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There is magic that happens when it comes to marketing. Things happen that most entrepreneurs can not accurately explain but we know that we want that magic to happen for our business. Not only do we want it to happen, we want to be able to rep
"It's not an end game. It's just how life goes"Thomas Brigger talks about his latest novel "Beyond the Higher Ground". It is about a Project Manager for a very large construction company who finds an opportunity to restart his life after losin
I am a keynote speaker, author, and organization development professional with over 30 years of experience supporting global corporations, including Mars, Inc., and IBM. I have written two books on teamwork: "Lessons from Mars: How One Global C
"I'm okay""It's nothing" "I'll get over it" These are just a few of the things that people will say in order to deflect from telling someone that they are going through grief, anxiety, or depression. It has become easier to just put a mask on b
Peak performance is a term we often hear in refernece to sports but it is a term that can be applied to life and business. It is when we execute at our highest level. Bpundaries need to be tested and stretched in order for us to reach our peak
Mental health has been a taboo topic passed on as the "family secret". With Generation Z we have come to find that they are not only willing to talk about it, they are also ready to get healed from it. Many of the older generations have been ta
Now is the time to stop throwing your money in the air and hoping it lands on good ground. I know that may sound a little harsh but hear me out. This is the episode where you will plan for your financial comeback and that can only be done if we
"If you are going through hell, keep going!" ~ Winston ChurchhillFirst, let me say "thank you" to all of the veterans who listen in to The #SpeakEasy Podcast. We value your service to our serve in such a great capacity. Your actions, your life
For many years there have been debates about giving and receiving help. The varying perspectives often are a product of personal experience. So your demographics can tend to sway you one way or another. There is one constant in this discussion:
Don't lose sight of the dream and don't let go of the joy! When you think about this statement it is NOT one that you will hear coming from most coaches. Yet, as we journey through entrepreneurship we find that this statement needs to be engrai
Advocacy takes on different roles in order to empower the voice and impact the lives of people. In today's episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Howard Ross about the past, present, and future of advocacy. Education will always be what i
Here is a hard truth to handle for most entrepreneurs...You are leaving money and opportunities on the table everyday! Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. Are you dominating the rooms you are in both in person and vir
September 9 at 7:00 PM (Original Live Broadcast: · Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies Inspiring Passion, Potential, and PurposeThe Power of Voice!#unmute: Tap Into The Power of Your Voice - Key Benefits of Finding Your VoiceOur featured guest t
Let’s be honest...somewhere along the lines there is a miscommunication when it comes to multiple streams of income. Honestly, we tend to find ourselves spending large amounts of time, energy, and money on things that only bring in trickles of
Within recent weeks we have had two losses that hit hard for many people around the world. Cici the Six Figure Chick and Chadwick Boseman, although they were in different industries, left their fingerprint on the world in a powerful way. This s
Victoria Lowell is a financial advocate, coach, international bestselling author of “Empower your Worth: A Woman’s Guide to Increasing Self-Worth and Net Worth.” and the founder of Empowered Worth, a financial-education platform that empowers w
There will be moments that create detours in your life but that doesn't have to stop your journey. For some, they believe that money, time, or having the right connections is what matters most in order to reach your goal. In today's episode, yo
What does it mean to be in the middle of the pack? People will fight, tooth and nail, to get to the front of the pack but do we really know what it means to be in the middle of the pack. It is not until we understand what the middle of the pack
The pursuit of happiness is more than just a great movie. Now more than ever, people are trying to find ways to buy it, sell it, create it, keep it, find it, and yes even hoard it. Happiness for so many people around the world has become majest
Define rubble...it is not that we can clearly define it but we illuminate what it looks like from different vantage points. For Vivianne, it was using a little metal pail to ask for scraps of chicken heads and fish heads. She would bring them h
"Life doesn't happen like that!"Wayne McFarland was taken aback by the memoirs that he was reading. It influenced him to be the one to tell his own stories and oh what stories they were. This episode will be one that should inspire you to write
Yes, you read that right. A Million Dollars Ain't Nothing! Now before you scroll past this episode, hear me out. If you add up what you have made in the last five years at your job how much is that? Now think about what you have been able to do
What's your relationship with money?Can I be honest with you for a moment? I feel like I knew nothing about money too. In today's episode, Jackie shares some real truths about your financial journey. There will definitely be some questions that
2020 has turned into the bully on the playground for many entrepreneurs. It has beat up on your goals and your vision but just like a bully, it has a weakness. When you break free from the stereotypes and the comparisons you will see 2020 with
Let's be honest, in the world of zoom...pants are optional. The running joke has become that business meetings have become business up top and party down below. With that being said, what does dressing for success look like in 2020? As a wardro
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