Tucson, road trips, visiting Tucson, making people happy, taking the brunt of people’s complaints, a unique vantage point, iTunes playlists, the music biz, selling points, moving around, a foot in the door, and the things w
Topics: Breaks, breathers, siestas, chill-outs, Louise Le Hir, sports, nonsense, CAN’T WAIT ON KXCI, Blood Stone, sweet 666teen parties, two weeks, the summer of SideStreets, and the things we do for love.
Topics: Steff And The Articles, pop music, writing for piano, breaking the mold, not fitting in, digital hoarding, seeking new avenues, Kickstarter, making adjustments, working really really hard, mini tours, personal connections with new fans,
Topics: Filmmaking, imagination, Alex Italics, bad manners, Eugene Mirman, guitar, turning one’s back on political science, rethinking old forms, a running tally of ideas, They Might Be Giants, film festivals, aesthetics, the relationship betwe
Topics: Acorn Bcorn, formative years, Colorado, refineries, masonry, Desperado, membership drives, supportive parents, oldies, middle C, cardboard boxes, early songwriting, making things difficult, feeling real, instincts, minimal filters, thin
Topics: Golden Boots, Growing up in South Jersey, Romo Tonight, gravitating toward drums, Trashcan Hawaii, no-grass, poking at ideas, ceilings, repeating Desperado, Devo, early four-tracks, psych rock, bigger drums, the Flaming Lips, subtle ins
Topics: All-ages shows, Diet Pop Records, forming your first band, membership drives, trundle beds, city planning, getting kids involved in the local music scene, Romo Tonight, live performance, viable outlets, ambiguous teen voices, the way th
Topics: Art, oil painting, jealousy, the perfect film, the story of Everest, George McFly as Nightcrawler, Twin Peaks, Pee Wee Herman, remembering the Alamo, set design, Head Over Heart, art therapy, donating to KXCI, pop culture art shows, Mr.
Topics: Telling jokes, Female Storytellers, political science, spectating to performing, the Fisterhood, Christmas ham, open mics, comfort levels, Tucson’s comedy community, receptiveness to newcomers, comedy infrastructure, improv, failing in
  Topics: Sister shows, burritos, tacos, high bars, energy domes, a pie-free existence, Vermont, small buildings, a bundle of nerves, speech apprehension, Forest Fallows, the heart, songwriting in MIDI, a random collision of events, isolation,
  Topics: Roller derby, two weeks, youth culture, flat versus bank, Whip It, Austin in 2001, the power of gravity, Dirty Terry, fitting things to the initials, fresh-meat skaters, staying calm, burlesque, jams, Miss Evil, baby steps, Bambi, pro
Topics: Anniversaries, stuntin' on them haters, dividing records by country, Chunklet, Barcelona, Placebo Records, labels as curation, Toxic Ranch, myth building, the desert, scalding water in a hose, Nardwuar-esque segues, sharing your passion
Topics: Baby Gas Mask Records, background noise, following Ween around, turning unspeakable tragedy into something positive, circumstance, home studios, Skid Row cassettes, Debbie Gibson, growing up in the film Whiplash, finding REM, fringe mus
Topics: A litter of kittens, world travels, anniversaries, Uptown Girl, future scientists, clarinets, teaching your children, moments, jazz vocalists, a Patsy Cline sort of deal, the cast of the film Dig, videos, photo shoots, discovering confi
Topics: The meaning of home, the meaning of all sorts of stuff really, iconoclastic tendencies, the suburbs, the outdoors, Tucson, roots, home ownership, radio production, libraries, conversations, ethics, humanity, ice scrapers, limits, John D
Topics: Romo Tonight Live!, The DraftNet Podcast, ghost peppers, tattoos, taking things beyond the limit, childhood dreams, Tucson, Letterman, constant reinvention, big plans, packed houses, fault lines, busted hems, Lana Del Rey, structure ver
Topics: Tucson, capturing moments, unspeakable tragedy, the kindness of strangers, obsessively shooting photographs, Arizona Public Media, the border, drought, tacos, Beyond, Prom Body, Romo Tonight, three big announcements, podcasts, long-form
Topics: Screenwriting, failing, succeeding, eliminating pretension, treating your creative endeavor like a job, finding your voice, background noise, basketball, going beardless, birthdays, responsibility, adorable children, following through,
Topics: Lathe cuts, the Speedway Scene, pied pipers, sound reproduction, hexagon-shaped albums, Murfy The Dog, brushing like a dentist, New Zealand, carving out a niche, grooves, tricks of the narrating trade, 1965, beer stilts, Joyful Noise Re
Topics: Cover songs, costumes, swan dresses, mustaches, party atmospheres, health care, food banks, Bowie, psych rock, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Big Star, Pink Floyd, the most fun, preparation, and the things we do for love.
Topics: Billy Bates, filmmaking, paying your dues, art as life as art, Old Tucson Studios, tow trucks, The Best Show, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, Harsh Mistress, gravity ghosts, going on tour, Tucson in the fall, The Loft Cinemas, seven year
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