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As a parent, building a happy and successful family is the most important and satisfying part of life. Although society around us is trying to diminish the importance of family, The Timeless Family Podcast is here to stop this negative trend. As parents themselves looking to continually improve their own families, Ryan Glick and Charles Reeder lead weekly discussions and guest interviews on important family-themed topics from subject matter and industry experts. The most difficult part of improving our families is taking the first step. There is no need to take this first step alone. Join other like-minded parents in The Timeless Family Movement, and begin to build your happy and successful family. Let's bring back the importance of the family. Let's do our part to raise the next generation of happy, hard working, and motivated children. The Timeless Family is dedicated to helping parents build a happy and successful family that will stand the test of time.

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What are the biggest takeaways from our 31 guest interviews and 56 total episodes during 2017? We both dive in deep and share our top 3 takeaways and lessons learned from all of the family-related topics this year... And, we even include a few of the podcast snags we ran into with a few of our …

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The foundation of your family is an important factor in determining the happiness and success of your kids. If you aren't there for your children, they will find someone else to guide them...oftentimes they'll look to friends. Many experts say the brain doesn't fully develop until the age of 25.  …

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Let's face it.  Our children are constantly under attack by the masses in society.  More specifically, the underlying message of conformity is being pushed on them.  And this has led to the destruction of their creativity and uniqueness. Most kids are so worried about standing out (and discouraged …

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Some of the wisest people in the world have made some of the biggest mistakes and failed over-and-over again. We all make mistakes and fail throughout life, but it's how we react to the mistakes that will define our future. Thomas Edison once said..."If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I …

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We've all been raised in a society that encourages OBEDIENCE.  We've been told to get in line, and don't ask any questions. Do you ever find that you're judging yourself against friends on social media? Do you ever feel like you're living a life that was designed by somebody else? Do you ever go …

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