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Anti-White Racist Vernon Jones FLEES LIVE INTERVIEW! - Facebook ”Whistleblower” is Deep State Op - Cyrus Parsa Says ”Vaccines” are AI Alien Extinction Plan

Released Thursday, 7th October 2021
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1.  Vernon Jones ran off during a LIVE Interview taping with "The Stew Peters Show".

Peters confronted Jones about a variety of different issues the mainstream media refuses to address as the GOP props up Jones as a "Conservative" candidate, while Jones is actually filled with anti-white hate and sex scandals.

During the interview, Jones was muted after he tried to gaslight the audience and lie to Peters. The mute button was left on, and the complete (1-sided) interview is posted at StewPeters.tv.

Jones has made the claim that Peters is "racist" because Peters accused Jones of "jive talk". Peters stands by that claim, as "jive talk" is defined as "deliberately misleading or deceptive talk", and that's EXACTLY what Vernon Jones is guilty of.

2.  Jason Fyk is a free speech advocate fighting section 230 and has a proposition for Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

3.  Cyrus Parsa joined Stew Peters to reveal what he believes is the real agenda behind the Covid-19 bioweapon and the shots being pushed, and falsely referred to as "vaccines".

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