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A continuation of the discussion on God, and what the Bible is talking about when it talks about the Council of the gods. Are there other gods out there? How do we reconcile that with God’s own words when He says, “I am God and there is none ot
Psalm 82 tells us that God takes His seat in the Council of the gods. What does that mean? Are there other beings in the world who act like gods? But doesn’t the Bible say there is only one God—YAHWEH is His name? Is there a divine council that
In a world where politicians tell us one thing and do another, is there no accountability? What about in the church, in our communities, or in our streets, where has integrity gone? In this episode, Mike and Ben discuss the importance of having
What is the Context of Scripture? How do the different church denominations and non-denominational churches create a bias that gets in the way of how we interpret and understand? How does our disposition in life create a filter in our Bible stu
Who is God? What is His name? Does it matter if I call Him Yahweh, or Jesus, or Yeshua? Where does Yahweh even come from? Is it possible that God’s name is more than just a name? Mike and Ben explore the deeper meaning and divinity of the God o
This conversation about the Bible is not your normal Bible talk. We want to know: Is the "authorized" 1611 the best translation of the Bible? Is it God's final authority? Did Paul write the KJV? In this episode we explore textual criticism, the
It's a hot topic item in American society and politics right now: EQUITY. But what is equity in a social sense? How is it different from equality? And what does the Bible teach about equity. It might surprise you.    Originally Recorded: Febr
Now that vaccines are available to fight COVID-19 the question remains, just how safe and truly effective are they? Some have had no side effects. Others have died. There's a lot of talk and a lot of fear. Mike and Ben try to cut through it all
There was concern if the outgoing president would peacefully turn the power of government over to the incoming president. We saw 25,000 troops sent to Washington to ensure peace and safety. But, why all the power grabs? Not just politically? In
Cancel culture is only getting worse. It is helpful to call out and remove problematic people for mainstream culture? Perhaps. But how and who gets to decide who to cancel them and for what? Seems like this is getting out of hand fast. What is
It's being called the Great Reset. And believe it or not, it has a strong financial backing and global support. In this episode, Ben and Mike discuss the implications of the initiative to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies” from
He's back! Marcus joins us for a conversation about Thanksgiving, food, memories, and traditions. It's laugh out loud fun and holiday cheer. Plus, more dad jokes.   Follow us on Facebook. Be sure to share us with your followers and give like
Did you experience Election Day let down or excitement? What stood out to you as you watched the election returns? Plus, Mike and Ben debate if God really does determine the outcome of Presidential Elections (see Daniel 2:21). Plus, more bad da
With the POTUS election less than a week away, we’re talking about the balance of power in Washington, and we’re making predictions about what we think will happen with the election. Who will win? How soon will we know? What will it take for ei
Should POTUS have nominated Amy Coney Barrett so close to the election? We discuss qualifications and the concerns. Perhaps most interesting point to discuss is the impact of a conservative court and religious liberty. Plus, Dad jokes, coffee t
Who really shot JFK? What’s happening in Area 51? Does QAnon really have a chance against President Trump? In this episode we’re talking conspiracy theories, why they are so attractive to many, and a Biblical response to them. It’s not your nor
Coffee. Dad jokes. And this: Does your Christianity define your values...or do you USE values to define your Christianity? It’s not your normal Bible talk!   CORE VALUES WORKSHEET Watch this episode on YouTube!!! Follow us on Facebook. Be
With the nomination of a conservative Supreme Court Justice, the abortion debate has come back to the forefront. Is abortion moral? Even if it’s not, do I have the right to tell someone what is or isn’t? In this podcast, Mike and Ben discuss in
There is a growing reality that many people aren’t just ignorant of the Bible and its stories, they are also skeptical of them. In this episode we’re discussing hermeneutics: what they are and why they matter--especially since hermeneutic is no
Why are we so desperate to have everyone choose a side or position? Today we take a look at religion, politics, political parties, and why we’re so anxious to impose our positions on others, and have them agree with us. PLUS -- More dumb dad
With the elections heating up and drawing closer, it might seem like there is some real craziness and absolute silliness going on.    How do we arrive at the ideas and preferences we have? And more importantly, what is the solution for the di
Let’s face it. It’s brutal in our society and local communities right now. The political world is heating up with the current election cycle. And as a result, the debates on Social Media, in the breakroom at work, and even within our own homes,
Is politically correct speech driving you crazy? What if it's really limiting our ability to speak freely about the things that really matter? And what does an effective Christian response to political correctness look like?   We welcome your
Blaming others is a natural and great way to push people away. If you want to create a dangerous environment where there is no trust and feelings of judgment--you can just blame them. This is part 2 in our conversation that began with Episode 1
The Blame Game, complete with finger-pointing, fault-finding, buck-passing, and pain inflicting, is one of the most destructive human tendencies. When something goes wrong, do you immediately try to figure out who was at fault? In this episode,
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