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98: 3 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger with C.C. Chapman – Part 2

Released Friday, 19th September 2014
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This is part 2 of my conversation with content expert and world traveler, C.C. Chapman. Check out part one!
C.C. Chapman is a lover of travel and online content, which for those of you who don’t care about that sort of thing, means he loves helping people make the things that you read or listen to, like this show, even better.
He’s a sort of secret travel writer, his blog has a travel category packed with compelling, emotional content, and he also keynoted the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) conference in 2012. This is the new media travel conference of conferences. But two years is a long time in both travel and digital publishing — for example, back then, Apple didn’t even have a podcasts app.
Today we get inside the mind of an expert to break down how to create compelling content that resonates and tell amazing stories with C.C. Chapman.

3 Steps to Become a Content Creator, Blogger or Podcaster
C.C. recommends breaking down the process getting into travel blogging, or any "content" to better tell amazing stories and find out where these stories fit into the industry.
Step 1: Establish your digital footprint and start creating.
Start creating. Don't let perfectionism stop you from beginning. "Perfectionism is an evil, evil thing," says C.C. "We all have a little of it. Something is better than nothing. If you wait for perfection, you'll never produce anything." Eventually, you will get better and you will find the opportunity to begin to perfect your content. By starting, you will also begin to fully understand where it is that you fit in, and where you can add value, which leads to step 2...
Step 2: Offer that value by putting yourself out there.
Make it very clear that you want to offer this value.
Step 3: Have clear expectations of reality.
Have clear expectations of reality. Don't anticipate thousands out of the gate, that magical press trip, or to be flown first class around the world. You are going to do the work that you're doing for free for a long time. Reach out to the people or companies or tourism boards you want to work with and ask them if they're interested in what your value offer is and learn from their response.

3 Don'ts of Travel Blogging, Podcasting, etc.
1. Don't expect to be flown around the world first class. You will not be a perfect fit for everyone, and that's good. Being told "no" is an opportunity to refine your offering and focus on a niche to eventually find ideal partners.
2. Don't compare yourself to others, and never get jealous. Instead, reach out and use the opportunity to support others successes and make connections with those people by rooting for them.
3. Don't forget to celebrate your small wins!

What We Cover:

How to stand out as a travel writer or content producer
Why audio is such an intimate, personal medium
Being well-traveled, and having travel stories can help you connect with more people, more easily - and having the ability to meet more people can help you travel more deeply.
A 3-step process to launching a travel blog or podcast or video series of value
Where C.C.'s cross country roadtrip is taking him

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