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Episodes of The Spiritually Expressed Human

Understanding the depths of our true limitless nature with Susan:Creating beauty when you stop resisting the flow. Accepting the divine timing and flow of life and looking for the gifts in all things. Stepping into the flow of your true purpose
Choosing your reality when you are feeling reactionary with Susan:Reacting when you feel dismissed, overlooked, or ignored vs choosing to view the feeling through awareness that it is a mirror for your emotional body. Being seen, heard, and val
Sitting in your quicksand to realize your limitlessness with Susan:Understanding the importance of limited beliefs and where those beliefs are coming from. Moving through things by sitting in the muck. Using the limitedness to find your limitle
Understanding the illusory nature of trauma narratives with Susan:What trauma is - beyond the dictionary definition. Understanding the story, narrative, and illusionary bubble you have put (or been taught to put) around trauma that keeps it in
Finding more peace, joy, and abundance in letting go with Susan:Understanding the depth and reasoning for our attachments, both good and bad. Beginning to let go of attachments. Moving past the titles and roles to understand our identities.  Ke
Choice, action, and getting unstuck with SusanWhat is meant when you are stuck (and how to recognize when you are stuck).The power of choice recognition in diminishing individual stuckness. Resiliency to continue moving forward and trusting in
Getting unstuck and honoring all that you are with Susan:Susan’s journey over the last 8 months, physically, spiritually, and mentally.Discovering who you are and living your full authentic life. Moving beyond the labels you are hiding behind. 
Learning, growing, and evolving with Susan and Lana:The importance of your headspace when dealing with stress. Appreciating who and what you are at every interval of your life. The roles to get done in life, there is no pink and blue roles, onl
Living true to the deepest part of you with Susan:Your infinite connection, potential, and knowingness. Tapping into your genius and finding what causes you to feel alive. Channeling who you are and how you want to show up in the world.  Key Ta
Being responsible for the forms of impact we make in the world with Susan and Mellissa:Being a co-creator with the genius that flows through us and into the world. Mellissa’s journey to align both the business and the spiritual side of herself.
Understanding and communicating boundaries in a healthy way with Susan:Setting good boundaries while dealing with outside noise and past conditioning. Different types of boundaries and how they may present. Controlling what we can control.  Key
Trusting the deeper knowingness within with Susan:Doing what comes to you naturally and not forcing what you think is right. Being present in the moment and taking a pause. Making choices based on our heart’s voice instead of the one in our hea
Being an evolving expert and living your deepest truth with Susan and Lisa:Getting f’ing real with yourself, being 100% honest, and figuring out what you are tolerating and what is in your way. Showing who you truly are in all situations. The G
Getting out of our own way, getting out of our head, and taking actions aligned with our deeper knowing with Susan:Understanding your top priorities and taking discerning action. What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed. Getting out of overw
Choosing your response and living your life how you want with long-term focus with Susan and Marc:Committing with a long-term focus on everything you do. Defining yourself beyond your age or any other factors that others want to throw on you.Co
Connection, love, and divinity with Susan:Connecting to our sexuality, our sensuality, and our power. Defining “human-ness” beyond the feminine and a divine way. Loving ourselves and finding a connection to ourselves.  Key Takeaw
Recognizing and reclaiming womanhood, femininity, and sexuality with Susan and Victoria:Victoria’s incredible journey from growing up in an ultra conservative, traditional culture to the vivacious, divine self she now embraces.The difference be
Taming the passive-aggressive beast by looking within with Susan:Finding ways to speak your truth in all situations. Living to your truth, not in boxes others create for you. Working on ourselves by asking ourselves questions to find the truth
Granting yourself permission to feel all emotions with Susan and Cindy:What passive-aggressive behavior is and how it can manifest in our lives. Looking at the three types of truth, expression, perspective, and communication. Coming from a plac
Searching inside and embracing what is within us to honor who we are and find our way with Susan:Feeling lost and the disconnection we have with ourselves. The four roots that grow core branches common across many people. Honoring and really co
Choosing every day how you react, who you are, and embracing your own badassery with Susan and Rob:Rob’s introduction to addictive substances, his journey through addiction into recovery, and the rebuilding of his life in sobriety. Dealing with
Prioritizing purposeful actions in YOUR life with Susan:The state of commitment and non-commitment. Using different language to reframe your thoughts and give yourself permission. Clearing the clutter that is part of the day-to-day existence in
Learning to give yourself permission to clear the unnecessary clutter of your life to become the YOU that’s waiting to emerge with Susan and Kim:Embracing creativity wherever it comes to us, even when it’s not a glamorous time or location. Refr
The transition process we are all facing with Susan:Recognizing your highest power within you to live your best life.When we change how we see ourselves, we open up new opportunities and pathways.  Learning and growing from all choices that we
Living your life with love and spiritual strength with Susan and Paul:The impact of COVID-19 on the 50+ community. Love at the core of who we are in all that we are.Finding success and love in your life and in what you do.  Key Takeaways:Talk t
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