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“I’ve heard people get to 5-6 staff, and they’re making basically the exact same money they were at 2 staff. And that doesn’t make any sense!” -Louie Prosperi   All of us know what it feels like to learn from our mistakes. But we don’t often pa
“Far too many professionals want to feel good about themselves and demonstrate their expertise, but what they do is, they jump in and talk about how they are going to solve the problem before they have an understanding as to the value to the cu
“My tribe helped me realize I don’t need to compete with anyone, and I can use everyone as a resource and sounding board.” -Coreen Wright   There is a tendency among small business owners and start-ups, to feel like they are in constant competi
“Probably 20% of your clients are causing 80% of the problems.” -Natalie Eckdahl   Finding your bookkeeping niche is hard. But not as hard as finding the number of clients needed to make a low-price business successful. Low pricing may seem lik
“One of the biggest challenges I see is that women do not have enough profit coming out of their business, and the base behind that is they are not charging high enough prices.” -Natalie Eckdahl   Overcoming the struggles of building a business
“If we want premium pricing, we have to go to the market with an uncommon offering." -Ron Baker Welcome to a new episode of our Spotlight series, now hosted by a great friend of The Successful Bookkeeper and world-class business strategist, Lou
“You will never have the time, and you have to make the time, so make it in small chunks. Schedule fifteen minutes a day to work on that, because as long as you are moving forward, you aren’t standing still or moving backward.” -Tanya Hilts Fin
“They don’t come to you because you can do numbers, they come because they enjoy talking to you.” -Michael Eckstein     Starting a business is never easy, and while we can all theorize about potential outcomes, there is no substitution for tryi
“Once you realize what you love to do, you get really good at it, and you can charge a lot more money for it.” -Dawn Brolin Finding the path to success is never easy. Even ‘overnight’ successes don’t happen overnight. It can be easy to feel lik
“You can never become the master of one thing. There is always someone out there that knows a little bit of something you don’t have an area of knowledge in.” -Lyla Smith   Technology is great, but it can sometimes limit and trap us into ways o
“Once you get going, you get more and more productive.” -Amanda Hamilton  Our bookkeeping businesses are our babies. We put the work in with the hope they’ll grow healthy and strong. But sometimes this desire can overwhelm our ability to step b
“I suppose I didn’t get quite as many things done, but the things I got done, I did a lot better.” -Minda Zetlin    Too many of us feel like if we aren’t working all the time, we aren’t doing a good job. We don’t expect an immediate response to
“If you’re not uncomfortable in what you’re doing, you’re not growing.” -Lora Lonesberry Habits are hard to break. Though we may feel safe, set in our ways, being too unwilling to learn new things, can only hurt the long-term viability of your
“It’s like walking down the street naked. You can tell me whatever you like, but the numbers are going to tell the truth of what the story of your business is.” -Lora Lonesberry Running your own business is challenging. It can be easy to get ca
“I think we oftentimes can look at what we are going through and assume, we are the only one who potentially has these problems.” — Christina Springstead It can be really challenging to invest in ourselves. To put time, money, energy, and effor
“If the data exists digitally, the user should be able to control that information, and use it in any way they want.” -Martin Chee How automated are your bookkeeping processes? It can be a real challenge to keep pace with all the apps, programs
“You’re offering a career, not a J-O-B and we want people to come and join your team because they see the value in having a career, alongside you.” -Shelli Warren Finding the right people to build your dream team can be exhausting. It is often
“What can I do in the last part of the day that makes tomorrow morning better?” -Donna McGeorge  Finding balance in our lives is never easy. There can be a strong compulsion to equate working harder with being more successful. Pouring all our t
“You're not going to attract talent that way, they aren't interested in mindless data entry work, they want to have a meaningful impact on the world around them and if we don't create those opportunities someone else will.”  -Jasen Stine It is
“Self-teaching costs 73% more than taking formal training because it takes you so much longer to figure it out by yourself.” -Alicia Katz Pollock Sometimes, we might think working harder will eventually make the work feel less hard. But it neve
“Yeah, there’s a risk, but if I don’t try, then I will never achieve any of the things that I want to achieve.” -Dr. Sue Haywood    The fear of failure can be debilitating. It can sap our confidence and force us to remain in situations of disco
“Figure out exactly what your needs are and then figure out the right software choices based on those specific needs.”  -Amber Mac For Episode 300, a special guest has arrived! But, before we get into that, we could not be more grateful to all
Access the bonus interview with Russell in the Successful Bookkeeper Community Portal. “I was led by great leaders and not-so-great leaders. I learned just as much from the good leaders as the bad ones. See what you want to emulate and what you
“The more you try to force yourself to do something you hate, the less successful you will be at it.” -Dr. Arin Reeves Burnout is more than just feeling tired. It is a taking of energy from you, that is not replenished in equal measure. We have
“I can’t care about all of these other people, and I can’t care about what I care about in this world if I’m not okay to contribute.” -Dr. Arin Reeves We have all dealt with bad clients, most of us probably still are. Losing clients can make us
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