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Being a leader is more about knowing how the company works.  It's also about knowing how the people work.   Tia Graham is a Chief Happiness Officer.  She explains what that is and how she has written a book that will teacher people leaders how
Have you ever asked yourself why you end up with the same kind of person in a new relationship?  Why is it that the needy, greedy or "cheaty" types always seem to end up as your significant other?  Well, I have some good news: it's not them.  I
I ask the questions that derive from relationship memes posted on social media and my callers give the answers on how they would handle the situation! Questions about trust issues, blended family drama and more! All of this and more on the firs
Can women have casual sex without hurting themselves or emotionally-stunting their growth?  My guest says that it's possible to do so and without shame. Intimacy and relationship coach, Lia Holmgren, joins this Q-on-1 episode to discuss her new
BBLs. Stilettos. Extremely tight and revealing clothing. You can see all of that just by taking a trip to the mall. Outfits that were once reserved for on-stage performances and nightclubs are now everyday attire. The profession of exotic dance
Is it in our nature to cheat?  Is it biological? Less than 5% of mammals maintain lifelong partners.  Should people be included in that number?  Many believe that humans are not meant to be with one mate for life and that society limits our inn
I talk to my guests and Show Legends about the many reasons people aren't married. Some women waste their time waiting for a guy to marry them. Some people put off marriage to further their education or career. Some people just want to sleep ar
I ask questions from random relationship memes scenarios that I find on social media and YOU get to answer them!  Baby mamas and daddies, cheaters and more.  I present the meme and you give your response on how you would handle it. All of that
Do we actually reap what we sow? Is the energy that we put out the energy that we can expect in return? When it comes to attraction, it's not always about the physical. Sometimes the type of life you lead can attract certain kinds of characters
It's that time of the year when "hobosexuals" try to find a place to lay up for the winter and women make bad decisions to keep from being alone for the holidays. We're a month into Cuffing Season and those without a mate could find themselves
At what point does a lady mature into a woman? It's not a specific age that brings about the transformation, but a set of events. However, it's the early stages of his development that will determine when or if she ever reaches maturity.  What
We all wish that we could stay young and enjoy what life has to offer.  Staying out late, throwing back drinks or looking to smash is something that a lot of people wish they could do until the end of time.  That's the beauty of being able to l
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more have infiltrated our lives to the point that we're so dependent on them.  A major outage on October 5th caused a lot of panic in people.  There is also controversy surrounding Facebook about how they play
"Missing White Women Syndrome", Haitian immigrants, vaccinated or unvaccinated? There's so much controversy going on in this country that you cannot begin to list them all. However, we'll focus on a few of them on this episode to get some every
This episode dives into what is considered "misrepresentation" and what's considered "putting your best foot forward"?   Nothing is what it seems in America. Politicians don’t care about their constituents. Reality TV is not real. The Denver Br
At what point does a guy turn into a man? It's not a specific age that brings about the transformation, but a set of events. However, it's the early stages of his development that will determine when or if he ever reaches maturity. What factors
Is having a "work wife" or "work husband" at the office a bad thing?  Can it be considered "cheating" on your mate?   When you spend 40+ hours per week with people on the job, you can develop relationships with them.  Some may be on a platonic
What makes it so hard at times to recognize that we're dealing with a control freak?  Sometimes "we can't see the forest for the trees" and we get manipulated without even knowing that it's occurring.  Are there signs that are shown that we don
I have a conversation with artist, DeLisa Treshelle, who battled back from a suicide attempt to use her artwork to help others overcome trauma.  We'll discuss her military career and how it led to a traumatic injury, her relationship with her i
Is it fair to judge someone by their outfit?  Do you care what people think about how you dress? We now live during a time where our attire is based more on comfort than it is style.  Outfits that were once reserved for Walmart after 1 AM are n
There are a lot of women out there who are married, but are still having to wear a cape in order to get through daily life because they may have a lazy husband or a selfish one.  What happens when he makes you a "single" wife? We’ll get into th
Is Critical Race Theory the end of White America and that's why so many people oppose its teachings?     Critical race theory (CRT) is defined as a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of civil-rights scholars and activists in the
Blending a family together these days is a lot more complicated than when the Brady Bunch did it in the 70's... With the number of single parents increasing with each passing year, it's a lot more rare these days to meet someone without kids. 
Ladies, how many times have you received that late night text from a guy asking, "WYD"?  What does that mean exactly?  Is he truly interested in what you are doing?  Does he just want conversation?  Is he trying to creep over for a sexual encou
Is it so bad for a man to give his lady money every now and then?    Some guys will go on eBay and buy designer shoes at astronomical prices. Some guys will buy a PS5 with all of the extras and drop a grip on it. Some guys will go to the club
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