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Going to prison is one of Eric's greatest fears for a variety of reasons. In this detention episode, Jay and Eric discuss a variety of ways that they'd potentially make it through a stay, the injustices of parole and arrive at the conclusion th
J&E welcomes Eric's second child (baby girl) into the world. Eric manages to stay in the moment this time around while his wife puts in all the hard labor. Eric gives what turns out to be a mostly accurate scientific description of how redheade
The smoothest lead-in so far! It appears these goobers may be getting the hang of this thing!   Eric and Jay look back on Eric's technological temper tantrums through the eyes of others. Turns out everything gives rats cancer, especially human
In this detention episode, Jay and Eric discuss the merits of a seafood flavored chapstick that Eric won in a contest. Does this sound like something you’d want to use on your own lips? Good...because we’re pretty sure it’s been discontinued! 
Initial discussion of the phenomenon of "meat sweats" and a discussion of how we often force-feed our bodies past the point of exhaustion. Eric learned a great deal of his vocabulary from Shaper Image advertisements and jingles. Aside from the
Eric conveniently but unintentionally cuts in line at a local Icare due to what turns out to be neither a seizure nor a panic attack. Eric eats Cheez-Its out of a young nurse's purse like a toddler and there appears to be suspicion in the offic
Another professional start to the show as Eric nearly knocks out a tooth on the boom. Check out our social media accounts for an audio clip of that one! J&E discuss major network motivation for focusing on a stressful news cycle with constant f
Bonus detention episode!!!Who has 26 teeth and has never heard of Greek "teeth tossing"? These guys!! Tune in for detailed discussion of Greece's imaginary patron saint of the mouth: Santa Papadopoulos, and his trusty pelican sidekick. Given so
Eric stares down the reality that he is neither the teenager nor the 20 year old pain in the ass that he once was as he suffers admittedly strong burns from younger males in an elevator and hardware store over the weekend. J&E arrive at the con
J&E break down the possibilities of how and why a single mailbox could have been built into the middle of a residential sidewalk. Conversation branches into criticism of local government and support of blue collar workers forced to carry out th
Jay and Eric rocket off to another fast start with sleep pattern discussion. Hang in there folks...Initial discussions of a rubber harmonica to be marketed to seizure patients and novel ways to spice up your panic attacks. Why do we judge peopl
Eric's case for Jewish joke protection falls apart as easily as 1- ply toilet paper as soon as J&E determine that half Judaism doesn't exist. On that topic, some of the rules of Orthodox judaism are discussed. Eric and Jay have tragic encounter
Eric realizes that his elementary school may have been infiltrated by alien conspirators. Jay proposes some ways to reintegrate alien abductees back into their every day life. Best practices for falsifying an abduction. Spoiler alert: you'll ne
Eric finds out he's having a daughter and Jay pushes just the right buttons. Eric regrets showing his two year old son Indiana Jones while Jay chants and predicts a future of a fear of snake pits and rolling rocks. Helpful advice for men on whe
Bonus episode for all of our early loyal Academics! Thanks to all of you who have jumped on board.Eric tells Jay a sordid tale of a food sale he encountered that took place directly next to a dead skunk. J&E speculate as to how and why human be
On a dark & stormy night, Eric's dog triggers a series of events that lead to J&E contemplating the likelihood of a comet hurtling on a deadly collision course with our planet. How to detect fake news and fake social media profiles. Do we own d
J&E address the constant risk of burning bridges while attempting to build them when they roast strangers. Children come into the world as creative geniuses and lose this intelligence type after getting cranked through the society machine. J&E
J&E discuss Jay's  history of bad haircuts and Eric's limitations of living with a jew-fro. A brief timeline of 90's haircuts is laid out along with candies and snacks that correllated with them. Jay bestows Eric with a nickname after hearing s
We started the show to bridge socio-economic divides in a judgment-free zone using candor & humor to see the world from all different sides. Our blog; the chalkboard has notes after we record at While you're there sign up
Well, summer school is coming to an end. Why not celebrate with some Beer Floats & Hams… See you in Class! Be Cool, Keep Learning
In the first in-studio guest hangout with friends Nick & Frank, Eric endures Beard shaming and gets hit on in the same conversation… Clearly tackling the hard-hitting issues.
One step forward, two steps back…. The audio quality may be slowly improving but there are hard-hitting issues to address. The Tragedy Academy presents to you “Virtual Reality Pinkeye”. Our fecal tolerance is zero!
It’s time to get to work and the stark reality of the complexity of audio production sets in. While they should be focusing on the fact that Eric’s microphone sounds like he's talking into a soup can, they decide to tackle hard-hitting topics s
Everything starts somewhere…. Shortly after the journey of coming up with the concept of The Tragedy Academy podcast, we needed to tackle the first important issue. What it would sound like if a T-Rex hit a kid with a dodgeball at recess…. A ti
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