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  After a long hiatus, we’re back, and as spicy as ever!  In this episode you’ll get to hear all about the adventures in new homeownership that Jake and Jeff have recently embarked upon.  Basically you’ll find out that Jake is a hoarder and Je
This week is all about animals, including shitty pets, animals that we’ve eaten, those that Jeff wants to blow up, or the poor creatures that Jake has hunted or massacred.  Enjoy!
Per our request, our listener and friends Ronnie Cruz emailed us some further info about the Public Safety Academy that he went to.  We hadn’t ever heard of a Public Safety Academy, but we’ve found out that it’s basically a super awesome high
Hey everyone! Since we took a couple of weeks off for the holidays this year, we’re reaching into the archives back to November for Part II of our Jake-less show starring our friend Adam! We ask some tough questions, and attempt to answer them
  Hey, we survived the end of the world!  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the world didn’t end from earthquakes, solar flares, or invisible planets made of magic gas.  Just in case though, on Dec. 20th we decided to record for our li
Merry Christmas!  In this episode we talk Christmas.  The guys give terrible “gifts” to each other, Jeff reads some Christmas themed Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction, and they read a Christmas story sent in by a listener. Enjoy!  
Jake is out this week, but you wouldn’t know it based on the sheer number of top notch Jake impressions flying around the room. Jeff and Rich are joined by their friend Adam to talk Blizzards, used needles, track uniforms, wood varnish, and a
Jake and Jeff are all married and honeymooned, so it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  In this episode, the guys sit back after gorging themselves during Thanskgiving dinner, and talk about all the things they are thankful for.  Ac
This week’s episode is all about Jeff’s honeymoon.  And Jake’s dad leaving outhouse tanks as buried treasure to be discovered on the family farm.  And how awful the guys will be to each other’s kids when they finally become parents.  Jeff hone
That’s right, now Jeff is married!  Of course Jeff and Rich were there to celebrate the big day, and good friend Seth Macy came all the way from Maine!  The weekend involved Seth finding some interesting comments written about Jake in the bar
In this episode, Jake tells about his honeymoon in California.  He stayed at a horrible hotel in San Diego, went fishing in the ocean, tried bodyboarding (which he wasn’t very good at), and went kayaking and snorkeling (which he wasn’t very go
That’s right, Jake got married, and his good friends Jeff and Rich were right there to celebrate.  In this episode, the guys talk about some funny things that happened before and after the wedding, including Jake’s continuous run-ins with the
We’ve got a new guest this week, Austin, TX stand-up comedian Gy Odom.  We discuss a new (to us anyway) Jamaican dance phenomenon called “Daggering”.  Jeff also shares a website where you can buy all sorts of science class supplies, such as pi
  Hey everyone! Jake just got married! Now, I know what you’re thinking to yourself, “Great. Now I get to listen to them talk about Jake’s wedding for the next hour.” Well, don’t worry! That won’t happen until next week’s show! This week Jake
If nothing else could be said about us here at the Terrible Friends Podcast, it’s that we have your health and safety in mind at all times. This means that when we realized our recording session with the man known to the internet as King Lou c
This week we are joined by our good friend Lou who has a wonderful podcast called Lou Reads the Internet for You.  On his podcast, Lou reads some of the weirdest and worst that the Internet has to offer, so you don’t have to.  It’s a hilarious
Jake’s getting married, so he had a bachelor’s party!  In this episode we talk all about it.  The night involved chicken wings, sour beer, and Jake getting the crap beat out of him by a pair of strippers.  Enjoy!
                    Our good friend Matt Clark is back again this week, and we come up with some marketing slogans for a shoelace store. Don’t forget to find us on Facbook, Twitter, and if you’re really great, leave us a review on iTunes!  Als
                    We’ve got our good friend Matt Clark as our guest this week.  Jeff and Rich “apologize” for being awful to Jake in the previous podcast and the boys talk about the funny things they used to do to people in chat rooms when t
                    We’ve got our friend Nolan back as a special guest this week.  He tells us all about the woes of adulthood, and Jake recounts a recent trip to Chicago where he acted super awkward and annoyed about everyone he met.  Enjoy!
                    The boys discuss what bugs, vermin, and other animals creep them out the most.  The photo Jake found of a Japanese lady with her head covered in cicada shells definitely takes the cake. Don’t forget to find us on Facbook, T
Hey friends!  We’re back!  This episode starts an all new season of the Terrible Friends Podcast.  In this episode we talk about the time Jake tried to be Alec Baldwin for Halloween (an atrocity that Jeff describes as “the baby in a centrifuge
                      Our awesome new Chicago comedienne friend Ever Mainard is back for this episode, and she tells all about what it’s like to be a young female comedian in today’s world.  This includes working at a Starbucks with the reside
                      This episode is very special.  It marks the very first time that we’ve had a real comedian on the show.  It also marks the first time we’ve ever had a girl on the show, and we sure didn’t pull any punches.  The very funny
Hello everyone! The joke that would usually go here has been removed to make room because this week’s podcast is HUGE! Don’t worry – it’s also great! I know that most of the time (especially recently) huge doesn’t equal great, but in this case
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