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194: How to Deal with Difficult People and Difficult Times with Mark Goulston on the TalentGrow Show with Halelly Azulay

Released Tuesday, 18th August 2020
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We all know at least one person who knows just how to push our buttons. Staying poised and not ‘losing it’ in the face of difficult people -- and difficult times -- is an especially important skill for leaders to cultivate. On this episode of The TalentGrow Show, Halelly chats with author and former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer Dr. Mark Goulston about how to improve your outcomes dealing with difficult people and what it takes to be a strong leader during difficult times. Mark shares a dramatic courthouse story from when he served as an advisor to the prosecution on the O.J. Simpson trial, and draws valuable lessons from it that you can take with you to the workplace. Plus, discover the one thing people look for from leaders during times of crisis or uncertainty. Tune in and be sure to share this episode with others!
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